The Black Company by Glen Cook

The “Chronicles of the Black Company” series, penned by Glen Cook, is a dark fantasy saga that offers a gritty, realistic portrayal of life within a mercenary company. The series, which began with the publication of “The Black Company” in 1984, follows the eponymous Black Company, a band of mercenaries, as they navigate the tumultuous political and magical landscapes of their world, often serving powerful sorcerers and dark lords.

Told primarily from the perspective of Croaker, the company’s physician and annalist, the narrative delves deep into the moral ambiguities of war, loyalty, and personal sacrifice. The series is notable for its morally complex characters, its dark and often cynical tone, and its innovative approach to the fantasy genre.

AuthorGlen Cook
GenreDark Fantasy
Number of Books9
Publication Years1984 – 2000

Main Characters

  • Croaker: The company’s physician and annalist, he is the primary narrator for much of the series.
  • Lady: A powerful sorceress who becomes a central figure in the Black Company’s adventures.
  • Raven: A mysterious and deadly warrior with his own personal agenda.
  • One-Eye and Goblin: Two wizards in the company, often at odds with each other, providing comic relief with their constant bickering.
  • Soulcatcher: One of the Taken, a group of powerful sorcerers, and a major player in the series’ events.

Themes and Motif

  • Moral Ambiguity: The series doesn’t shy away from showcasing the gray areas of morality, especially in the context of war.
  • Loyalty and Brotherhood: The bonds formed within the Black Company, both of friendship and of duty, are central to the narrative.
  • War and Its Consequences: The series offers a gritty portrayal of warfare and its impact on both individuals and societies.
  • Power and Corruption: The allure of power, and the lengths individuals will go to obtain and maintain it, is a recurring theme.
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The Chronicles of the Black Company Series in Order

S No.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1The Black CompanyMay-1984Check Price
2Shadows LingerOct-1984Check Price
3White RoseApr-1985Check Price
4Shadow GamesJun-1989Check Price
5Dreams of SteelApr-1990Check Price
6Bleak SeasonsApr-1996Check Price
7She Is the DarknessAug-1997Check Price
8Water SleepsMar-1999Check Price
9Soldiers LiveJul-2000Check Price


  • Critical Reception: The “Chronicles of the Black Company” has been praised for its unique and realistic portrayal of mercenary life, its complex characters, and its innovative approach to fantasy.
  • Reader Reception: The series has a dedicated fanbase and is often cited as a seminal work in the dark fantasy subgenre.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Glen Cook, before becoming a full-time writer, worked at General Motors, and his experiences there influenced his portrayal of the Black Company as a functional, bureaucratic entity.
  • The series is often credited with pioneering the “grimdark” subgenre of fantasy, characterized by its gritty realism and morally complex characters.
  • Cook has cited his experiences in the U.S. Navy and his love of history as major influences on the series.

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