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Hulu is gradually taking over the North American streaming scene with the most varied movies and TV shows. Anime has jumped on the bandwagon, and Hulu has launched some of the best ones you will watch. Animes are taking people all over the world by storm, and it is crazy how amazing stories they all have.

Not just that, the visuals that these shows serve are beyond excellence and what makes them unique too. Hulu consists of some of the most grossing and famous anime globally that we will talk about in this article below.

If you’re an anime newbie, this article will guide you to pick the best Anime available on Hulu. Then, we’ll let you on a secret tour of the highest-grossing and gripping anime of all time! So, let’s get started right away!

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1

While celebrating brotherhood as the central theme, the story revolves around Edward and his brother Alphonse Elric, who lost their mother.

In an attempt to save her life, they try to find a philosopher’s stone to get their bodies back, which they lost when they were trying to reawaken their mother. With 50 episodes in, the anime is doing fantastic and is very popular amongst anime watchers.

The storyline has fantastic writing, and the voice-over cast was excellent. People liked this anime because of the twist and turns that occur and ends with a probable solution. You can give this anime a try if you’re into the sci-fi genre.

2. Steins; Gate

Steins Gate

The story follows the journey of Okabe Rintarou, who is hell-bent on creating a device that can transfer messages in the past but uses an unusual device to make; a microwave.

But he must work with his lab partners without getting caught by the SERNs as they are trying to stop them from their wicked thoughts altogether.

I think the viewers will thoroughly enjoy the show because the storyline is so twisted but logical. You will enjoy it as you keep enfolding through the whole show, but you will be hooked by its story and characters. Look out for this one anime!

3. Hunter x Hunter 

Hunter x Hunter 1

If you’re looking for something fun to watch, then this anime is for you. The story shows boywho has to fight his way through to search for his dad. But as he trends on this journey, he discovers his strength growing as he keeps fighting.

Finally, he must become a hunter and be awarded as the best hunter in the world to meet his father. However, the path to meeting his dad is dangerous and filled with challenges that test his strength.

You will enjoy the anime as it has some of the best laughs with an overall fantastic tale that will leave you wanting more. You can find this excellent show on Hulu.

4. Clannad: After Story

Clannad After Story

This anime is a sequel to a very famous harem anime of the Clannad Franchise. The anime starts with a new beginning after all the Clannad stories have been concluded for Tomoya. As he confesses to the love, he must walk on a journey of self-discovery and awakening with a new phase in his love life.

People have claimed that this series has changed them in a way that cannot be explained. The slice of life shown here is absolutely perfect because one minute you’re crying, and the next moment you’ll be laughing like anything. 

If you are one of those people who love music being used as an interpreter for the story, then you should definitely try this one. You will not be disappointed, and moreover, you will be left feeling unsatisfied as this show ends because once you are hooked to the anime, it is hard to leave it.

5. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April

If you’re new to the world of majestically beautiful animes, then this anime is for you. Arima misses his mother after he loses her and stops playing the instrument he is excellent at; a piano.

However, one fine day, he comes across a girl who brings him back to the music world and leads Arima, the child prodigy, on a path to great success.

If romance interests you, I suggest you watch this romance anime on Hulu. You will be ultimately won over by this refreshing story of love and friendship and the entire story that is yet to unfold in this anime. I won’t spoil much for you but dive right in to know more!

6. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime streaming on Hulu as it was already a very popular anime before it even came on Hulu. I urge everyone to try this anime as you will not be disappointed. It has the classiest and sassiest team of space bounty hunters on a fun and exciting journey through space and time.

The anime also has the best soundtrack ever, comprising jazz songs and a very enticing storyline. Even though the story has a dark undertone with lots of twists and turns, the thrill of this anime is unmatched.

If you are new to the anime world, then you must watch this one as it is one of the best.

7. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Code Geass 1

This anime has the rarest kind of storyline as it tells the story of the Britannia Empire that has taken over Japan in some alternate future. Lelouch is the main lead of the story, which leads the citizens of Japan (known as 11s) to fight against the empire after he is blessed with the power of Geass.

This power enables him to rule over anybody, and people have to obey his orders. You will be mesmerised by this anime as the number of shockers is endless.

The characters change sides as frequently as ever, and you will be hooked till the end to know what happens next. The show’s original soundtrack compliments well with the premise of the story. In addition, several nuances are discussed in the anime, such as prejudice and racism.

8. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

If “survival of the fittest” had an anime, then this series would be the first in line. The series depicts the story of two orphans who discover a good life out of their orphanage and discover that all the telltales they heard in the orphanage were false.

Now they must do something to save themselves from this imprisonment. You will be on edge when you watch this show, as it is a story that shows desperation and survival at its peak.

The characters, i.e. the kids, are pretty witty according to their storyline, and you will rejoice by every good thing that happens to them. I can safely say that this anime is addicting and binge-able.

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9. Mushishi


There are no animals or vegetation but microorganisms similar to fungi in a futuristic, alternate world. They are called Mushi and some of the primary life forms that no human being is aware of. We see the story of Ginko, a Mushi-shi who must walk on a difficult path of self-discovery and find what Mushi is. 

However, he finds many people who have been affected by the Mushi phenomenon and seek help to improve. This anime is one of those horror animes on Hulu that does not have continuous storytelling. Instead, every episode has a different story to tell without relation to the earlier attack.

You will be pleasantly surprised by this anime as the story is absolutely fascinating and has some sentiments that you will relate to. Furthermore, the show’s soundtrack sets the whole mood of the show and creates a very calm vibe. The most genuine dubbed Anime on Hulu that you should look out for!  

10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The story has several things happening all at once. While you may find the first few episodes lighthearted, you will be taken aback by the sudden change in the storyline as you will be crying in the next few episodes.

The anime portrays the story of Simon and Kamina, who come across a device that will change the lives of the village forever. This sci-fi themed anime is one to watch out for as it will have you stuck on its story for a while.

However, the magic of love and willpower transcends all, and you will see the magic happens in this anime. However, binge the series in one go to get the most fantastic experience.

11. One Punch Man

One Punch Man 1

One punch man has the most versatile storylines ever in the history of animes and is as popular as you might imagine! The constant laughs and the depiction of serious topics are pretty remarkable.

The story revolves around Saitama, who is the one punch man. He can kill any monster with just a single punch. But he feels his life has no meaning and lost all his hair to all the years he trained to become the best superhero.

Even though he has a very sluggish and lazy attitude, he is the most powerful superhero with the ability to destroy the most difficult enemies.

You will probably die laughing as it has so many funny scenes, but the anime portrays it really well when it comes to serious topics. So I think you should start your anime journey with this show.

12. Death Note

Death Note 1

The wittiest story to ever exist, Death note, takes all the credit away. This anime is one of the first anime series I ever watched, and I was left wanting more. The story surrounds the main protagonist, who later becomes the antagonist, Light Yagami, who stumbles on a Death note that belongs to a demon who dropped it by accident on earth.

Light discovers that he has the power to kill anybody just by scribbling their names on the Death Note, and things take a turn for the worse. This anime is the most popular anime to watch on Hulu or on any streaming platform. Death Note has probably attracted people globally because of mere goodwill spread by its fans.

One of the most gripping and fantastic stories, Death Note is a must-watch for anybody trying to enter the Anime world on Hulu.

13. Naruto


Konoha, one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries in the Ninja World, is attacked by a powerful fox known as Nine-Tails. To save the village from turning into ruins, the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze seals the fox inside his newborn baby Naruto Uzumaki which costs him his life as well.

Naruto, a super active ninja is not aware of this fact as the Third Hokage who is now the leader of Konoha forbids everyone to mention this to naruto.

A tale of basketball and friendships entangled in love, Haikyuu!! is quite a popular show on not just Hulu but everywhere? It tells the story of Shouyou, a short-heightened boy that loves to play volleyball.

The anime portrays determination and willpower at their peak. You will be pleasantly taken back by this anime because of its comical nuances and sentimental story. You will cry and laugh altogether and be involved in the story more than the actual characters. This is a good anime on Hulu that you can complete in a single binge session. 

14. Erased


Probably the most straightforward watch, you will run through Erased or Boku dake ga inai machi as quick as a rabbit. The story is so engaging that you won’t feel like leaving it in the middle.

The series talks about Satoru, who discovers that his mom was killed along with a bunch of his classmates. So now he must travel back in time 18 years ago to stop his mother from getting killed and solve the mystery.

Since it is a mystery thriller set in a sci-fi theme, you will be pleasantly surprised by the anime, so give it a chance and enjoy!

15. One Piece

One Piece
One Piece

One piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who wants to become a pirate to find the immense treasure hidden by Gol D. Roger. The Anime is a versatile series that will have you laugh, cry, agonise all in one show.

The characters are superb in their depiction, and you will feel a connection with them right from episode 1. In addition, the animations and dubbing on this show are nearly perfect, and if you watch this anime, your standards for anime will have undoubtedly risen.

If you are an anime novice, this anime may just be enough to make you enter the fantastic world of action and stories with beautiful animations.

16. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya sama wa Kokurasetai

If you are looking for romantic animes that will make you feel butterflies in the stomach, then give this one a go! The anime showcases the story of two students who are competing against each other in who will propose first.

However, they won’t suggest themselves but have to offer the other person first.

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Find out who gives in first in this very enticing tale of love, laughter, and life. You are in for a good time.

17. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Few animes have such smooth storytelling, and Hellsing Ultimate is one of them. It is one of those few great vampire anime on Hulu that you must look out for.

The story revolves around Alucard, a vampire who attempts to save England from a vampire army led by a thirsty major who thinks wars are the answer to everything.

Dark as shadows, the anime will have you hooked by its teeth. Compelling characters make for a compelling storyline, and the animations are also mesmerising.

18. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu

Shinichi Izumi attracts an alien parasite when the earth is infested by a group of aliens who feed on their host and morph them into various forms to feed on their prey. However, the alien fails to affect Shinichi as his brain is more robust than you think. Instead, the parasite attaches itself to its right hand and must feed off of it to survive.

Now Shinichi must take over to eradicate these extraterrestrials as he is unwillingly forced into the situation. If you enjoy alien movies with thrill and gory scenes, you might enjoy this anime.

Be prepared for gross scenes, and every alien movie or show has them. However, the animation and characters are great additions to the overall well-done performance.

19. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

A touch of action and adventure with a gripping story, Samurai Champloo is the story of a waitress who comes across two swordsmen.

She rescues them for being executed to ask a favour in return. The favour she asks for is quite simple; she’s looking for a samurai who smells just like a sunflower.

The anime was too graphic for the Japanese audience, and therefore it aired after 12am. It has raunchy dialogues and explicit scenes that may not suit specific audiences. This is an uncensored animes on Hulu that you can watch.

20. Bunny Girl Senpai

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

Mai Sakurajima is a high-school student who is a child actress with puberty syndrome. This syndrome affects teens and makes them unrecognisable to others, apart from Sakuta, who went through a similar experience.

So he takes on himself to help her and finds even more girls going through the same problems.

The anime has a romantic story with several comical scenes and a touch of supernatural that dictates the whole story.

21. Food Wars

Shokugeki no Souma

Popularly known as Food Wars, the anime shows an enticing tale of fantastic food and comedy combined with the story of the boy who wants to become a chef! This anime cannot be seen without having some food with you.

You will be mesmerised by the animations of this show as they depict the foods in such a realistic and beautiful manner that will have you drooling by the end of the show.

Make sure to watch this Anime on Hulu with food of your own. Don’t complain that we didn’t tell you before as you will get hungry every time you watch the show.

22. Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho


A fascinating series revolves around a boy Yusuke who just died while trying to save a boy from an accident. He finds out it was not his time to break even though he has an evil persona, and the angels are confused by this act of saving the child.

He then finds a way to get resurrected again to become a Spirit detective afterwards and help other people cross limbo successfully and put uneasy spirits to rest.

I was genuinely taken aback by the kind of story this anime portrayed. The animations were relatively smooth as well, and you could give this anime a try.

23. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 1

This anime is famous as Attack on Titan and has taken the globe in its hands. A masterpiece made by the creators, it became famous because of the intense detailing in the audio and the visual aspect of the show.

Everything about this show is perfect, right from characters to dialogue and dialogue delivery. The character development of every role is impressive.

It is the story of Eren, a small kid who takes revenge on the titans who chewed his mother in front of him and his sibling. Now he must avenge these giant monsters and exterminate them.

24. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer on hulu

This anime is my favourite anime of all time, and I will highly recommend you give it a try. The series’s premise starts with Tanjiro, whose family is attacked by demons, and only two survivors remain; he and his sister Nezuko turn into a demon.

He embarks on a self-journey to become a demon hunter and seek revenge on those demons who killed his family.

This Anime is such a fabulous series in all aspects, be it animations, action scenes, characters, dialogue delivery or portraying tanjiro’s dedication and willpower.

I was highly impressed with this series that I binged it in a single day, and I promise you that you will not regret sitting through this show.

25. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

It is one of a kind show with a very gripping tale, and you will probably sit through the whole show. The story starts with Madoka, who sees a very crazy dream about magical girls.

However, her dreams come true as she spots the magical girl she saw in her dreams in her school, who warns her to stay away from anyone urging her to become something that she isn’t.

Like that, she and her friend come across Kyubey, who confesses that magical girls are real and can become one too. First, however, they must sign a contract o become a part of this magical world. Then, however, he hides several details that change the course of the show into a thrilling path.

This anime will take you by surprise as you will be hooked till the end of the show.

26. Psycho-Pass

Psycho Pass

You could give this anime a watch as it is a mystery and thrilling story of Akane, a newly-appointed police officer who trusts her own judgment before the Sybil system, which is a specialised system made to understand criminal intent.

The anime takes a very psychological approach in explaining the characters and their stories. So if you’re into psychological thrillers, then you can watch this anime.

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27. Fate/Zero

Fate Zero

It is the story of mages that must compete against each other to win the Holy Grail with the help of their spirits. The Holy Grail is a magical object which grants the wishes of those in possession, which is why everybody is fighting over it.

The show’s animations are spectacular with superb dialogues, and if you’re a newbie, you can give this series a well-deserved chance.

28. Boku no Hero Academia

My Hero Academia 1

Popularly known as my hero Academia, it is streaming on Hulu and doing really well because of its global popularity. The story revolves around the avengers of Japan looking for the mastermind behind the terrorist attack in their city.

Not only do they want to serve some justice, but they also want to protect the citizens from a toxin released by these terrorists. 

The villains were praised for their character build and portrayal. The animation also did justice to such a great storyline.

29. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

The story is a full Sci-fi themed series with a touch of fantasy amidst a war. Amuro is a civilian who must take over the spaceship and turn into a soldier to survive a war against the villains’ forces.

The portrayal of the universe is incredible and mesmerising, combined with amazing animations. The soundtrack is fantastic as well.

30. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

Rurouni Kenshin Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

The anime introduces an assassin who is tired of his job and retires. He promises himself to never take on this job again; however, situations arise that seriously test his patience.

The actions and animations of this anime were thoroughly enjoyable. The samurai portrayal in the series is to die for, and you should look out for this anime.

31. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken TV

Another grossing anime is the story of Jojo of the Joestar family, who have particular psychic strength in them that allows them to manipulate and control other people.

The anime is a strategic series with fantastic action sequels, animations to die for and unforgettable characters.

You will enjoy this anime for its bizarre storyline but gripping characters.

32. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

An exciting story of two sisters who are pro videogame players is invited to play a round of chess.

One of the sisters beats the other player, who reveals to be the god of all games that exists and grants them the option to enter a world where everything works on the premise of games and zero violence. 

The premises have a funny undertone that you will enjoy while you go through the whole show.

33. Ookami to Koushinryou

Ookami to Koushinryou

It is the story of a fantasy world where Kraft Lawrence exists. She makes profits by travelling through various cities by taking help from a wolf god called Holo.

The story is very compelling and will genuinely have you hooked on the series. This is a never-been-done-before story that you should see if you’re looking for something new.

34. InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen

InuYasha Kanketsu hen

The series portrays the story of a half-dog, half-demon and a school student and how they travel through in search of some jewels that can win them the Naraku viz media battle.

Even though you can watch this show for its different storyline, it has been cancelled. The manga of the same name continued its storyline further.

35. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club

The story revolves around Haruhi, posing as a guy in her high school famous club, which is full of boys responsible for charming girls and keeping them dazzled with their beauty.

However, she’s stuck in between impressing a girl in exchange for a vase that she broke in the club. Nevertheless, the anime was decent enough to watch if you do not have anything else going or want to take a break from serious ones. The anime will give you nice boys love vibes.

36. Bakuman


Hulu was smart enough to have this anime on its platform as it is a highly underrated but very motivating and inspiring series. The story is about two peers who wish to become a mangaka

The anime depicts how determination and willpower earn you your dreams, and you must patiently go through every hassle to achieve your goal.

37. Initial D First Stage

Initial D First Stage

An old classic about a delivery boy who dreams of becoming a drift racer. This comes under-car animes as it has some of the best portrayal of fantastic cars in their full glory.

You will be entertained by this inspiring and fun tale available on Hulu.

38. Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus

Ciel is a watchdog of the Queen who investigates a circus with his butler Sebastian who is a demon.

In this unusual tale, we see both of them look for children kidnapped by the circus people, which seems like an ordinary circus, until they find out that the circus and its people are more sinister than they appear.

This anime has a lot of fantasy-themed characters with the involvement of demons and beautiful animations.

39. Trigun


The story revolves around Vash the stampede, who is a gunfighter with a bounty on his head. He is assumed to be dangerous, violent, and brutal, but he isn’t like he is thought out to be.

The Trigun’s protagonist is a selfless man but stupid at the same time who must save his life from being wronged.

It’s a very different story; you can give this anime a try as you will thoroughly enjoy it for its other story, crazy beautiful animations, and impressive character arcs.

40. Reborn


A newbie hitman is hell-bent on helping Tsunayoshi Sawada become the top man of a powerful criminal family, Vongola. But unfortunately, reborn is also cursed with the Arcabaleno curse.

The anime has an excellent soundtrack comprising of Jazz tunes, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the addition of rock music and orchestras in major grand scenarios. In addition, the characters are drawn well, and their voices match their personalities quite well. 

There are plenty of war scenes that are grand and entertaining with equal levels of stakes involved. You can watch this anime in this whole list of animes on Hulu as it is a clean anime. You will be pleasantly surprised by the show’s grandness. Also, do not trust other reviews you see unless you have seen them yourself.

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