The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft

“The Books of Babel” is an enthralling series by Josiah Bancroft, centered around Thomas Senlin, a reserved school headmaster who becomes entangled in the mysteries and intricacies of the vast Tower of Babel during his honeymoon. With each level or “ringdom” of the Tower offering a distinct culture, society, and set of challenges, Senlin must navigate these unique worlds in his desperate quest to find his lost wife, Marya.

Combining elements of steampunk, adventure, and profound character exploration, the narrative showcases the Tower not just as a physical edifice but as a metaphor for personal growth, challenges, and societal hierarchies.

AuthorJosiah Bancroft
GenreFantasy, Steampunk
Number of Books4
Publication Years2013 – 2021

Main Characters

  • Thomas Senlin: A bookish headmaster whose character evolves significantly as he ascends the Tower in search of his wife.
  • Marya: Senlin’s wife, whose disappearance acts as the catalyst for Senlin’s journey.
  • Edith: An important ally to Senlin with her own complex history and ties to the Tower.
  • Adam: A talented engineer who becomes pivotal to Senlin’s endeavors.

Themes and Motif

  • Transformation: Throughout the series, characters, especially Senlin, undergo deep personal evolutions.
  • Perseverance: The relentless trials of the Tower test the characters’ resolve, intelligence, and fortitude.
  • Society and Power Dynamics: Each ringdom in the Tower represents diverse societal norms, challenging concepts of authority, power, and order.

“The Books of Babel” Series in Order

S no.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1Senlin Ascends2013Check Price
2Arm of the Sphinx2015Check Price
3The Hod King2019Check Price
4The Fall of Babel2021Check Price


  • Critical Reception: Bancroft’s “The Books of Babel” have earned acclaim for their imaginative settings, layered character developments, and eloquent writing style.
  • Reader Reception: Fans of the series laud it for its blend of adventure, character-driven plot, and the richly detailed world of the Tower.
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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Josiah Bancroft started by self-publishing Senlin Ascends, which subsequently gained traction online, leading to a traditional publishing deal.
  • The concept of the Tower of Babel in the series, while unique and fantastical, draws inspiration from ancient myths about a tower reaching the heavens.
  • The detailed world-building and depth of the series have drawn comparisons to other renowned fantasy works, emphasizing Bancroft’s creative prowess.

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