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Are you truly a Drama fan if you’ve not followed any of your favorite actors or actresses? Do you like watching Chinese dramas? Nowadays, people are turning to Asian dramas, specifically Korean and Chinese dramas, because of their storylines, of course!

The storylines are unique and amazing and have stories that you might not have seen anywhere yet. The actors are super amazing and talented as they can do period dramas well with their athletic bodies. Yet, you never get tired of seeing them because of how beautiful and handsome they all are.

If you want to start watching some Chinese dramas, then read this article below so that you can follow some of the best Chinese actors and actresses and find the greatest movies and TV dramas through them! Then, keep on reading below to know more about it! Here we go!

27. Zhang Xin Cheng

Zhang Xin Cheng
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
School Bus (2013)Go Ahead (2020)

Zhang Xin Cheng has won the hearts of his fans worldwide with his role in “My Huckleberry friends” and built his own fan following with it.

He also has a very popular hit show called “Skate into love” that was loved by his avid watchers. Even now, his new drama “Go Ahead” is being popularized and loved by people all around the world.

With being an amazing actor, he was also a star student in his school and topped in the college entrance of a top-rated acting school.

He is also known to be persistent and earnest when it comes to his work. Also, he is so beautiful that you will not get tired of watching the show for him.

26. Yan Zhi Chao

Yan Zhi Chao
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Hello Mr. Gu (2021)Hello Mr. Gu (2021)

Among an array of beautiful Chinese actresses, there is Yan Zhi Chao, who is a newfound actor gaining popularity and fame from her drama “Hello Mr. Gu”, which is a drama about youth and Love.

The actress has a bubbly charm and is even great at Latin dancing. Moreover, she is affluent in playing the piano and says that she likes to paint as a hobby.

Needless to say, she is quite the talent queen even though she has just started working in this film industry. 

25. Cheng Yi

Cheng YI
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Beauty World (2011)Love and Redemption (2020)Inside the Girls (2014)

Back in 2011, Cheng Yi debuted as one of the many amazing Famous Chinese actors in a Chinese drama known as “Beauty World”.

He then attempted to take matters into his own hand and produce a movie called “Haunting love” and went on to become a part of movies such as “The Big Rescue” and “The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the note”, which are both famous movies that gave him a pat on the back.

He even gained so many fans because of his amazing performance as a debut singer for both of his movie’s OST songs.

In addition, he is also one impressive man, and people have started loving him for his versatility and the determination he has for his work. He is not afraid of experimenting and takes charge of whatever he sets his mind on.

24. Zhang Ling He

Zhang Ling He
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Maiden Holmes (2020)Flourish in Time (2021)

Among the most handsome Chinese actors in 2021, Zhang Ling He takes first place in the list. He majored in Electrical Engineering and still joined an Aerospace Agency because of his varied interests.

However, an agent scouted him and convinced him to pursue acting since he was so handsome! Sounds legit!

Moreover, he devoted in 2020 to a period drama called “Maiden Holmes” and won the new Force award in 2021, proving his amazing talent and it’s worth.

He has garnered quite traction from the female following around him as well. He is a genius man at such a young age and has varied interests as well.

23. Luo Yun Xi

Luo Yun Xi
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Sunshine (2015)Ashes of Love (2018)The Spring of My Life (2015)

Not just an actor, but Luo Yun Xi has fans crazy all over him as he is a singer as well. He is an all-rounder as he studied ballet at school but then worked as a dance instructor at Macau Conservatory. He was a part of a major production of “Fly me to the moon”.

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However, he doubted with a boy band known as “JBOY3” and had three singles out but later became an actor when his band disbanded. He started his acting career with romantic movies and was even a part of the drama “My sunshine”, which was a huge hit. His fan following was going off the roof!

He is a very soft-spoken yet bubbly person, and people love him for his personality as much as they love him for his work.

22. Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jia Lun
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017)Forever and Ever (2021)Revelation of True Colors (2020)

Starting his career in professional table tennis, Ren Jia Lun became an actor in 2014 after he was injured due to sports and had to quit his career there.

He was also going to be a part of a Chinese-Korean idol group but had to leave for personal reasons.

However, he became famous after he starred in a historical TV show called “The Glory of Tang Dynasty”. As a result, he has garnered sympathies from his fans and respect as well. He got back on his foot and changed his life for the better.

21. Jeremy Tsui

Jeremy Tsui
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017)Forever and Ever (2021)Revelation of True Colors (2020)

Winning the heart of everyone, Jeremy rose to popularity with his roles in the romantic drama “waking love up” and even gained respect after doing the role of Yuwen Hu in “The legend of Dugu”.

He has known to have quite a heroic personality as he saved an actress from drowning in water and even suffered through heat strokes and went on working.

Jeremy even had hyperthyroidism before he became an actor. He has a “never-lose-faith” type of attitude.

20. Peng Xiao Ran

Peng Xiao Ran
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
My Daughter (2011)Be My Princess (2022)Kung Fu Angels (2014)

If versatility had a face, it would be Peng Xiao Ran. She is one of those Chinese actresses that has done very vivid roles, such as a supporting role in a horror drama and an innocent princess in a drama known as “Goodbye My princess”.

She even won an award for “best actress of the year online drama” for Goodbye My Princess.

She has even ruled the variety shows and won an award for that. So you could say that she is affluent in many spheres of the entertainment industry and has attracted a lot of people to herself.

19. Yang Mi

Yang Mi
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Story of a Noble Family(2003)Eternal Love (2017)A Writer’s Odyssey(2021)

As one of the Tall Chinese actresses, Yang Mi had her career start at the age of four, when she starred in a TV series in 1990.

However, she won the Popular actress Award after she performed amazingly in a series called “palace”. This drama even had the title song prepared by Yang Mi, and she even won an award for that song.

Eternal Love, 2017 also garnered traction of 50billion views all over the world and was loved by many. This was quite the turning point of her life, and she excelled at everything she did.

18. Amy Chen

Amy Chen
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Memory Lost (2016)I Don’t Want to Be Friends With You (2020)

Amy Chen or Chen Hayou is also a singer as well as an actress who got famous in the drama “First love again” in the main role.

She has also had a great career starting from education at two affluent universities.

She is one of the popular Chinese actors under 30 that you can follow around, and her shows are also underrated. People have been struck by her beauty in every show she has ever been in.

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17. Xing Fei

Xing Fei
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Campus Basketball Situation (2016)Put Your Head on My Shoulder(2019)Legend of White Snake(2019)

After graduating from a Theater academy in Shanghai, she appeared in a variety show. Then, she debuted in Campus Basketball situation and a sports drama as well.

However, her luck struck a chord when she got the main role in a rom-com called “master Devil Do not kiss me”, and fans were in awe of her beauty and acting both.

She is quite good when it comes to romancing her lead actors showing her talent for pure representation of characters in the truest form.

16. Zhang Nan

Zhang Nan
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Long For You (2017)Arsenal Military Academy (2019)Royal Kitchen in Qing Dynasty (2020)

Mesmerized by her beauty, she won the hearts of many people in China when she appeared in a film in 2017. Then she took part in a lot of dramas and movies where she became taken out as the most beautiful actress.

She was part of famous movies like “The heart painter”: The legend of Hao Lan and Court lady. She is quite young for excelling so well in her career, and people love her for that.

15. Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Anarhan (2013)You Are My Glory (2021)Date (2021)

After debuting in “Anarhan ”, she rose to popularity in her country as the series also won “Outstanding TV series: at Flying Apsaras Awards. She also graduated from a theater academy, proving her amazing talent.

She has also been listed in Forbes China as the “30 under 30 Asia 37th issue”.

She is quite humble for someone who is so popular at someone below 30. She is a very talented and hardworking woman, and you can look out for her movies.

14. Xu Kai

Xu Kai
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Untouchable Lovers (2018)Falling Into Your Smile (2021)Autumn Fairy Tale (2019)

The rising star known for his aesthetic visuals, Xu Kai was initially a model who stood first at the Guangzhou International Model Contest in 2013 and, after three years, signed a film with the Huanyu Film in a Chinese drama called “Untouchable Lovers”.

However, his career shot off when he played the role of “Fuheng” in “Story of Yanxi Palace”, which gained quite traction in 2018 and became the most trending drama of that year. 

People who have worked with him described him as hardworking and sincere. In addition to that, they said he is a very accommodating actor and is not very fussy about unnecessary things, which makes him desirable in front of his fans.

13. Zhao Lu Si

Zhao Lu Si
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
City of Rock (2017)The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020)The Autumn Fairy Tale(2019)

At the age of 22, Zhao Lu Si won the Shining artist of the year and “Second session of the Screen-fusion Broadcast and screen fusion Vitality actor” after she broke through the barriers for her performance in ‘Untouchable lovers’.

She has won a collection of awards as the critics as well as the fans have loved her and felt mesmerized by her strong yet soft acting with a pretty looking face. You will be quite surprised after you watch her films.

12. Li Yi Feng

Li Yi Feng
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Prince of Tennis(2017)Noble Aspirations (2016)The Pioneer (2021)

He is also one of those singers turned actors who became famous after he was in a show known as the “my hero contest” in 2007.

He debuted as a singer with a single album the same year, but then he only focused on acting completely.

He has attracted people all over the world, and they love him for his acting as well as his beautiful voice. Not just that, he even has an attractive personality, as seen in interviews.

11. Li Yi Tong

Li Yi Tong
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Demon Girl (2016)Royal Nirvana (2019)Love You Forever (2020)

Originally she was a part of an idol group and gave an amazing performance in “The goddess of theater”.

From this same tv show, she was caught in the eyes of the directors, and that’s how she landed her first youth drama on TV, “Personal School Flower.”

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She has a very innocent-looking face, and people have been mesmerized by her voice as well. She has done several dramas that you can watch out for.

10. Yang Zi

Yang Zi
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Boys Diary (2010)Go Go Squid (2019)Body is at Rest (2019)

Yang Zi was originally a child artist and acted in Tv dramas and then rose to popularity after her debut in “Ru ci chu shan” in 2002. She is quite popular in China and is known around popularly as the child actress.

She is even counted among the “Four dan actresses of post 90 generation” in china alone.

She started acting quite early in her life but rose to fame nonetheless and is loved around by many people of her age as well as new fans also.

9. Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Detective Chinatown (2020)Falling into Your Smile (2021)Umbrella Man (2021)

Debuting as a Chinese-Korean idol of WJSn, she studied dance for ten years and even went to a graduate school in Seoul to train as an idol.

However, she took her first drama in 2020 called “legend of awakening” and “Detective Chinatown.”

She even continued her acting career with a sports drama and then later debuted as a solo artist.

She has had a very long career and has excelled at whatever she has been a part of. You will like her shows as she acts very naturally for a singer and an idol person.

8. Leo Wu

Leo Wu
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Everlasting Regret (2006)The Long Balled (2021)Into The Rainbow (2020)

He is definitely one of the most popular actors in China who are as old as 23 years old. Leo has a nickname given to him by his fans as the “Nation’s little brother” after his role in a popular TV show.

Forbes China even mentioned him in the list of 30 under 30 Asia 2017 for his influence on people and acknowledging his effect on his fans through his films and dramas. He has a very impressive personality and even had his own studio from the age of 17.

7. Yang Yang

Yang Yang
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Dream of Red Mentions (2010)Love O 2 O (2016)Van Guard (2020)

Yang has risen to fame with her popular supporting roles in The Dream and the Glory and Lida Bao’s ordinary days.

However, she has mostly done supporting roles, and her dramas have seen fame and popularity too.

She is an underrated actress and has yet to be recognized by the affluent people of the industry to land her the main role.

In addition, she has also graduated from an Acting department at Sichuan Normal University.

6. Wang Yi Bo

Wang Yi Bo
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
MBA Partners (2016)The Untamed (2019)Big Shots (2019)

If versatile had to be represented in a human form, then it definitely would be Wang! He is not only an actor and a singer but a dancer, TV host, motorcycle racer and model too. There is nothing that he left behind, and he still seeks a lot of other fields as well.

He is a part of a Korean-Chinese idol group UNIQ and has risen to fame from that band as well. He also entered the Forbes China 30 under 30 Asia list for influential people under the age of 30.

In addition, the series “Legend of fei” garnered 130 million views in the first 8 hours of its release. Similarly, his single was popular within 10 minutes of its release time.

5. Chen Yu Qi

Chen Yu Qi
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
The Princess Wei Young (2016)Ashes of Love (2018)

Known as a tall Chinese actress, Chen is around 165 cm tall and has become a model for endorsements.

She debuted with “lucky with you” in 2020 and became popular in that show.

She even studied at a business school before which she left abruptly. She is, infact, known for her height and has even modeled for quite a long time before her debut as an actress. You will be pleasantly surprised by her.

4. Alen Fang

Alen Fang
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
A Different Kind of Pretty Man (2017)The Long Ballard (2021)1921 (2021)

Alen Fang debuted as a single in 2013 and released a single which gained amazing popularity for him.

Then in 2014, he was a part of the youth drama “different beautiful men”, which is a story about the boys in idol groups who have a hard life because of becoming an idol.

He then was a part of a lot of comical dramas as well as political dramas, from which his fans started singling him out and loved him for his individual performance in addition to the shows he did.

He stars in the legendary TV drama “Nine stream overload” in 2020, which was globally popular.

3. Deng Lun

Deng Lun
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Flowers in Fog (2013)Skate into Love(2020)Parallel Lovers (2019)

A very popular actor, Deng Lun, is famous for his role in Flowers in Fog which was released back in 2013.

He was a part of the Shanghai theater academy and became the most amazing actor that he is now from his college days.

Now, he is even known as one of the most accomplished people, who have won the hearts of both fans as well as the critics and has everyone at his feet.

He has a tenacious personality combined with a very handsome face. Girls certainly love him very much!

2. Zhang Zhe Han

Zhang Zhe Han
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Haunting Love (2012)Word of Honor (2021)Brother (2019)

Debuting in a Chinese drama known as “why love you”, he slowly entered the acting industry after graduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

In 2015, he got an important role in the historical drama “Legend of Ban Shau, where he played a major role and even got commended for that.

He even received the Weibo award for his performance and has the overall charm of a very attractive and appealing person. Not just that, his interviews have proven that he is a softball, and that’s what attracts people to him.

1. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan
Debut (Movie/Drama)Most Popular DramaMost Popular Movie
Superstar Academy (2016)Joy of Life (2019)Buying Ears (2020)

Yet another idol, Xiao Zhan, is a part of the X NINE idol group. However, he changed his career drastically and became a graphic designer and photographer before he became an idol. 

He certainly has the looks for it. He got acclamation from Forbes china 30 under 30 Asia’s influential people under 30 years old after he gave a smashing performance in “The untamed”.

He has even been a part of a lot of web dramas, and the adolescents and adults love him. For a young person, he is very well established and very talented too.

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