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Brad Thor is an accomplished American author renowned for his gripping thrillers and espionage novels. Born on August 21, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, he attended the University of Southern California and went on to pursue a career in television before turning to writing.

Thor is best known for his series of books featuring Scot Harvath, a former Navy SEAL and covert operative. His intricate plots, well-researched geopolitical themes, and dynamic characters have earned him a dedicated readership. With numerous bestsellers to his name, Brad Thor continues to captivate audiences with his high-octane storytelling.

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Brad Thor’s Writing Genre/Style

Brad Thor specializes in the thriller genre, crafting suspenseful and action-packed novels. His writing style is characterized by intricate plots, geopolitical realism, and intricate character development. He excels in creating a sense of urgency, making readers feel they are on a thrilling journey filled with espionage, international intrigue, and political conspiracies.

List of Brad Thor‘s Books in Order

  • Non-Series Books Written by Brad Thor
S No.Non-Series BooksBook’s Price
1“The Athena Project” (2010)Check Price
2“The Athens Solution” (2015)Check Price
  • Scot Harvath: A series by Brad Thor
S No.Scot Harvath Series in OrderBook’s Price
1The Lions Of Lucerne (2002)Check Price
2Path of the Assassin (2003)Check Price
3State of the Union (2004)Check Price
4Blowback (2005)Check Price
5Takedown (2006)Check Price
6The First Commandment (2007)Check Price
7The Last Patriot (2008)Check Price
8The Apostle (2009)Check Price
9Foreign Influence (2010)Check Price
10Full Black (2011)Check Price
11Black List (2012)Check Price
12Hidden Order (2013)Check Price
13Act of War (2014)Check Price
14Code of Conduct (2015)Check Price
15Foreign Agent (2016)Check Price
16Use of Force (2017)Check Price
17Spymaster (2018)Check Price
18Backlash (2019)Check Price
19Near Dark (2020)Check Price
20Black Ice (2021)Check Price
21Rising Tiger (2022)Check Price
22Dead Fall (2023)Check Price
Brad Thor Books in Chronological order

Brad Thor’s Literary Contribution & Awards

Brad Thor has made a significant literary contribution by becoming a prominent figure in the world of espionage thrillers. His Scot Harvath series, which includes titles like “The Lions of Lucerne” and “Spymaster,” has earned critical acclaim and commercial success, consistently appearing on bestseller lists.

Thor’s novels have been praised for their meticulous research, realistic portrayal of global affairs, and compelling characters. While he has notched several literary awards and accolades, including the Barry Award for Best Thriller, his most significant achievement lies in his ability to engage readers and keep them eagerly anticipating each new installment in his series.

Brad Thor’s Books in Reading Order

Non-Series Books in Order

1. The Athena Project

  • Logline: Delta Force’s elite all-female team tackles global terrorism, uncovering deeper government secrets.
  • Publishing Year: 2010
  • Goodreads Ratings: 3.87 (12,396 ratings, 781 reviews)
The Athena Project

In the world’s foremost counterterrorism unit, a new division rises from the ranks—The Athena Project. This top-secret, all-female team consists of Delta’s finest: Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper.

After a devastating terrorist attack in Rome claims the lives of numerous Americans, these women are assigned the mission to locate the Venetian arms dealer responsible for supplying the explosives. However, the layers of this operation unravel further truths. Deep in the South American jungles, a U.S. intelligence officer stumbles upon ominous monoliths inscribed with Runic symbols, hinting at a catastrophic threat.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, a foreign agent is close to uncovering the U.S. government’s covert operations beneath Denver International Airport. As the Athena team advances on their primary target, they come to realize that an even greater threat looms, and the gravest challenge they face may stem from their very own government.

2. The Athens Solution

  • Logline: Covert operative Scot Harvath races to prevent a game-changing weapon from reaching Iran after a deadly betrayal.
  • Publishing Year: 2012
  • Goodreads Ratings: 3.83 (2,841 ratings, 113 reviews)
The Athens Solution

When a revolutionary weapon is acquired by malevolent forces, the US Ambassador to Greece takes a daring risk to retrieve it, culminating in a deceit that costs him his life. Now, the weapon is still missing. This drives covert counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath to intervene, as he races against time to thwart a terror cell set on selling the weapon to Iran.

As the day wanes over the Aegean Sea, Harvath confronts a treacherous enemy, putting both America and her allies’ fate on the line. This action-packed addition to the Scot Harvath series, originally part of the “Thriller” anthology, has been updated and features an additional Afterword, further enriching Thor’s thrilling narrative.

Scot Harvath Series

1. The Lions of Lucerne

  • Logline: In snowy Utah, the US president is kidnapped, and ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath must uncover a deep conspiracy to save him.
  • Publishing Year: 2002
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.08 (40,076 ratings, 1,901 reviews)
The Lions of Lucerne

On a snowy Utah slope, thirty Secret Service agents meet a brutal end, and the US president is taken hostage, presumably by the Middle Eastern terrorist organization Fatah. However, Scot Harvath, the sole surviving agent and an ex-Navy SEAL, doubts Fatah’s involvement.

Instead, he suspects a clandestine coalition of high-profile individuals from government and business sectors, who, sensing the danger Harvath poses to their concealed plans, are determined to eliminate him.

Wrongly accused of murder and on the run, Harvath allies with the striking Claudia Mueller from the Swiss Federal Attorney’s Office. Together, they face the chilling subzero temperatures, the perilous heights of Switzerland’s Mount Pilatus, and a den populated by notorious assassins.

2. Path of the Assassin

  • Logline: Secret Service agent Scot Harvath chases the ruthless terrorist Hashim Nidal across continents with the help of the sole identifier, Meg Cassidy.
  • Publishing Year: 2003
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.19 (25,076 ratings, 852 reviews)
Path of the Assassin

Scot Harvath, transitioning from a Navy SEAL to a Secret Service agent, finds himself on the trail of a formidable adversary: the silver-eyed, elusive, and deadly terrorist Hashim Nidal. Intent on bringing down both Israel and America, Nidal leaves a trail of bloodshed in his wake.

The key to identifying and stopping him lies with one woman, Meg Cassidy. Together, Harvath and Cassidy embark on a perilous journey across four continents, navigating through cities such as Macau, Jerusalem, Chicago, Libya, Capri, and Rome. As they piece together the lethal puzzle, their relationship strengthens amidst the danger.

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3. State of the Union

  • Logline: Scot Harvath must thwart a Soviet threat when suitcase nukes are found in major U.S. cities.
  • Publishing Year: 2004
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.22 (26,858 ratings, 655 reviews)
State Of The Union

The United States confronts an alarming scenario when it discovers that an old enemy, previously believed to be long dead, is preparing a menacing assault. Enhanced Soviet-manufactured suitcase nukes have been planted in America’s major cities.

President Jack Rutledge is considering a first strike against the Russian Federation, only to learn that the Russians have developed an advanced air defense system over the past two decades, using international aid funds, rendering any conventional attack futile. As options run out and Soviet sleeper agents stand ready, the president looks to Scot Harvath, an ex-Navy SEAL and Secret Service Agent, for a solution.

Working within a covert section of the Department of Homeland Security, Harvath must thwart a masterfully crafted conspiracy that threatens global peace and risks turning the U.S. into ruins. As he delves deeper, he grapples with potential betrayals and the intricate secrets of a nation. Brad Thor delivers an electrifying tale that intertwines espionage, suspense, and international politics.

4. Blowback

  • Logline: Counterterrorist Scot Harvath races to secure an ancient weapon before it’s used to bring America to its knees.
  • Publishing Year: 2005
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.18 (19,927 ratings, 606 reviews)

After a setback in his counterterrorism career due to a scheming senator eyeing the White House, Scot Harvath finds himself out of favor. But as terror takes a new direction, the president covertly calls Harvath back to duty.

Deep within an Alpine glacier lies an old weapon with the power to obliterate the Roman Empire, and now a clandestine group aims to deploy it against America. Racing across Europe, Harvath is tasked with securing this deadly instrument before it leads the U.S. and the world into an unparalleled disaster.

5. Takedown

  • Logline: After a Fourth of July bombing, trained Middle Eastern soldiers scour Manhattan for a man with a crucial secret.
  • Publishing Year: 2006
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.28 (22,428 ratings, 539 reviews)

Following a devastating terrorist attack on the Fourth of July, Manhattan’s exit routes—its bridges and tunnels—are destroyed, trapping its inhabitants. Amidst the chaos, a group of elite Middle Eastern soldiers meticulously hunt for a man who possesses a vital secret.

This information holds significance for both sides, making the search all the more desperate. With the city under lockdown, tension mounts as both the hunters and the hunted realize the magnitude of what’s at stake.

6. The First Commandment

  • Logline: Counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath seeks revenge when a vengeful assassin targets his loved ones.
  • Publishing Year: 2007
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.26 (23,255 ratings, 579 reviews)
The First Commandment

Counterterrorism agent Scot Harvath wakes up to a nightmare: a sadistic assassin, harboring a personal vendetta, is inflicting terror on those dear to him. Despite the president’s directive to stay away from the investigation, Harvath embarks on his own mission to unearth the conspiracy and deliver justice.

As he delves deeper, he uncovers a link between the ruthless attacks and a group of prisoners covertly released from Guantanamo. This revelation forces Harvath to confront unsettling questions about the institutions and the country he has devoted his life to protect and serve.

7. The Last Patriot

  • Logline: Scot Harvath races against time to uncover a secret capable of defeating militant Islam without warfare.
  • Publishing Year: 2008
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.19 (20,713 ratings, 904 reviews)
The Last Patriot

In June 632 A.D., Mohammed, within the depths of the Uranah Valley in Mecca, confides a staggering revelation to his closest companions. Days later, he’s killed. Fast forward to September 1789, and Thomas Jefferson, the U.S. minister to France, stumbles upon a revelation while negotiating with Muslim pirates, an insight that could shift the global perspective on Islam.

Flash to present day, a car bomb detonates outside a Paris café, pulling Navy Seal and Homeland Security Operative, Scot Harvath, back into the whirlwind of covert operations. Rescuing the target of the bombing, Harvath embarks on a perilous journey to reveal a secret with the potential to vanquish militant Islam without firing a shot. Yet, powerful adversaries want this enigma to stay buried forever. Brad Thor leads readers on a riveting chase, where the stakes soar higher than ever.

8. The Apostle

  • Logline: Covert operative Scot Harvath must infiltrate Afghanistan’s notorious prison to free a demanded al-Qaeda mastermind.
  • Publishing Year: 2009
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.15 (18,863 ratings, 721 reviews)
The Apostle

Brad Thor, a master of suspense and bestselling author, returns with another gripping international thriller. Scot Harvath, a covert counterterrorism operative, finds himself unemployed in the wake of a shift in America’s strategy towards its adversaries. The situation intensifies when an American doctor, Julia Gallo, is abducted in Afghanistan and a unique ransom is set.

The terms? The release of al-Qaeda leader, Mustafa Khan, from Kabul’s infamous Policharki Prison. As Harvath delves into the assignment, one the U.S. government will disavow knowledge of, he uncovers deeper layers of deception. Confronted with the moral dilemma of freeing a dangerous terrorist, Harvath must reassess his own history of hunting and eliminating threats, and decide if he’s willing to facilitate the release of one of the world’s most dangerous men.

9. Foreign Influence

  • Logline: Navy SEAL Scot Harvath investigates a Rome bombing, leading to deeper threats against America.
  • Publishing Year: 2010
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.26 (21,086 ratings, 612 reviews)
Foreign Influence

Scot Harvath, a Navy SEAL turned covert operative, is thrust into action after the creation of a clandestine spy agency within the Department of Defense. This new agency operates under three principles: Find, Fix, and Finish, with no oversight from politicians.

After returning from an overseas assignment, Harvath is immediately confronted with a bombing in Rome that takes the lives of American students. Evidence suggests a perilous adversary from Harvath’s history, hinting at more large-scale attacks. Harvath’s mission: draw this man out and eliminate him.

Yet, doubt arises about the man’s identity. Meanwhile, in Chicago, a hit-and-run incident involving a young woman unveils a startling link to the Rome bombing and a sinister plan targeting America. The intertwined events culminate in a race to prevent an audacious act of war.

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10. Full Black

  • Logline: In a world of espionage and betrayal, covert operative Scot Harvath must thwart a massive terrorist plot against the U.S.
  • Publishing Year: 2011
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.28 (21,222 ratings, 822 reviews)
Full List

Missions so sensitive and deadly they remain hidden from the world’s leaders. But when one such mission falters, it ignites a series of terrorist attacks aiming to crumble the very foundation of the United States. With the CIA’s abilities compromised, ex-Navy SEAL Team 6 member and covert counterterrorism operative, Scot Harvath, hatches a daring plan to infiltrate the terrorist network.

Concurrently, a covert team is dispatched to California targeting a renowned Hollywood filmmaker. Movie producer Larry Salomon, while working on a clandestine documentary, unintentionally unmasks a high-profile individual with an extreme anti-American agenda, threatening the nation with irreversible chaos. As events spiral, Harvath finds trust in short supply, pushing him to go “Full Black” in a desperate bid to save his country.

11. Black List

  • Logline: Counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath is marked for death, with his name added to a secret government list.
  • Publishing Year: 2012
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.24 (20,422 ratings, 990 reviews)
Black List

Inside the US government lies a secret list, so closely guarded that even Congress members are denied access. Only the President and a confidential group of advisors know of its existence. A name added to this list is sealed with a deadly fate.

Shockingly, Scot Harvath, a counterterrorism operative, discovers his name has been added. Harvath is thrust into a race against time, avoiding assassination attempts while trying to find out who marked him and the reasons behind it. He must piece the puzzle together before the US faces a devastating terrorist attack of unparalleled scale.

12. Hidden Order

  • Logline: America’s most secretive organization is compromised, thrusting the nation into peril as potential leaders go missing.
  • Publishing Year: 2013
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.16 (16,703 ratings, 905 reviews)
Hidden Order

The most clandestine organization in the U.S. operates unseen, accountable to none. Suddenly, control of this enigmatic entity is lost, jeopardizing the country’s stability. When the five contenders to lead this agency vanish, Scot Harvath, a covert counter-terrorism operative, is summoned to Washington for a critical assignment.

As these candidates are found dead, a very public manhunt ensues, pointing to a conspiracy rooted in a secretive American group from the 1700s. With the nation on the brink, Harvath must decipher a plot centuries-old to avert the gravest threat the U.S. has ever faced. Brad Thor delivers a high-stakes thriller where the boundary between right and wrong is blurred.

13. Act of War

  • Logline: After a CIA agent’s mysterious death, a looming threat emerges with only one uncertain informant.
  • Publishing Year: 2014
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.18 (15,911 ratings, 781 reviews)
Act of War

A leading author, Brad Thor, presents a gripping thriller where the sudden death of a CIA agent abroad leads to alarming revelations from a key asset. The twist: her credibility is in doubt. The narrative intensifies when six students disappear, two airplane passengers switch seats, and a political-asylum seeker gets arrested, triggering a sequence of perilous events.

As the U.S. stands on the brink of a catastrophic assault, the newly elected president must enlist the aid of covert operative Scot Harvath. Entrusted with two highly classified missions, “Gold Dust” and “Blackbird,” their exposure could spell war for America.

14. Code of Conduct

  • Logline: A covert video sets counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath on the deadliest mission of his career amidst global intrigue.
  • Publishing Year: 2015
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.21 (14,682 ratings, 849 reviews)
Code of Conduct

Deep inside a powerful organization lies a secret committee with a devastatingly dangerous agenda. Its members enjoy unparalleled protection, rendering them elite and untouchable. However, an anonymous four-second video clip from a distant land reaches D.C., triggering covert actions.

Counterterrorism specialist Scot Harvath is summoned for what becomes the most perilous task he’s ever faced. Beginning as a mere favor, it quickly morphs into a worldwide spectacle with exceedingly personal implications, set against a canvas of breathtaking international subterfuge, cunning political maneuvers, and the espionage realm’s darkest fears.

Brad Thor’s narrative is laced with sharp plotting, intricately depicted characters, and astonishing twists at every juncture, solidifying his mastery over the thriller genre.

15. Foreign Agent

  • Logline: Amidst a mission targeting ISIS’s Social Media director, an attack ensues, plunging Scot Harvath into a political storm.
  • Publishing Year: 2016
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.23 (14,414 ratings, 714 reviews)
Foreign Agent

An American operations team prepares for a significant mission near the Syrian border. Their target is Abu Muslim al-Naser, the Social Media director for ISIS. As multiple analysts and a senior Congresswoman gather to observe the raid, their safe house is suddenly attacked, hindering the mission.

This failure results in a public relations disaster for the US, with harrowing videos of the Americans surfacing online. As the blame game ensues in Washington, Scot Harvath, a spy and covert counterterrorism operative, finds himself at the heart of the controversy. Engaged by both the CIA and the DoD, it was Harvath who had identified al-Naser.

But questions arise about how ISIS could’ve known about the mission. Burdened by the fallout and with powerful Congress members demanding answers, Harvath launches his investigation. As he edges closer to the truth, he discovers another adversary—a rogue element intent on drawing America into an even more perilous situation.

16. Use of Force

  • Logline: A high-value terrorist’s body washes ashore, leading the CIA to rely on Scot Harvath, a Navy SEAL turned operative, to uncover a looming threat.
  • Publishing Year: 2017
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.21 (12,568 ratings, 750 reviews)
Use of Force

A distress call during a storm in the Mediterranean Sea leads to the discovery of a body ashore. The deceased is identified as a high-value terrorism suspect who had vanished three years earlier, causing alarm within the Central Intelligence Agency.

Questions arise about his destination, his intentions, and if he’s connected to the anticipated “spectacular attack” that has the CIA on edge. To find answers quickly, the agency enlists Scot Harvath, a former Navy SEAL now working covert counterterrorism operations.

Employed under a concealed contract, Harvath offers the plausible deniability the U.S. requires, even if it means breaking numerous rules in the process. Brad Thor’s “Use of Force” brims with thrilling action, captivating characters, and an enthralling web of intrigue, solidifying Thor’s reputation as the “Master of Thrillers”.

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17. Spymaster

  • Logline: Diplomats are attacked in Europe while a U.S. ally demands a covert asset’s identity, pushing the world toward war.
  • Publishing Year: 2018
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.21 (12,387 ratings, 833 reviews)

Across Europe, a clandestine group starts attacking diplomats. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., an ally is pressuring the nation to reveal the identity of a top-secret covert agent. These events have the potential to ignite a full-scale war.

With his mentor no longer in the picture, it falls upon counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath to assume a role he has always evaded. However, true to his nature, Harvath is determined to redefine the game and its rules on his own terms.

18. Backlash

  • Logline: Scot Harvath, an intelligence agent, operative, and assassin, seeks revenge after a severe betrayal.
  • Publishing Year: 2019
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.42 (13,977 ratings, 993 reviews)

Historical texts tell of men who operated from the shadows, part angel and part demon. Their allegiance was to kin and kingdom, and crossing them was perilous. These men, known as Spartans, Vikings, and Samurais, were fearless and honorable. Today, their legacy lives on in intelligence agents, military operatives, and assassins.

One man embodies all these roles. Just recently, he was grievously wronged. Scot Harvath, isolated and surrounded by adversaries, now has to employ everything he knows to make it out alive. However, merely surviving isn’t his goal – Harvath thirsts for vengeance. This novel by Brad Thor unravels a gripping tale of action, intrigue, loyalty, and treachery, holding the reader captive till its final sentence.

19. Near Dark

  • Logline: America’s top spy, Scot Harvath, becomes the target of the world’s largest bounty, pushing him to the brink.
  • Publishing Year: 2020
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.23 (13,342 ratings, 870 reviews)
Near Dark

In the latest thriller from bestselling author Brad Thor, top American spy Scot Harvath is faced with unprecedented danger when a massive bounty is set on him. The odds are against him as he must outsmart and outrun countless enemies, all while seeking the truth.

This treacherous path has already cost the lives of those dearest to him, including his newlywed wife. Trust becomes a rare commodity for Harvath. In his desperate moments, he finds an unexpected partner in Norwegian intelligence agent Sølvi Kolstad. She’s as skilled and resolute as Harvath, and her equally complicated past makes them a formidable pair.

20. Black Ice

  • Logline: America’s top spy, Scot Harvath, faces ghosts from his past and a race against time in the Arctic Circle.
  • Publishing Year: 2021
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.29 (14,258 ratings, 736 reviews)
Black Ice

Scot Harvath is enjoying the best summer of his life in Norway, complete with a cottage, boat, and his girlfriend Sølvi. However, with no vacation days left, he’s torn between returning home or resigning as America’s top spy. This decision becomes more complex when a figure from Harvath’s past unexpectedly appears in Oslo—a man he believed he had killed.

This shocking reappearance sets Harvath on a high-stakes mission above the Arctic Circle. Facing unprecedented challenges and nearing human limits, if Harvath succeeds, he secures everything. But failure would place the United States and its allies at the mercy of a formidable enemy.

21. Rising Tiger

  • Logline: Operative Scot Harvath confronts a potent threat in a high-stakes thriller.
  • Publishing Year: 2022
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.34 (12,323 ratings, 559 reviews)
Rising Tiger

In this adrenaline-packed thriller by #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor, deadly operative Scot Harvath finds himself facing America’s most powerful adversary. While previous administrations have avoided confrontation due to the global implications, inaction is no longer viable.

The stakes are unprecedented, prompting the deployment of Scot Harvath, America’s elite spy. Despite his exceptional skills, this mission feels distinctively ominous. Dropped into an unfamiliar culture with minimal allies, dangers shadow Harvath from his first step. As democracy teeters on the edge, Harvath is determined to unravel the intricate plot and bring all involved to account.

22. Dead Fall

  • Logline: Lethal operative Scot Harvath avenges American deaths amidst unspeakable barbarity in Ukraine’s war-ravaged borderlands.
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Goodreads Ratings: 4.45 (5,557 ratings, 276 reviews)
Dead Fall 1

In the war-torn borderlands of Ukraine, a Russian military unit comprised of recruits from Russia’s most dangerous prisons has gone rogue. These soldiers, some of the most violently criminal and mentally unstable, embark on a gruesome campaign, terrorizing villages with shocking war crimes. With most of the able-bodied men at the frontlines, the villagers are defenseless.

Concurrently, a team of Russian mercenaries, under the Kremlin’s orders, plunders invaluable artworks and treasures from various cultural hubs. This operation takes a darker turn when American aid workers become casualties. America’s ace spy, Scot Harvath, is deployed to seek justice. However, finding these perpetrators in a vast land and stopping their reign of terror presents a formidable challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Brad Thor?

Bradley George Thor Jr., commonly known as Brad Thor, is an American thriller novelist. He is best known for his novels such as “The Lions of Lucerne,” “The First Commandment,” “The Last Patriot,” and many others in the Harvath series.

2. What is Brad Thor’s most recent novel?

Brad Thor’s latest novel is “Dead Fall”” which was released in 2023.

3. Has Brad Thor received any notable recognitions for his work?

Yes, “The Last Patriot” was nominated for “Best Thriller of the Year” by the International Thriller Writers Association. Additionally, his novel “Blowback” was voted by National Public Radio listeners as one of the “100 Best Ever” Killer Thrillers.

4. Where was Brad Thor born and raised?

Brad Thor was born and raised in Chicago. He later lived in Park City, Utah for eight years.

5. Where did Brad Thor study?

Thor is a graduate of the Sacred Heart Schools, Francis W. Parker School, and the University of Southern California (cum laude). At the University of Southern California, he studied creative writing under the guidance of author T.C. Boyle.

6. What are Brad Thor’s political views and affiliations?

Brad Thor is a member of The Heritage Foundation and has spoken about the need for a robust missile defense system. He also announced his candidacy for President of the United States in the 2020 election but later decided against running.

7. Has Brad Thor made any media appearances?

Yes, Brad Thor frequently appears on Fox News and The Blaze. He is also a regular contributor to the Glenn Beck television program and has been featured on various other channels like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS to discuss topics related to terrorism and the parallels between his novels and real-world threats.

8. What are some notable books in the Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor?

Some of the books in the Scot Harvath series include “The Lions of Lucerne,” “Path of the Assassin,” “State of the Union,” “Blowback,” “Takedown,” “The First Commandment,” “The Last Patriot,” and “The Apostle,” among others.

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