The Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett

The “Discworld” series, crafted by the brilliant Sir Terry Pratchett, is a satirical fantasy series that spans 41 novels, published between 1983 and 2015. Set on the Discworld, a flat disc balanced on the backs of four giant elephants which, in turn, stand on the back of a colossal turtle, Great A’Tuin, the series delves into a myriad of topics, from politics and religion to technology and the nature of humanity.

With a unique blend of humor, wit, and profound observations, Pratchett takes readers on a journey through a world that, while fantastical, mirrors our own in many ways. The series is known for its memorable characters, intricate plots, and the ability to both entertain and provoke thought.

Over the years, the “Discworld” novels have been grouped into different sub-series based on main characters or themes, such as the Rincewind novels, the Witches novels, the City Watch novels, and more.

AuthorSir Terry Pratchett
GenreFantasy, Satire
Number of Books41
Publication Years1983 – 2015

Main Characters

  • Rincewind: A hapless wizard who often finds himself in perilous situations.
  • Granny Weatherwax: A powerful witch known for her wisdom and no-nonsense attitude.
  • Sam Vimes: The commander of the City Watch in Ankh-Morpork, he stands for justice in a city full of chaos.
  • Death: The anthropomorphic personification of death, characterized by his deep voice, skeletal appearance, and a unique sense of humor.
  • Tiffany Aching: A young witch who grows into her power and responsibility over several books.

Themes and Motif

  • Satire and Parody: Pratchett often parodies real-world issues, from politics to pop culture.
  • Morality and Ethics: Many novels explore the nature of good and evil and the gray areas in between.
  • The Nature of Reality: Questions about perception, belief, and reality are frequently explored.
  • Technology and Progress: Several novels, especially those set in Ankh-Morpork, deal with the rise of technology and its impact on society.
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Discworld Series In Order

S no.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1The Colour of Magic1983Check Price
2The Light Fantastic1986Check Price
3Equal Rites1987Check Price
4Mort1987Check Price
5Sourcery1988Check Price
6Wyrd Sisters1988Check Price
7Pyramids1989Check Price
8Guards! Guards!1989Check Price
9Eric1990Check Price
10Moving Pictures1990Check Price
11Reaper Man1991Check Price
12Witches Abroad1991Check Price
13Small Gods1992Check Price
14Lords and Ladies1992Check Price
15Men at Arms1993Check Price
16Soul Music1994Check Price
17Interesting Times1994Check Price
18Maskerade1995Check Price
19Feet of Clay1996Check Price
20Hogfather1996Check Price
21Jingo1997Check Price
22The Last Continent1998Check Price
23Carpe Jugulum1998Check Price
24The Fifth Elephant1999Check Price
25The Truth2000Check Price
26Thief of Time2001Check Price
27The Last Hero2001Check Price
28The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents2001Check Price
29Night Watch2002Check Price
30The Wee Free Men2003Check Price
31Monstrous Regiment2003Check Price
32A Hat Full of Sky2004Check Price
33Going Postal2004Check Price
34Thud!2005Check Price
35Wintersmith2006Check Price
36Making Money2007Check Price
37Unseen Academicals2009Check Price
38I Shall Wear Midnight2010Check Price
39Snuff2011Check Price
40Raising Steam2013Check Price
41The Shepherd’s Crown2015Check Price


  • Critical Reception: The “Discworld” series is lauded for its wit, humor, and insightful commentary on the human condition.
  • Reader Reception: With millions of copies sold worldwide, the series has a vast and dedicated fanbase.
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  • Television and Film: Several novels have been adapted for television, including “Hogfather,” “Going Postal,” and “The Colour of Magic.”
  • Stage: Many of the books have been adapted for the stage and have been performed around the world.
  • Radio: BBC Radio has adapted several of the novels for broadcast.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The city of Ankh-Morpork, a central location in many of the novels, is a melting pot of cultures, much like major cities in our world.
  • Pratchett had a unique writing style, often using footnotes to add additional jokes or commentary.
  • The character of Death appears in almost every “Discworld” novel, making him one of the most recurring characters in the series.
  • Sir Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2007 but continued to write, completing several more “Discworld” novels before his passing in 2015.

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