highlights from list of 35 best Chinese drama

In the 20th century, the western entertainment industry started flourishing all across the globe and in this century the Asian entertainment industry is gaining fans all over. China is one of the front runners in this race. More and more people are liking Chinese Dramas and enjoying their cultural beauty. In this post, I’ll be mentioning the 35 All-time best Chinese Dramas that have made a fan following of their own across the world. 

First, let me tell you how I compiled this list. I’ve considered 4 perimeters for choosing these Chinese Dramas-

  • My Opinion: Above all perimeters is my liking to the Chinese Dramas that have been added to the list.
  •  Ratings: Every single drama has got a high rating from every reputed site.
  • Public Opinion: Made sure that all the Chinese dramas added in this list are people’s favorites.
  • Rewatch worthy: Not exaggerating but I am damn sure that you’ll rewatch most of these dramas again.

So without further ado, let’s get started.


1. The Untamed | 陈情令

  • Logline: An inter-clan rivalry running through years reveals some dark truths from the past.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama
  • Cast: Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Liu Haikuan

Based on a historic novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, The Untamed is one of the most highly rated Chinese Drama that tracks the adventure of two intrepid men on a mission to banish the evil enduring in the kingdom.

Wei Wuxian who once decided to fight against the ruling Wen sect goes missing and returns after 16 years and joined hands with the righteous Lan Wangji to unveil the real culprits behind prolonged murder mysteries.

From Bromance to Comedy this CDrama exhibits a complete set of genre. I highly recommend you watch this if you have just started exploring Chinese Dramas.

Where to watch The Untamed?

Full-fledged 50 episode season one is available on Netflix. 

2. Nirvana in Fire |琅琊榜

  • Logline: Lin Shu returns to the capital city of Jinling as Mei Changsu to condemn the twelve-year-old conspiracy that labeled his family as a traitor.
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: History, Drama
  • Cast: Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Leo Wu

A total of 3.3 Billion internet views on iQiyi. Yes, the numbers are enough to highlight the exquisite of this Chinese Drama.

The consequences of the war between the Northern Wei dynasty and Southern Liang dynasties left 19-year-old Lin Shu incapacitated and his father General Lin Xie marked as a traitor. 12 Years later Lin Shu returns as the chief of the pugilistic world intending to restore his family’s innocence.

If you are someone you like to watch strategical mind games TV series over intense war and action, Nirvana in Fire will be a perfect watch for you.

A compelling storyline, charming characters, a strong protagonist and brilliant cinematography will keep you hooked through this 50 episode CDrama.

Where to watch Nirvana in Fire?

All English dubbed episodes are available on Viki, DVD copies are also available on amazon.

3. Joy of Life | 庆余年

  • Logline: A surprise visit by a poison master drastically transforms the ordinary life of Fan Xian to a man of political delegacy.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre:  Historical Drama
  • Cast: Chen Daoming and Wu Gang, Li Xiaoran, Xin Zhilei, Li Chun, Song Yi

Adapted from the first part of the novel by the same name, this Historical Chinese Drama orbits around the life of Fan Xian, the only royal survivor left after the fall of the Eastern Jin dynasty 18 years ago.

Adopted by the imperial minister Fan Jian, Fan Xian is not destined to be a commoner but an honorable man who will grow big and hold a strong position in the empire.  

With an intense political intrigue, the show is backed with pleasant humor, martial arts, and melodious theme songs.

Where to watch The Joy of Life?

The first season contains a total of 46 episodes and the English dubbed version can be streamed online on Viki.

4. Love O2O | 微微一笑很倾城

  • Logline: A story of two popular college students who fell in love while playing an online game together.
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Cast: Yang Yang, Shuang Zheng, Denny Huang 

Love O2O was the first Chinese drama that I watched and that’s why it is really dear to me. But that’s not the only reason it’s on this list. This drama is a true gem and deserves a spot here.

Xiao Nai is a smart, handsome and most popular gay in the college. On top of that, he is the leader of a game developing company. One day while playing an online game he comes across a strong female player. They soon form a team together and decides to meet. The female gamer is no other that Bei Wei Wei who is also a student at Xiao’s college and thus a romantic story begins.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch all the 30 episodes of ‘Love O2O’ on Netflix and Viki.

5. Put Your Head on My Shoulder | 致我们暖暖的小时光

  • Logline: Si Tu Mo is an ordinary girl who accidentally becomes the roommate of the smartest guy in the school.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Fair Xing, Lin Yi, Jingjing Chen

Regarded as one of the most popular romantic drama of 2019, ‘Put your head on my Shoulder’ is a show that you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Si Tu Mo is a cheerful girl who is nearing her graduation and has no clue about what to do next. At the same time, Gu Wei Yi enters her life who is a pretty famous and smart guy in the school. Both of their paths cross sometimes creating a little spark between them but thing changes completely when they accidentally become each other’s roommates.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder’ and all of its 24 episodes on Netflix, Viki, and YouTube.


6. Eternal Love | 三生三世十里桃花

  • Logline: A romantic love story that ran through three lives of two deitiesYe Hua and Bai Qian
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Romance
  • Cast: Yang Mi, Mark Chao, Ken Chang, Dilraba Dilmurat

Eternal Love is a Romantic Chinese Drama better justified by its alternate English title Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and is based on the novelTo The Sky KingdombyTang Qi Gong Zi.

From the blossoming heavenly world of the immortals to the regular world of mortals this show traces the saga of two love birds who play different roles in different lives yet manages to meet each other and sustain the Eternal love.

If you haven’t already had a taste of mystical Chinese Drama, this show will be an exciting watch for you. 

Where to watch Eternal Love?

Recently Netflix purchased the rights of Eternal Love and all seasons are available there. A low-quality English dubbed version is also available on Viki for free but you can also opt for a high-quality subscription.

7. The King’s Avatar | 全职高手

  • Logline: Ye Xiu is a famous top tier online gaming player. He was betrayed by his team and thus has to leave professional gaming. But he is not ready to give up just yet.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Cast: Yang Yang, Shuying Jiang, Li Mu Chen Daisy

Inspired by a famous Japanese Light Novel of the same name, ‘The King’s Avatar’ is a Live action drama focused on gaming, friendship, and glory. It got 100 million views just after 4 hours of its release, so you can imagine its popularity.

The story revolves around Ye Xiu, who is the all-time best player of an online game called ‘Glory’. Due to some circumstances, he has to give up his gaming account and leave professional gaming. He then starts working as a manager in an internet cafe. But when he hears that ‘Glory’ is starting a new server, he decides to jump in and start playing again. With 10 years of gaming experience, he is ready to claim what was taken away from him.


Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘The King’s Avatar’ and all of its 41 episodes on Netflix.

8. Guardian | 镇魂

  • Logline: A detective and a professor are on a mission to maintain peace among humans and mutated creatures living on the planet.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Drama
  • Cast:  Yu Bai, Yilong Zhu, Peng Xin

Based on a novel Guardian by Priest, this Mystery Chinese drama will introduce you to a completely new world where humans co-exist with 2 other mysterious species.

The peaceful coexistence between Humans Yashou and Dixing that existed for 10000 long years faces a threat as the Dixings who are known to live underground have started causing troubles on the surface. Zhao Yunlan and Shen We are tasked to investigate the situation and in the process, they form a strong bond of friendship to transcend both past and present lifetimes.

Stay away if you aren’t fond of watching bromance but still a different approach from mainstream Chinese Drama makes it a great show on its own.

Where to watch Guardians?

Standard Quality episodes with subtitles available in 6 plus languages are available for free on Viki. You can upgrade to premium membership to watch in HD.


9. Heavy Sweetness | 香蜜沉沉烬如霜

  • Logline: After clashing with one another for a 100 years Xu Feng, God of Fire falls in love with Jin Mi but she can not respond to any feelings.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Rom-com, Fantasy
  • Cast: Kathy Chow, Zhonghua He, Wang Yifei

Also popularly known as the ‘Ashes of Love‘, it is one of the most loved Chinese Drama around the world and the best part is that it will have a second season this year.

So the story basically revolves around two heavenly beings Xu Feng and Jin Mi. Xu Feng rescued Jin Mi and they stayed together for hundred years after which Xu Feng finally fell in love with her. But the problem is that Jin Mi was given an unfeeling pill when she was a child, that’s why she didn’t have any feelings towards Xu Feng. On top of that, Xu Feng’s rival brother also starts having feelings for Jin Mi.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Heavy Sweetness’ and all of its 63 episodes on Viki and Netflix.

10. Arsenal military academy | 烈火军校

  • Logline: What happened when female aspired to join the military during the WWI and joins men training center pretending to be a man.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Army, Drama
  • Cast: Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Toby Lee, Wu Jiayi

Written by Xiao Xiang Dong (author of Princess Agents) Arsenal military academy is a unique Chinese drama set in the historic plot of WWI. 

The story revolves around the life of an enthusiastic sister who pledges to fulfill the last wish of her dead brother. Xie Xiang disguises herself as a man and joins the Arsenal Military Academy in her brother’s stead. This TV series is an account of the hurdles she faces in a men training center and her connection with her mates there.

Besides the story, the chemistry between the male characters and the main leads makes this show an interesting watch.

Where to watch Arsenal Military Academy?

The full playlist of the show is available on iQIYI’ Youtube Channel.

11. Accidentally in Love | 惹上冷殿下

  • Logline: A popular singer falls for an ordinary girl at his school but in reality, she not ordinary at all.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Guo Jun Chen, Yi Ning Sun

One of my most favorite Chinese drama that I’ve watched. I’d recommend anyone who’s looking for a sweet, short and funny drama to watch ‘Accidentally in Love’.

Chen Qing Qing is a rich girl who is tired of her lifestyle. So she runs away from her home and enrolls in school with fake identity to live her life on her terms. There she meets a student who is a very popular singer, Si Tu Fang. After a series of conflicts between them, they eventually start having feelings for each other.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Accidentally in Love’ and all of its 30 episodes on Netflix.

12. Love me if you dare | 他来了,请闭

  • Logline: A combination of crime, psychology and love story. 
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Suspense, Thriller
  • Cast: Wallace Huo, Sandra Ma, Edward Zhang

A Criminal Psychothriller Chinese Drama, based on the novel “love me if you dare”. Simon, Bo Jinyan is a Police advisor and works on special criminal cases. 

He has a special ability to understand the mindset of violent and dangerous criminals. Though he is very brilliant in his work he lacks emotional clarity. His assistant, daughter of a Police inspector develops emotional attachment towards him. 

The drama continues as she tries to bring some emotional clarity in his mind. There is always a huge expectation for a crime drama and this drama series will definitely not disappoint you at all. 

Where to watch Love Me If you Dare?

English subtitled versions are available on Viki.

13. Meteor Garden | 流星花园

  • Logline: A girl from a poor background who gets a scholarship in a rich school becomes a pray of bullying by the notorious boy group called F4.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Youth, Romance, Friendship
  • Cast: Dylan Wang, Yue Shen, Xize Wu

Inspired by a Japanese Manga series Hana Yori Dango, this story has already been made into drama 5-6 times and Meteor Garden is one of them. 

Shan Cai is a hard-working girl and comes from a poor family. She gets a scholarship at a prestigious school for the wealthy. There she finds that the whole school is feared by four notorious rich boys called F4, who like to bully other kids in the school. Shan Cai’s days at school were bad as she couldn’t get well with other students of higher status but later becomes worse when she becomes the new bullying target of the F4.

‘Meteor Garden’ is one of the classic Chinese dramas with a big fan following. The drama shows everything, it has comedy, it has friendship, romance, drama, and youthful energy. 

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch Meteor Garden and all of its 50 episodes on Netflix and Viu.

14. Battle of Changsha | 战长沙

  • Logline: TheJapenese are about to invade China and the only option left with Gu Quing Ming to safely leave the city is to marry a senior Intelligence officer.
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Cast: Junfeng Niu, Wallace Huo, Zuo Xiaoqing, Kong Sheng, Gaon Xin

A Chinese drama based on the Battle of Changsha that took place in 1939 during the Second Sino-Japanese War. 

The story depicts an ordinary family that lives in Changsha, China. It shows the struggle and difficulties that people had to face due to the Anti-Japanese war. 

A romantic relationship between Xiangxiang and Gu Qingming survives the chaos that surrounds them. Though there were bloodshed all-around little moments of happiness gave the people strength to bear the hardship. 

The acting, storyline, and characters make the drama feel so real. It also shows the rich Chinese heritage and culture that makes it a treat for eyes. 

Where to watch the Battle of Changsha?

Need not go far. Easily watch the full season on YouTube

15. A Love So Beautiful | 致我们单纯的小美好

  • Logline: A story of high school couples and how their love faces the challenges of growing older.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Youth, Romance, Friendship
  • Cast: Hu Yi Tian, Yue Shen, Yaodong Zhao

‘A love so beautiful’ is a story based on a Novel called ‘Our Pure Little Beauty’. A sweet romantic comedy with tonnes of cute moments filled in it.

The story starts with Xiao Xi, a cheerful girl who has a major crush on Jiang Chen, who is the popular guy in the school. She proposes to him but he rejects. Xiao Xi remains committed to making Jiang Chen hers, which she ultimately succeeds in doing. As they get older, the couple along with their friends tries to find happiness in every situation.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch all the 24 episodes of ‘A love so beautiful’ on Netflix and Viki.

16. Princess Agent | 特工皇妃楚乔传

  • Logline: A story of the rise of an ancient Chinese female warrior.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Cast: Zanilia Zhao, Kenny Lin, Shawn Dou

Princess Agent is a story based on a novel called ‘Chu Te Gong Huang Fei’. It is a unique drama where we see the rise of a woman coming from nothing to becoming a great warrior.

The story starts in the Northern Wei Province which is devastated by conflicts. In the middle of all of this is Chu Qiao, a slave girl who is saved by the Prince of Northern Yan, Yan Xun. They both form a strong bond together. But later as her life takes a different turn, she meets Yu Wen Yue who decides to teach her to be a warrior. As the story progresses Chu Qiao has to decide where her loyalties lie, as both the men mean so much in her life.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch all the 58 episodes of ‘Princess Agent’ on Viki.

17. Le Coup de Foudre | 我只喜欢你

  • Logline: Real-life story of two lovers who meet after 4 long years of separation.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Romance
  • Cast: Janice Wu, Zhang Yujian, Zhao Zhiwei

Adapted from the novel based on real-life stories,‘Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You’  Lo Coup de Foudre(Love at First Sight) is a heartwarming story of two love birds who struggled to keep up with the promises. 

Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo once shared a strong bond and talked about going to new places after high school but fate had decided an entirely different route to unite them as lovers. 

This Romantic Drama will make you laugh, cry and learn about relationships. I recommend you binge-watch this with the love of your life.

Where to watch Le Coup de Foudre?

You can watch each and every episode of this drama on Hotpot TV and Viki 

18. Boss and Me | 杉杉来了 预告

  • Logline: A cute love story between a Boss and his young employee.
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Romance
  • Cast: Hans Zhang, Zanilia Zhao, Youming Huang

Not every drama needs to have complicated storylines, people do love simple stories and ‘Boss and Me’ is that light-hearted drama we all need to watch.

Xue Shan Shan, a young office lady works for a guy called Feng Teng. One day, Shan Shan is asked to give a blood transfusion to Feng Teng’s sister. To thank her, Feng Teng decides to buy her lunch every day. This small gesture brings both of them closer and ultimately they fall in love. 

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch all the 33 episodes of ‘Boss and Me’ on YouTube.

19. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart | 步步惊心

  • Logline: An unexpected time travel to the historic period brings out new adventures for Zhang Xiao.
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: History, Drama
  • Cast: Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu, Kevin Cheng, Damian Lau

Shot in two time frames Scarlet heart is possibly the oldest Chinese Drama in this list. The drama was once commercial hit all over Asia on TV screens and even today it receives great appreciation from the west.

It is a depiction of the novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua in which a girl named Zhang Xiao travels back in time to her previous life form as nobility in the Qing Dynasty.

Where to watch Scarlet Heart?

Season one and two both are available on Viki with multilingual Subtitles.

20. Legend of Fu Yao | 扶摇

  • Logline: The story revolves around Fu Yao, a woman cursed by birth on a journey to change her destiny.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Cast: Mi Yang, Ethan Juan, Leon Lai Yi 

Inspired by a novel called ‘Empress Fu Yao’, the story is filled with fantasy and adventure which as we all know is a deadly combo.

The story starts with Fu Yao who is a slave girl in the Taiyuan Kingdom. After suffering through a lot of tragedies, she is saved by the Prince Zhang Sun Wu Ji. Together they decide to go a journey to find the origin of Fu Yao birth and to dispel the curse that is imposed on her.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch all the 66 episodes of ‘Legend of Fu Yao’ on Viki.

21. The Story of MingLan | 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦

  • Logline: Rise of a concubine-born from being rejected and mistreated to gaining a prominent place in the kingdom.
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Cast: Junfeng Niu, Wallace Huo, Zuo Xiaoqing, Kong Sheng, Gaon Xin

Adapted from the novel Do you know? Do you know? If the green is still plump and the red still lean? by Guanxin Zeluan this Chinese Drama sets its plot in the Northern Song Dynasty.

A journey of a concubine born, Ming Lan, a talented and capable girl who is deprived and mistreated in the kingdom. She seeks revenge for the death of her biological mother by hiding her skills and joining hands with Gu Ting Ye, the 2nd son of the Gu Family who is treated the same in his family.

If you are impressed by the ‘rise from the ashes’ type of stories then you’ll definitely have a great time in this 73 episodes long watch.

Where to watch The Story of MingLan?

Initially, the show aired on Hunan TV and now can be streamed online on Viki.

22. Fighter of the Destiny | 择天记

  • Logline: Abandoned by his own family due to a mortal disease in his childhood, Chen Chang Sheng set out to find a cure for himself.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Cast: Han Lu, Gao Han Yu, Zejinxi Wu

When this Chinese Drama aired in 2017, it became the most-watched Chinese series ever at that time with over 27 Billion views across all platforms.

Chen Chang Sheng was abandoned when he was a child. He is suffering from a deadly disease that won’t let him live for more than 20 years. In reality, he is the fourth Prince of a Kingdom and there lies a great mystery of his abandonment. To find a cure he decides to move in the main capital where a lot of surprises wait for him.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Fighter of the Destiny’ and all of its 52 episodes on Viki and Amazon Prime Videos.

23. The Prince of Tennis | 奋斗吧少年

  • Logline: A extraordinary tennis player deprived of belongingness and care finds the true meaning of life after joining a High school in China.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Sports, Bromance
  • Cast: Peng Yu Chang, Ireine Song, Zhang Yi Jie, 

Story of a tennis prodigy Lu Xia who has inherited some serious talents and strengths from his father.

Living abroad, he was trapped by his father’s guidance and was merely used as a tool to win tournaments and prizes. In the process, Lu Xia lost all his interest in the game and his life too. 

Lately, he joined a high school tennis team in China and came across people who made him realize his identity as a player and the need for attachment and love in life.

The show is surely not a typical C Drama it does have a taste of western cinema but all in all, it is filled with exciting tennis matches with numerous life lessons about finding one’s identity in the real world and the value of friendship.

Where to watch The Prince of Tennis?

The animated version is available on Hulu and you can buy the original version from amazon.

24. Go Go Squid | 亲爱的

  • Logline: Tong Nian fell in love with Han Shang Yan at first sight, but it is not easy to win his heart because he’s cold and super unfriendly.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Xian Li, Zi Yang, Mingde Li 

Inspired by a novel called ‘ Stewed Squid with Honey’, Go Go Squid has been a massive hit in the year 2019. A cute love story between a cold guy and a sweet girl.

Tong Nian is a sweet and confident girl but when she’s in front of Han Shang Yan, she becomes totally numb. She met Han Shang Yan in an internet cafe and instantly fell in love with him. Shang Yan is a cold and unfriendly type of a guy who’s only focused on his career of professional gaming. But Tong Nian is committed to making a place for herself in his heart.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Go Go Squid’ and all of its 41 episodes on Viki.

25. Ever Night | 将夜

  • Logline:  A story of a common boy who is surrounded by mysterious miracles.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Cast: Arthur Chen, Ireine SOng, Crystal Yuan, Zoey Meng

A Mystery Chinese drama adapted from the famous novel Jiang Ye by Mao Ni, which first aired in October 2018. The story revolves around a young boy who somehow managed to escape the deadly massacre by an evil general. His abilities and intelligence helped him to survive the hardship of life. 

Later he joined the military, which was followed by many adventurous missions. The story follows some of the mysterious miracles that you will enjoy only when you will watch it.

The characters are at it best, the fight scenes are a treat for eyes and most importantly if you like twists and turns, this is the show for you.

Where to watch Ever Night?

Like most of the shows on this list, Ever Night is also available on Viki.

26. Story of Yanxi Palace | 延禧攻略

  • Logline: The power struggle between the concubines of Emperor Qian Long to become the most favored of all.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Jinyan Wu, Yuan Nie, Enshang Liu 

Story of Yanxi Palace was the most Searched Global Drama of the year on Google in 2018. The show presented the story of the power struggles among the concubines of Emperor Qian Long in the 1700s.

Ying Luo is a young girl who came to the forbidden city in search of the truth about her sister’s death. Her search leads her to the palace where she becomes the seamstress of the Empress. But due to the sudden death of the Empress, she gets entangled with the Emperor as both find solace in each other’s company.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ and all of its 70 episodes on Viki and Amazon Prime Videos.

27. My Girlfriend is an alien | 外星女生柴小七

  • Logline: An intergalactic love story filled with tragic incidents.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Cast: Wan Peng, Bie Thassapak, Wang You Jun

An alien girl Chai Xiao Qi possessing peculiar traits gets stuck on planet earth. She is a master in flirting with men and to make things worse she hits on a businessman having “rainy weather heterosexual amnesia”. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds but its acceptable in the way it adds to the amusement of show. 

Chai Xiao Qi finds it difficult to survive on Earth and has to repeatedly use her alien powers to get out complicated situations.The show stands apart from most of the Chinese Drama for its silly yet adorable plot. 

Where to watch My Girlfriend is an Alien?

For fantasy and comedy lovers the entire season is available for free on Youtube.

28. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me |  恶魔少爷别吻我

  • Logline: Chu Xia is a poor orphan girl who lives in the house of rich Han Qi Lu who despises her. But for how long?
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Hongyi Li, Fair Xing, Qie Lu Tong

Inspired by a hit novel by Jin Xia Mo, ‘Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me’ is a classic rich boy poor girl story that will make your heart pop out of joy.

Chu Xia is a poor orphan girl who was taken in by Han Qi Lu’s family. She was also sent to the same prestigious school as Han Qi Lu. But Han Qi Lu doesn’t like Chu Xia at all. He is a ruthless guy and has been given the title of ‘Master Devil’ in his school. He doesn’t leave a single chance of torturing Chu Xia, but she always stays positive. The bitterness between the two fades over time and turns into something very beautiful called love.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me’ and all of its 23 episodes on Viki and YouTube.

29. When we were young | 人不彪悍

  • Logline: The nostalgia of a teenage love story.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: Romance
  • Cast: Neu Hou, Gala Zhang, Wan Peng, Marcus Li

When we were young is a beautiful teenage love story of a boy and a girl. The story is all about the fights and bonding that the two experienced during their high school days. 

Initially they two hate each other as the girl met an accident due to the boy. The boy is intelligent and one of the geniuses in the science department. Later on, they have their ups and downs and the story goes on.

The show was one of the Top Chinese Drama of the year 2018. The drama is a combination of youth, love, friendship, and family. If you have a taste for love stories, surely you will enjoy it.

Where to watch When We Were Young?

Full episodes are available online on Viki.

30. My Amazing Boyfriend | 我的奇妙男友

  • Logline: After accidentally waking up a supernatural being from his sleep, Tian Jing Zhi is forced to keep him at her home.
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Tae-Hwan Kim, Lily Tien, Qian Wu

My Amazing Boyfriend is not a typical love story and that’s what makes it so funny and sweet. 

Tian Jing Zhi in a car crash accidentally awakes a supernatural being Xue Ling Qiao from his sleep. He then forces himself in her life and starts living with her. Initially, Tian Jing Zhi despises Xue and was scared of his supernatural abilities. But as time passes they both start getting close to each other and sparks fly.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’ and all of its 28 episodes on Viki.

31. The King’s Women | 秦时丽人明月心

  • Logline: What happens when the beauty bestowed upon you becomes the reason for parting from the love of your life.
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Cast: Liu XIn, Hsiu Lan Hu, Dilraba Dilmurat

A famous Chinese TV series based on the novel The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story. The television drama first aired on Zhejiang TV.  

It is a historical Mainland Chinese drama that depicts a beautiful love story between the granddaughter of Gong Sun Yu and the Jing Ke who she knows from childhood. The story moves forward as the Qin Emporer, Ying Zheng falls in love with the eternal beauty of the princess sparkling the war for love and revenge.

The addictive storyline along with the interesting characters never let the audience lose their focus from the show.  Not only the characters have amazing chemistry but the dark sides of the few characters are equally attractive. 

Where to watch the king’s women?

An English dubbed version is available on Viki, you may choose the Chinese version too and watch with subtitles.

32. Well Intended Love | 奈何老板要娶我

  • Logline: Xia Lin is ill and she needs bone marrow from Ling Yi Zhou to get treated. But he’ll help her only on one condition that she’ll have to marry him. 
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Rom-com
  • Cast: Xu Kai Cheng, Sun Jia Qi, Liu Jia Xi 

Although this drama has got mixed reviews from the audience, this show still deserves a place on this list because it has some great traits of its own.

Xia Lin is a struggling actress and suffering from leukemia. She needs bone marrow to survive and for that, she wants the help of Ling Yi Zhou who is the CEO of a big company. Earlier he rejects Xia Lin’s request but upon persisting, he agrees though he has one condition. He wants Xia Lia to get into a contract marriage with him.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Well-intended Love’ and all of its 20 episodes on Netflix.

33. Love and Destiny | 宸汐缘

  • Logline: A unique love story of a Godly fighter and an innocent girl possessing demonic energies.
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural
  • Cast: Ni Ni, Chang Chen, Li Jiaming, Hai Ling, Zhang Haiyu

Love and Destiny is one of the latest Chinese Drama that gained huge popularity after it aired on Hubei TV. The show tells a love story in a heavenly world between The God of war and a young woman.

After stealing away the demon lord The God of war fell into a deep sleep for fifty thousand years. Ling Xi wakes him up and consequently they fall for each other. Later, The God of war discovered that Ling Xi innocently possessed demonic energy that may help the demon lord break free.

If you are fond of shows like Eternal Love and The Journey of Flower you will love this one without any doubt.

Where to watch Love and Destiny?

Love and Destiny are available on Viki with subtitled in many languages like English, Spanish, German and Arabic.

34. Legend of Chusen | 青云志

  • Logline: Can you love a woman and still committed to destroying her father?
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Action, Drama
  • Cast: Yifeng Li, Zanilia Zhao, Shuo Pu 

This Chinese Drama is filled with fantasy and is inspired by a Novel called Zhu Xian. This series takes you on a ride of action and adventure.

The story follows Zhang Xiaofan and Bi Yao, where Zhang Xiaofan belongs from Noble Sect and Bi Yao belongs to Evil Sect. It’s their story as they go on the journey of adventures to find a way to destroy the leader of Evil Sect who is also Bi Yao’s father.

Where to watch this Chinese Drama?

You can watch ‘Legend of Chusen’ and all of its 55 episodes on Viki and YouTube.

35. The Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan  (後宮甄嬛傳)

  • Logline: Inner palace drama portrays the journey of a concubine as the most powerful woman in the Emperor’s harem
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: Historical Drama
  • Cast: Sun Li,Niohuru Zhen Huan, Ada Choi

Based on the internet novel of the same name by Liu Lianzi The Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan is a Historical Chinese Drama that talks about the female wars in the Royal Chinese Harams.

Zhen Huan, the protagonist is a beautiful woman who never wished to get selected as a concubine in the Qing Dynasty.  

Being raw and clean the show does get predictable at times but if you want to witness the true sense of the Forbidden City then this might be the show for you. 

Where to watch The Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan?

All English dub episodes are available on Netflix.

How are Chinese Dramas compared to other Asian Drama?

In true honesty, I’d say Chinese dramas are really good and some of them are definitely among the best in whole of Asia. But generally speaking, I find them predictable most of the time. I’ll suggest that they should explore other genre too and not just romance and ancient fantasy.

What is the legal way to watch Chinese Dramas for free?

As you might read above, most of the dramas featured in this list are available on Viki. It is by far the best site to watch Chinese dramas for free and legally. Also, it has a huge library of dramas not only Chinese but other Asian dramas too. And most important of all, they add new dramas to their database constantly.

We would love to have your feedback on this post. Please tell us if you find this post satisfactory or not. If we missed any of your favorite Chinese drama then comment it below.
Thank you.