Academys Genius Swordsman Chapter 50

After a major battle against giants to save the world, Ronan stands alone as the last survivor of the imperial army. While mourning this empty victory with his dying commander, Grand Marshal Adeshan, they discover the war is not over. More giants descend from the sky, threatening even more destruction. Seeing Ronan’s bravery, Adeshan uses her last time slip to send him back to the past. Now, Ronan must join the prestigious Phileon Academy to become the strongest swordsman the empire has ever known.

Audience Reception of Previous Chapter

Academys Genius Swordsman Chapter 49 recap

Readers of “Academy’s Genius Swordsman” chapter 49 have shared a variety of perspectives on the recent developments. Many are intrigued by Adeshan’s potential growth in combat skills and how her mindset might be evolving. There is a lively debate about character roles and relationships, with some fans expressing strong opinions on who the main love interest should be. Overall, the chapter has sparked thoughtful discussions and high engagement among fans.

Release Date of Academy’s Genius Swordsman Chapter 50

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanMay 25, 202410:00 PM
IndiaMay 25, 202408:30 PM
Central EuropeMay 25, 202405:00 PM
U.S.A (New York)May 25, 202411:00 AM
AustraliaMay 26, 202412:00 AM
IndonesiaMay 25, 202410:00 PM
SingaporeMay 25, 202410:00 PM
Pacific Time (U.S.A)May 25, 202408:00 AM
Eastern EuropeMay 25, 202405:00 PM
PhilippinesMay 25, 202410:00 PM
South KoreaMay 25, 202410:00 PM

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