Zom 100 manga vs anime

A zombie apocalypse, a bucket list, and a fresh take on life – the Zom 100 anime has quickly captured the hearts of the anime community with its unique storyline. However, fans are often left wondering if the anime stays true to its manga roots. Let’s unravel the canon question surrounding the Zom 100 anime and shed some light on its faithfulness to the source material.

The Premise: Life after Death Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead follows the journey of Akira Tendo, a disenchanted 24-year-old living a mundane existence. With a life lacking purpose and excitement, Akira’s world takes a drastic turn when a zombie apocalypse engulfs Japan. Rather than succumbing to fear, Akira sees this calamity as a chance for redemption. He embraces the newfound freedom from societal norms and creates a list of one hundred things to accomplish before his inevitable demise. And so begins the whirlwind adventure of Zom 100.

Zom 100 anime canon

The Canon Conundrum When an anime adaptation of a manga series is announced, fans often wonder if it will deviate from the original storyline. Recent instances, like the Tokyo Ghoul anime, have left readers disappointed due to significant deviations from the manga. So, where does the Zom 100 anime stand in terms of canon fidelity?

As of now, with only two episodes released, it is challenging to determine the extent to which the anime adheres to the manga. However, the production studio, Bug Films, seems to be following the original story closely. The anime faithfully captures the essence of the manga, delivering scenes that resonate with fans of the source material.

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A Loyal Undead Journey In the early stages of its anime adaptation, Zom 100 remains faithful to the manga’s core concept. Bug Films has successfully replicated the formula that author Haro Aso crafted, maintaining the series’ appeal. By staying true to the source material, the anime has garnered a positive reception, setting the stage for a promising future.

Zom 100 anime canon

Final Words: Embracing the Dead, Staying Loyal Zom 100 has emerged as a standout anime debut this summer, captivating audiences with its refreshing take on life in the face of the undead. Thus far, the series has shown a commitment to remaining loyal to the manga’s original vision. As the story unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead, hoping for a continued adherence to the source material. After all, when it comes to the Zom 100 anime, staying true to its undead origins might be the best course of action.

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