Best Korean BL Dramas

Everyone who watches Korean dramas loves the way they portray their romantic stories with the minute detailing and cute background stories.

However, have you seen any bl drama in the Korean entertainment industry? You will be pleasantly surprised by how they showcase such beautiful love stories according to the cultures and norms followed by their country.

Keep a lookout on the list below and find the most compelling stories about “Boy love” that you will actually fall in love with!

1. Where Your Eyes Linger

Where your eyes linger

Han Tae Joo and Kang gook have the most dynamic friendship as they have been friends for more than 14 years, but for Tae-Joo’s family, Kang gook is a bodyguard.

However, they gradually realize that they have something going on, which is more than friendship that their family might not accept forever.

The writing of this Korean bl drama is superb, and since it is a mini-series, you will probably binge-watch this drama. There aren’t many BL dramas in Korea since it is not acceptable in their culture, but this one speaks quite beautifully about the love factor.

2. Color Rush

Color Rush

Yeon woo has never seen colors properly in his life, but his life takes a colorful turn when Yoo Han enters his life, and they can’t keep away from each other. Yeon woo feels like he falls for Yoo han every time he sees him and can’t make sense of his life at all.

Meanwhile, his aunt tries to find Yeon Woo’s mother and her sister after she never returns. Finally, Yeon Woo takes the help of Yoo Han and looks for his mother, and discovers a different side to him, the reality that is true for him.

A very beautiful story of love and loss, Color rush represents themes including discrimination, gay love, and how the main characters cope with the tragedies of life.

3. Long Time No See

Long Time No See

An assassin “wild dog” meets a hitman “flying dagger” and sparks magic worldwide. They go on missions hidden away from the world but too close to each other. They try to focus on the mission but fall for each other.

While they try to confess to each other, they are constantly hit by mobsters who call them traitors of the business. Watch out for this mini Korean bl drama series as it is filled with crime and thriller stories as well as romance and drama.


4. Mr. Heart

Mr. Heart

Jin won comes across a new friend on the school’s track team who is more than a competition and a friend. But after they spend time on the track, he realizes that their determination and passion are quite similar to each other.

However, they also discover that their passions extend more to their personal life as well, as they start developing feelings for each other.

It is a mini-series that you can watch representing the LGBTQ community. The characters are very cute, and their love is really sweet to watch.

5. To My Star

To My Star

To my star has a sweet annotation when it comes to showing Korean bl series but with fun-loving themes and deep characters storylines as well. You will especially love the chemistry between both the main leads as their personalities are strikingly different from each other.

The theme of “opposite attracts” works well here since one is outgoing and extroverted, whereas the other is secretive and introverted.

However, you will fall in love with their story as you watch them unfold their feelings for each other in the drama, and it will feel like you are moving along with them as the story goes on. Look out for this one since the audiences have liked this show quite a lot.

6. Light On Me

Light On Me

The story revolves around Woo Tae Kyung, who is new to high school and tries to make friends while also meeting this very first love.

He meets Noh Shin Woo, who is not the most friendly person but has a really warm personality when you get to know him.

However, a complex love triangle forms with the entry of Nam Goong, who is a fun-loving person but has feelings for Woo Tae Kyung. The storyline is cute but neat, and the arcs of all those characters are done well too.

7. You Make Me Dance

You Make Me Dance

Song Shi On and Jin Hong Seok are two aspiring contemporary dancers who want to make it big but are held down by their situations. One is thrown out of his house while the other has to pay off money to the mortgage collector.

They somehow end up sharing a place and are now forced to face their feelings for each other. The drama is short but really well done, and you will thoroughly enjoy the love between them.

8. Semantic Error

Semantic Error

One of the newest Korean bl 2022 with only eight episodes in total; however, you will absolutely sink in this story. The story revolves around Sang Woo and Jang Jae Young and how they are forced to work together even as engineers and artists. 

The story unfolds its love story in the most beautiful way, and in just eight-episode, you will see a whole and complete story of both the characters.

Their chemistry is unmatchable, and even the famous ones cannot recreate this type of energy. So watch out for this drama, as it will have you hooked till the end.


9. The Boy Next door

The Boy Next Door

Two guys are stuck in an awkward situation as they move into the same building next to one another. They have a few awkward meet-ups where they find out that they have a common friend, Min Ah.

The story unfolds in the funniest way, and they always end up weirdly around Min Ah and her boyfriend Hung, who thinks that both of them are gay.

The comical nuances of this show are excellent, and you will thoroughly enjoy it. The famous Choi Woo Shik and Jang ki Yong play the awkward couple, and you will love this show to bits. It is available on YouTube.

10. I Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart

I Wish You Your Melody From My Heart

Kang In soo and Yoong Sang Yi are in for a treat as they start working together towards achieving their musical dream.

Kang In soo is a struggling musician who makes his day go by busking on the streets, whereas Sang Yi is a keyboardist who works at a musical company and is always on the lookout for new talent. However, he sees Kang In soo busking and decides to give him a chance.

They didn’t know that working together would change their lives forever as they discovered a newfound feeling they had never to find. However, they have to face certain obstacles to stay together. But, will they be able to make out of it, okay? Find out in this wonderful drama.

11. Peach Of Time

Peach of time

Peach is the main lead of this drama as he moves around Korea to meet his online friend Yun Oh.

He realizes that he made a great choice, and they can finally be together; however, his friend’s mother does not seem comfortable with Peach being there in the house.

He seems to get this and now decides to help Yun Oh out of his mother’s strained relationship and hopefully make amends between them both. He never realizes why he wants to see Yun Oh happy but suddenly has an epiphany. Does he like him?

12. First, Love Again

First Love Again

It is the story of Lee Hajin and Cha Do Yoon, who fell in love with each other but soon broke up due to differences between them.

However, Lee Ha Jin finds her love for cooking, and she meets Cha do yoon again, who hates Ha jin very much.

What can be the reason for his hate for her? Find out the reason by watching this bl drama as the secret unfolds.

13. My Sweet Dear

My Sweet Dear

A heated and spicy affair starts in a popular restaurant after a renowned chef of the restaurant hires another chef to work with him.

However, he does not realize that the chef he hired has a habit of copying other restaurants’ hit recipes and making their own.

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What starts as a competition between who’s the better cook ends up with both of them falling for each other. This drama has a lot of spice as the heat picks up in this drama quite a lot. Watch out for this one!

14. Oh! Boarding House

Oh Boarding House

Sul won is an unemployed man who runs a boarding house along with his mother where boys who do not have much money can lounge and eat.

However, a tragedy strikes when his mother has to return to their hometown, and she leaves Sul Won behind to take care of the boarding house.

Now, as he is left with men inside the house, he discovers that he’s quite popular among all of them and a well-founded love in hopeless ways. The romance in this show is very cute, and you can watch this one if you love BL dramas.

15. Tinted With You

Tinted With You

The story revolves around a time slip romance about the romantic catch-up between Heon and Geum from the period times. In this new era, they are both Eun Ho and Jun.

The drama starts with a constant change between flashbacks and present-day scenarios about their love for each other that stands the test of time.

Both the leads develop a passionate relationship without actually saying anything, and now you must look out for this drama to know more.

16. Kissable Lips

Kissable Lips

A mini-series released in 2022 is the story of Jun HO and Min Hyun, who develop a liking for each other as Jun Ho is a vampire who is hungry for Min Hyun’s pureblood.

However, certain situations lead to Jun HO converting to a human being, and now he must protect Min Hyun from becoming the victim of his desires.

17. Behind Cut

Behind Cut

A new drama about two guys who are hell-bent on reaching their dreams: Ki Jin is a design student who wants to become the world’s most famous designer.

Meanwhile, Yeong Woo is a part-timer who struggles between love and work every day.

However, they both get stuck in a love triangle as Lee bin enters the scenarios as the top model and creates a lot of heartbreak. Nevertheless, you can watch this drama as you will be surprised by their stories.

18. Nobleman Ryu’s wedding

Nobleman Ryus wedding

It is a very popular historical drama, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the drama’s story. The story revolves around Ryu Ho’s son, who marries a beautiful bride who happens to be a man.

Now that he knows the secret, he tries to get out of it, but her mother doesn’t allow it. While going to school, he meets Kim Tae Hyeong and gradually falls in love with him.

How will he get out of this situation and follow his one true love? If you are curious enough about this, then watch this show to know more.