Chainsaw Man Arcs

Chainsaw is one of the most popular manga series that is currently taking over the world with its amazing storyline. Packed with action, drama and dark humour, Chainsaw Man has garnered some serious attention from all the anime lovers throughout the world.

Written and illustrated by the famous Japanese manga artist, Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man will take us to a world that is filled with devils, and these devils are nothing but our fears. In the Chainsaw Man arcs, you will not just see Denji, our protagonist, fighting and killing devils, you see him fall apart and rise.

When I started reading this heart-wrenching manga series I felt like we all have some of Denji inside us, that can fight through the toughest of times with courage and determination. As these arcs keep unfolding the development of each character keeps getting better and better.

Now that we are waiting for what’s next in-store in the Chain Saw man arcs let’s rewind a bit and talk about the previous arcs.

Chainsaw Man Manga Arcs

Chainsaw Man manga arcs

Chainsaw Man was released in December 2018 and garnered massive attention since its release. Denji the male protagonist is nothing like your average hero. He shows courage and fights with the evil people to bring peace to this chaotic world. 

Even the side characters in this whole manga series have been portrayed excellently. Denji’s character development in all 8 arcs is unmissable. In this short period, the amount of appreciation it has gained from the audience is pointing towards anime adaptation in the future.

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1Intro Arc1-4
2Bat Devil Arc5-12
3Eternity Devil Arc13-21
4Katana Man Arc22-39
5Bomb Girl Arc40-52
6International Assassins Arc53-70
7Gun Devil Arc71-79
8Control Devil Arc80-97

Chainsaw Man Arcs Explained

1. Intro Arc

In the introductory arc, Denji our main lead meets Pochita, a chainsaw devil. After Denji saves Pochita’s life both of them become good friends. They both decide to take up hunting jobs to earn a living until one day when a Zombie Devil tricks them and kills the. To save Denji’s life, Pochita becomes Denji’s heart and turns him into Chainsaw man. 

2. Bat Devil Arc

Denji joins hands with Power and strolls around the city. But unfortunately, Power kills the Sea Cucumber Devil causing a problem for both of them. During this time Power’s cat gets kidnapped too and before she can save her cat Makima recruits her. To save the cat Power strikes a deal with Denji and afterwards betrays him by presenting him to Bat Devil in exchange for the cat.

3. Eternity Devil Arc

Eternity devil who has killed Gun Devil and eaten a chunk of his flesh is summoned to be killed by a six-man team from Special Division 4. They enter a hotel and as soon as they reach the 8th floor a large head created by Eternity Devil blocks their way. Power slices of the head into two but is enable to find Gun Devil’s flesh in it. 

4. Katana Man Arc

When Denji, Power, Himeno & Aki Hayakawa were eating at a restaurant they are meet Katana Man who explains to them his connection with Denji and then shoots Denji in the head. All the members of the Special Division fight Katana Man but he gets saved by a woman named Sawatari. 

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5. Bomb Girl Arc

After meeting Makima, Denji is overjoyed with the excitement of newly found love. On his way when donates some money to charity, he is given a flower as thanks. Suddenly it starts raining and he enters a telephone booth to save himself. Out of nowhere a young girl enters the booth and starts laughing. Little did Denji know this girl is going to become one of his love interests in the whole manga series.

6. International Assassins Arc

In the International Assassins arc, Denji is now being attacked by international assassins. After his fight with Reze garnered global attention people worldwide are coming to get him. Makima tries to save Denji and puts him under protection with the help of Devil hunters. 

7. Gun Devil Arc

Makima tells everyone that Gun Devil has been defeated and his body parts are taken by some countries & devils. In the midst of all of this, the President of United States of America makes a contract with the Gun Devil and asks him to assassinate Makima in exchange for one year life of for every citizen in the country. 

8. Control Devil Arc

After the death of Aki, Denji and Power rent an apartment from the money they received from Aki’s will. One day Denji goes out for a walk and buys ice cream for himself. The stick of the ice cream had a word written on it “winner” but Denji thinks and the words are “I killed Aki”. This makes him vomit and leaves him in a state of confusion.

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