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Have you seen “arc” often mentioned in Anime? This is because anime has attracted so much traction from audiences on a global level, and people love everything about them, from beautiful animations to creative storylines and story arcs. Now you must be wondering what an arc is? Arc is often used to describe the Anime in little segments.

Arcs not only make the story look deep and detailed; they serve as a point of origin for anybody interested in understanding these story arcs. They are a beautiful way of describing the Anime and the phase going on in the Anime. You will be quite surprised when you read these arcs since it gives you a better understanding of the Anime and the characters interacting in it.

However, arcs can only be understood when you read about a particular arc of a single anime. Therefore, we are going to discuss the story arcs of “My Hero Academia” in chronological order of the Anime. Here we go!

My Hero Academia Manga and Anime Arcs


When you think about Anime arcs, you should keep in mind that they explain the characters, the storyline, and the development of the story in a very detailed and entertaining manner. Also, these are created by fans to understand the story better and track the changes in a character better. Talk about being the best fans!

A sign of a good arc is that you identify with the phase of the character of a specific arc without knowing the whole story. It’s like an entertaining synopsis of a very detailed T.V. show episodes. My Hero Academia’s arcs, along with their episode number and chapter number is below:

#ArcMangan ChaptersAnime Episodes
1Entrance Exam Arc1-41-4
2Quirk Apprehension Test Arc5-75-6
3Battle Trial Arc8-117-8
4U.S.J. Arc12-219-13
5U.A. Sports Festival Arc22-4414-25
6Vs. Hero Killer Arc45-5926-33
7Final Exams Arc60-6934-38
8Forest Training Camp Arc70-8339-45
9Hideout Raid Arc84-9746-51
10Provisional Hero License Exam Arc98-12151-62
11Shie Hassaikai Arc122-16263-78
12Remedial Course Arc163-16879-80
13U.A. School Festival Arc169-18381-86
14Pro Hero Arc184-19387-90
15Joint Training Arc194-21791-99
16Meta Liberation Army Arc218-240100
17Endeavor Agency Arc241-252101-106
18Paranormal Liberation War Arc253-306107-
19Tartarus Escapees Arc307-328
20Star and Stripe Arc329-334
21Current Arc335-

My Hero Academia Arcs Explained

1. Entrance Exam Arc

When half of the world is born and living with powers of their own, Izuku is trying to pass his U. A’s entrance exams by learning about a new quirk. Finally, however, his long-lost dream of becoming a hero may come true after meeting a legendary hero with mighty powers.

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2. Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

The students of Class 1-A must test their abilities out and have their quirks tested by their teacher Shota Aizawa to see if they will ever become heroes. All of this is facilitated when the management at U.A. threatens to throw them out of the school.

3. Battle Trial Arc

When the heroes of class 1 A are determined and handed out their hero costumes, they are put to the test as students are divided into two teams and made to fight against each other in a battle trial. The main protagonist of the series, Izuku, faces his biggest challenge and rival, Katsuki Bakugo who also happens to be his only childhood friend.

4. U.S.J. Arc

The Unforeseen Simulation Joint receives Class 1 A for a short trip to help them improve their rescue skills. But the students must fight the League of Villains in an unexpected first battle for survival. The animations of this first battle are something to look out for!

5. U.A. Sports Festival Arc

It’s the first-ever U.A. Sports festival for students of Class 1A, where they can present their newfound abilities in various competitions. Not just that, they must also impress the Pro Heroes to get them on their side. Izuku also tries to hone his skills and brag about them in competition; however, he comes across the truth behind Shoto Todorok’s tragic past.

6. Vs. Hero Killer Arc

When Izuku and his friends were going to work as part of their training under designated Pro Heroes, they were attacked by Villains in Hosu city. Here, three students in training come across their first-ever invincible Villain.

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7. Final Exams Arc

Practical exams at this school can be quite fun as you need to combat against your teachers to pass them. Not just that, they also need to give a written exam after these stressful practical exams. So class 1 A is in for a surprise!

8. Forest Training Camp Arc

Class 1 A goes to a summer training camp as a part of their summer break to improve their abilities and skills. They’re put under the extremely popular hero team, “Wild, Wild Pussycats.” However, they’re yet again under attack by a villain squad who might be the most exclusive villains they have ever faced!

9. Hideout Raid Arc

The brutality of the attack by the league of villains has the whole training camp underwires. Katsuki Bakugo was kidnapped, and now they must do something to look for him. Therefore, the police force with the pro heroes decides to attack the Villain’s hideout place to rescue Katsuki just as they are planning the raid, a bigger evil strikeout.

10. Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Now that U.A. has become a boarding school, Class 1 A must finish their training that they abruptly left at the summer camp in order to pass the Provisional Hero Licence Exam. They must also adjust to the new address, U.A. premises. 

11. Shie Hassaikai Arc

Izuku, along with other students, tried to win a place at Sir Nighteye’s offices who was an All-might’s sidekick. However, Sir Nighteye’s office is in the middle of an investigation which further creates a problem as they find a mysterious girl and hunt the member of Yazuka.

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12. Remedial Course Arc

Katsuki and two others, along with Shoto, fail their Provisional Hero Licence exam and must take a remedial course to make up for it. At the same time, Endeavor talks to All might about something very serious.

13. U.A. School Festival Arc

Class 1 A must prove its worth to the public by performing at the U.A. school festival. However, this school festival is under attack as a man is determined to make his mark on the school along with public.

14. Pro Hero Arc

Endeavor becoming the No. 1 hero, talks with his successor about the rumors that surround the Nomus when they are under an attack from a fresh Nomu. Now Endeavor must prove himself worthy of his number one title by fighting the Nomu.

15. Joint Training Arc

As a part of the Joint training battle, class 1 A is put up against 1 B for a skilled fighter. In addition, some new additions are taken up as new acceptances. However, izuku comes across a secret about the one for all, which nobody knew that ever existed.

16. Meta Liberation Army Arc

Confidants of the All for one army give Tomura a challenge to beat to prove his title as the master’s successor. Simultaneously, the Meta liberation army kidnaps Giran to attract the villains of the League of Villains to win over them, making Destro the most popular Villain from the Meta Liberation Army.

17. Endeavor Agency Arc

Class 1 A sees three students reach the top to study the new no.1 pro hero, and a certain fire-skilled hero has an epiphany of his own.

18. Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Heroes assemble together after an intimation from Hawks and Tartarus’s new piece of information. Now they need to collide head-on with the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

19. Tartarus Escapees Arc

Only a few heroes are left after the paranormal Liberation War breaks out. While Izuku leaves the school, High and the other 3 top Heroes look for the villains from the League of Villains to win back the power of One for All. However, their ultimate battle is against their woeful enemy, All for one.

20. Star and Stripe Arc

Foreign heroes from America, Star, and stripe come to defeat the villains alongside Tomura, who is ready to win and find her new goal getting completed, which is finding a new quirk, “new order,” and stealing it.

21. Current Arc        

The most glorious battle is upon the Heroes and villains who will decide the course of the world. All for one is confident about his quirks, but Yuga with Warp Gate quirk changes the whole course of the battle. Now the heroes have the upper hand on the villains as they have divided and conquered all their villains.

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