The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan

The “Powder Mage Trilogy” is a gripping flintlock fantasy series penned by Brian McClellan. Beginning with “Promise of Blood” in 2013, the trilogy introduces readers to a world where magic and muskets coexist, and where political revolutions and ancient powers collide.

Synopsis: Set in the Nine Nations, the story kicks off with a coup in the city of Adro, led by Field Marshal Tamas against the ruling monarchy. This act not only ignites political upheaval but also unleashes supernatural events, as the promise made by the deposed king starts to have far-reaching consequences.

In this world, there are three types of magic users: Privileged, who can harness elemental sorceries; Knacked, individuals with a specific magical talent; and Powder Mages, who can consume gunpowder to gain enhanced abilities and can also control bullets when they are fired.

The trilogy follows multiple characters, including Tamas, his son Taniel, and a retired police inspector named Adamat, as they navigate the treacherous aftermath of the coup and confront ancient threats.

AuthorBrian McClellan
GenreFlintlock Fantasy
Number of Books3
Publication Years2013 – 2015
SettingThe Nine Nations, a world of magic, muskets, and political intrigue.

Main Characters:

  • Field Marshal Tamas: The architect of the coup against the monarchy, he’s a skilled military leader and a Powder Mage.
  • Taniel ‘Two-shot’: Tamas’s son, also a Powder Mage, known for his ability to fire two bullets at once with uncanny precision.
  • Adamat: A retired police inspector with a Knack for never forgetting anything he’s seen or heard.
  • Ka-poel: A mute, mysterious young woman with powerful sorcery, who accompanies Taniel.
  • Nila: A laundress who discovers her own latent magical abilities as the story progresses.
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Themes and Motifs:

  • Revolution and Change: The trilogy delves into the consequences of political upheaval and the price of progress.
  • Power and Responsibility: Characters grapple with the implications of their magical abilities and the responsibilities that come with power.
  • Loyalty and Betrayal: Personal relationships are tested against the backdrop of war and political intrigue.

Powder Mage Trilogy Books in Order:

S No.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1Promise of Blood2013Check Price
2The Crimson Campaign2014Check Price
3The Autumn Republic2015Check Price


  • Critical Reception: The “Powder Mage Trilogy” was praised for its unique blend of historical military fiction and fantasy elements. McClellan’s world-building and character development were particularly lauded.
  • Reader Reception: The series quickly garnered a dedicated fanbase, with readers appreciating its fast-paced narrative and complex characters.


    • Brian McClellan was a student of Brandon Sanderson, another renowned fantasy author, and the influence can be seen in the intricate magic systems of the trilogy.
    • The world of the “Powder Mage Trilogy” was expanded with a follow-up series by McClellan, called “Gods of Blood and Powder.”

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