Karina and maruta shiga

In the world of K-pop, where idols strive to be the ‘heroes’ of their fans’ hearts, Aespa’s Karina found herself caught in a whirlwind of criticism after a seemingly innocent mention of a beloved anime. Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to dive into a story where a recommendation turns into a heated battle of cultural connotations.

You see, Karina, like any devoted idol, loves sharing her favorite things with her fans. And one of her recent proclamations of love ended up raising a few eyebrows. The anime in question? The popular Japanese sensation, My Hero Academia. Now, this innocent mention wouldn’t usually cause a stir, but here’s where it gets interesting.

Little did Karina know that this particular anime is banned in China, and the reason behind it is as complex as a web of tangled earphones. It all comes down to a character named Maruta Shiga, a scientist with a rather unfortunate reputation for experimenting on people. Now, before you get all judgmental, let me explain the connection.

maruta shiga

You see, the word “Maruta” translates to “Log” and was once used as a code name by Japanese soldiers during World War II. And what was it code for? Well, brace yourself—victims of gruesome human experimentation under Unit 731. Yeah, it’s as dark and disturbing as it sounds. Thousands of Chinese and Korean lives were tragically lost, leaving a deep scar that still haunts many.

Naturally, when Chinese netizens caught wind of Karina’s recommendation, they didn’t hold back. Her innocent Instagram posts turned into a battleground of disappointment and criticism. I mean, imagine being a popular idol with an army of Chinese fans who’ve splurged over 400,000 albums and showered you with more than 30 million RMB (that’s over 500 million KRW). Ouch!

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But fear not, dear readers, for Karina herself addressed the brewing storm in an online post on June 27. She pleaded innocence, explaining how she had no clue about the anime’s controversial backstory. It turns out, the character’s name had been changed to Kyudai Garaki following the controversy. So, hey, she had no way of knowing, right?

Our aspiring heroine hopes for no misunderstandings, assuring everyone that her intentions were pure as a fan sharing a harmless recommendation. She vows to become a more cautious Karina, armed with knowledge and ready to provide even better information to her beloved MYs. Let’s hope her future endeavors steer clear of any cultural landmines!

While for many international fans, this was just an innocent slip-up, the impact for those directly affected by the character’s connotations was far from trivial. So, folks, let this be a lesson to all—sometimes, even a simple recommendation can unwittingly step into forbidden territory, making us realize that even heroes have their blind spots. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and above all, stay away from any logs with a dark past!”

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