Best Chinese BL Drama and Movies

Are you obsessed with the BL genre too? Trust me, and you’re not alone in this! There is a massive following of fans that love the BL romances in Japanese anime, Korean dramas, and even Thai dramas.

Even though Chinese directors script these love stories as bromances, nonetheless, you feel the chemistry and love of the stories and the actors.

However, China has seen a rise in Chinese BL drama and people want more! Here we are going to talk about some of the most interesting BL romances that will have you hooked right till the end of the show. Let’s get started!

1. Love is More Than a Word

Love is More Than a Word

It is a historical Chinese bl drama that connects the history with the present-day as it narrates the story of two people madly in love transcending time.

The story revolves around Tao Mao, who gets appointed as the mayor of his city, Danyan, even though he is an illiterate person. However, his goal is to be the fairest and justice-loving magistrate so that he can avoid any mishaps like the one that killed his father.

However, the story takes a turn when he meets the famous lawyer GU who takes him by complete surprise. This is a traditional reincarnation love story with a touch of BL that may become your new favorite movie.

2. The Ambiguous Focus

The Ambiguous Focus

Zhang Nan and Zhang Zhe are going through hardships in their relationship as one betrays the other. They decide to break up, which leaves Zhe absolutely heartbroken as he does not know how to live without Nan. 

However, his friends help him get back on his feet as he tries to buckle up and become more independent, only to find out that the truth behind their breakup is moot.

The story gradually shows how both of them try to cope and decide whether they should patch up or let each other move on. This show has some of the most accurate interpretations of a relationship and how a small misunderstanding could ruin an otherwise blossoming couple.

3. Yandai, byway no.10

Yandai byway no.10

The story revolves around two eccentric characters, Liang Ze and Hang Hang, who own a pet store. One fine day Liang comes to Hang Hang’s store to hand them his chinchillas for babysitting.

While Hang Hang is quite open with his feelings, Liang Ze needs time and space to air out the confusion of his feelings towards Hang since they are new and he only dates women.

As the story goes further, they grow uncomfortable around each other, and the story turns on a different route. Watch out for the Chinese boys love each other and realize their love for one another. This show was an inspiration from the original novel by the same name.

4. Irresistible love: Secret of the valet

Irresistible Love Secret of the Valet

Shu Nian is an orphan who wishes to get adopted by a loving family as he has always been alone.

One fine day, Xie Yan finds him and adopts him, and Shu nian starts working as a page boy while he goes abroad for higher studies. Shu Nian realizes he has a big fat crush on Xie yan when he comes back home, and chaos ensues.

However, Yan doesn’t share the same feeling; his homophobia separates him from Nian by shouting at him, but he later realizes that Nian is the only person who really understands him and accepts his true feelings. They do get together but face a million problems from their family and friends.

5. The Fairy Fox

The Fairy Fox

Yet another reincarnation movie involves the two leads, Xia Jing Chen, who sacrifices his life to save his love Lu Bai who is a fairy fox. Now, years later, Lu Bai comes to a realization about their past and starts looking for Jing Chen to protect him from any potential harm.

However, Jing Chen is now a college student who can actually protect Lu’s clan from the evil clan.

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Will lu Bai be able to protect her clan as well as Jing Chen from the evil wolf gang? Also, will they ever know about their love story from the past? Watch this invigorating Chinese bl for some spice and action.

6. Swinging Blossoms

Swinging Blossom

This is a very sentimental Chinese bl movie about the story of Gu SI jun and Ma Ming Jin, who met each other when they were just children and fell in love with one another.

However, Gu si Jun grows to marry Cui Fang, and they have a very passive-sexual relationship because all he can dream about is his childhood love.

Gu Jun’s nephew wants to attend a famous designer’s opening event and wishes to take his uncle with him. However, Gu Jun is surprised to find that the designer is none other than his childhood love, Ma Ming Jin. The story takes an interesting turn as they meet each other after so many years.

7. Honey Sir

Honey Sir

Get ready to be swept off your feet by Honey Sir, Blued’s latest web series that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. This romantic comedy is based on seven real-life Chinese gay love stories, promising to tug at your heartstrings from the very beginning. With stunning visuals and a talented cast of seven gorgeous pairs of men, Honey Sir is poised to become a timeless classic in the Chinese BL genre. Whether you’re in the mood for a secret crush, a puppy love story, or an emotional journey towards starting a family, Honey Sir delivers it all with a perfect balance of laughter and tears. With only seven episodes, this series is a must-watch for any BL fan looking for a heartwarming and captivating love story.

8. My Esports Genius Brother

My Esports Genius Brother

It is a funny yet charged love story between Jiang Yi Feng and Lu lin as they face each other off after knowing that Jiang Yi Feng wrote bad comments about Lu.

However, once he does meet his sister’s idol, he is infatuated by his beautiful aura and now cannot let go. All he wanted was to keep his sister from slacking off because of this gorgeous idol.

The show is adapted from a web novel and has received an amazing response from the audience. There are 12 episodes in the show, and it has a good ranking as well.

9. Mr. Yan Dong! Don’t come over

Mr Yan Dong Dont Come Over

Xia MI hu is an aspiring candidate for the DC company and has been awaiting his interview for a very long time. However, he does get a chance to give the interview as the DC company calls him up.

But he is in for a surprise as the interviewer of the company, Yang Dong, confesses his love for him.

Xia mi is in utter shock and doesn’t believe his ears and cannot begin to fathom everything that has happened when he suddenly gets a call. He is inside his dorm room when the company tells him he has been hired for the job. This is a miniseries with bl romance that you may like and finish off pretty soon too.

10. Mr. X and I

Mr. X and I

If you’re a fan of watching short Chinese BL dramas, then Mr. X and I should be at the top of your must-watch list. This show offers four beautifully-crafted stories that explore the intricacies of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. 

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Each episode is a standalone masterpiece, but when combined, they create an unforgettable viewing experience. Mr. X and I is a show that will have you laughing, crying, and cheering for the characters’ triumphs. The production values are top-notch, with beautiful cinematography and well-written scripts that will keep you glued to the screen. So, whether you’re a BL veteran or a newcomer to the genre, give Mr. X and I a chance – you won’t be disappointed.

11. To you, For me

To You For Me 1

This bl drama is a short film that chronicles the love lives of the main lead, and various other relationships are depicted in the movie.

Not just that, it also deals with important themes such as loyalty, choices in a relationship and second chances. The themes of this film are quite relatable and taken from life.

The run time for this movie is 25 minutes, but it’s an effective one as you will be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that may look and feel too real. Mydramalist has a rating of 7 out of 10 for this movie.

12. SWAP


The title “SWAP” is a well-deserving name as this drama explores themes like mourning a loved one and swapping the loneliness you feel with love. It is the story of Owen and Bare, who seem to find company and love in each other’s company. 

While Owen tries to mourn his brother, he meets Bare, who seems exactly like Owen’s brother, while Bare meets a security guard who seems to like him too but is never around.

Owen can’t seem to understand his protectiveness towards Bare but feels the need to make him happy and loved. This show seems to capture the loneliness and denial factor very maturely.

13. Third Country

Third Country

Third Country is a beautiful Chinese BL drama that explores the complex themes of love, tradition, and loss. The story revolves around Lin Qing Yu, who finds himself in a remote village in Li Jiang after losing his wallet while avoiding the death of his father. 

Ren, a kind and supportive local who helps him find a job as a school teacher for the Naxi people. The two men develop a deep connection and their relationship blossoms into a heartfelt romance. But as they confront the harsh realities of societal norms and cultural traditions, they are faced with a difficult decision: choose love or follow tradition. 

With stunning cinematography and captivating performances, Third Country is a must-watch for BL fans looking for a heartwarming and thought-provoking story.

14. Mermaid’s Jade

Mermaids Jade

Chang’an is the prince of a beautiful empire in pursuit of becoming the future emperor competing with others in line for the ultimate power. At the same time, Che Yuanshan finds a handsome merman and cannot let go of him either.

However, the story takes a twist when the merman returns to Che Yuanshan to take an act of revenge on him after barely surviving Chang’an’s captivity.

It is a story of love, betrayal, power surge and everything you would expect from a period drama but with a touch of BL romance. There are 10 episodes in this drama with an R content rating, meaning it has nudity and violence in the show.

15. Capture Lover

Capture Lover

Classic rivals turn lovers, Ding Jun Jie and Ying Jia Ming, find themselves in a quarry. Ding Jun Jie is a manager of a cosmetic company; meanwhile, Jia ming is the chairman’s son. They are always after each other, bickering away and fighting each other.

However, the story changes as they get to know each other gradually and understand each other’s problems. Not only that, they even start to harbour a love story between each other.

There is a total of 10 episodes in this drama with only 15 minutes runtime. Look out for this show if “rivals-turned-lovers” is your favourite genre.

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16. My Boyfriend

My Boyfriend

This drama is a classic love story of childhood sweethearts. Fang Chen became a cop, and Song Zhe, who followed his heart to become a photographer for a news channel, met each other after 10 years by pure accident. They had something in high school, but it died as they left high school.

Now the story takes a very interesting turn as they both try to gauge their feelings for each other. Even though they feel their past feelings surfacing upward, will they give this relationship a chance? Follow this show to know more about the story.

17. Customized Companion

Customized Companion

Wouldn’t you love it if you could solve your relationship problems with an app? Well, this movie runs on the same idea. Two boys have had a loving relationship for a very long time; however, they now feel that it lacks something.

They consult on a phone app to find out what their relationship lacks in hopes that they can rejuvenate their long-lost love back.

However, the app summons a virtual companion that solves their problems. Will they be able to bring their love back? Go and watch the show.

18. In your Heart

In Your Heart

Yet another story about childhood lovers, the story chronicles the romance between Cheng Yi and Ling Zi Ming and between Lu Xiang Lin and Yue Yu Zhi.

Both of these couples go through some dramatic changes as the story progresses further. These boys have no clue about intimacy and relationships but are willing to stay with one another because of their love for each other.

Watch this show and see how they try to get close to one another while getting away from each other in an instant.

19. Falling in Love with a Rival

Falling in Love with a Rival

Falling in Love with a Rival is a captivating Chinese BL drama that will leave you wanting more. With a thrilling plot full of twists and turns, this show explores the complexities of love, revenge, and desire. The chemistry between the two lead actors is electric, and the tension between them is palpable from the very first episode. Despite starting off as a revenge plot, the show quickly evolves into a heartwarming romance that will tug at your heartstrings. The stunning visuals and powerful performances from the cast make this series a must-watch for any BL fan. Don’t miss out on this captivating story of love and redemption!

20. Reverse Light Source

reverse light source

“Reverse Light Source” may have been cut short with only three episodes aired, but it is still worth watching. The series captures the budding romance between Fang Yuan and Liang Guang in a beautifully crafted way. 

The chemistry between the two leads is palpable, making their story feel genuine and relatable. Despite its short run, “Reverse Light Source” manages to captivate viewers with its complex characters and compelling storyline. 

It’s a refreshing take on the BL genre that’s both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. With a stellar cast and impressive production values, this show is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

21. Cherries in Early Summer

Cherries in Early Summer

“Cherries in Early Summer” may be short, but it packs a lot of heart and charm into its runtime. Despite its low-budget production, the chemistry between the two male leads is undeniable, and their slow-burn romance is sweet and satisfying. 

The addition of a female friend and flashbacks to a former friend add depth and complexity to the story. Overall, this BL experience may be small, but it’s definitely worth your time. Don’t let the short runtime fool you – it’s a gem that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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