Tetsuji Tamayama in Lupin 3 movie

Tokyo, July 27, 2023 – Prime Video has exciting news for Lupin III fans worldwide! The much-loved character, Jigen Daisuke, portrayed by Tetsuji Tamayama, is making a thrilling comeback in a new live-action film titled “Amazon Original Jigen Daisuke.” Directed by Hashimoto Hajime and co-produced by Amazon Studios and TMS Entertainment, Inc., the movie is set to exclusively premiere on October 13, not just in Japan but in more than 240 countries and territories globally.

Lupin III: A Timeless Manga and Anime Series

Jigen Gets New Live Action Film

For over 50 years, the Lupin III manga and anime series, created by Monkey Punch, has captivated audiences in Japan and beyond. Originating in 1967 with the manga’s debut, it later spawned the first TV anime series (PART1) in 1971, followed by numerous TV specials and movie adaptations, becoming a cherished national treasure. The franchise has seen animated classics like “Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro” (1979) and even live-action adaptations, such as the 2014 film starring Shun Oguri.

Jigen Daisuke: A Cool, Loyal, and Sorrowful Character

Jigen Daisuke

At the heart of Lupin III stands the enigmatic Jigen Daisuke, known as the world’s best gunman. With his chic appearance and hard-boiled demeanor, Jigen has carved his place as one of the most popular characters in the series, rivaled only by the main character, Lupin himself. Now, the upcoming live-action film delves into the origin story of this beloved sidekick, offering a glimpse into the life of the world’s greatest gunfighter.

Tetsuji Tamayama’s Honorable Return

Tetsuji Tamayama, who previously portrayed Jigen Daisuke in the 2014 live-action movie, expressed his delight at reprising the role after nine years. He commended the edgy and adult atmosphere that sets this film apart, bringing a fresh perspective to the character. The actor’s excitement to embody Jigen once again promises a thrilling performance that fans worldwide can look forward to.

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Prime Video’s Global Premiere: A Treat for Lupin III Enthusiasts

Prime Video takes pride in presenting “Amazon Original Jigen Daisuke” as an exclusive movie installment of the immensely popular Lupin III series. The film promises an even cooler and more stylish portrayal of Jigen Daisuke, sure to captivate audiences. Prime members in Japan and across the globe will have the privilege of enjoying this thrilling production as part of their entertainment package.

The Action-Packed Trailer: A Glimpse into Jigen Daisuke’s World

With the release of the special trailer, fans catch a glimpse of Jigen Daisuke in all his glory, donning an impressive hat and dark suit, with a cigarette in hand. Demonstrating his signature “rapid fire in 0.3 seconds” technique with the Combat Magnum, Jigen effortlessly defeats adversaries targeting him from behind. The trailer also features his iconic punch line, “This is getting interesting,” reserved for times of peril or when confronted with seemingly impossible situations.

As Lupin III enthusiasts eagerly await the premiere, the excitement for “Amazon Original Jigen Daisuke” continues to grow. With Tetsuji Tamayama’s commendable return and a thrilling trailer setting the tone, this live-action film is undoubtedly a must-watch for fans around the world. Prime Video is all set to provide an unforgettable experience, inviting viewers to rediscover the enthralling world of Lupin III and its alluring charm.

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