Best Lewd Anime Girls

The world of anime is filled with all kinds of characters but the one that attracts the most attention is lewd anime girls. They are cunning, feisty, and dripping with ecchiness.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you my top 23 Lewd Anime Girls that made me believe in 2D supremacy. They are everything a man desires but sometimes can be too hot to handle.

So without further ado, let’s jump onto the list.

23. Nayuta Kani

Anime: A Sister’s All You Need

Nayuta KANI

Nayuta Kani’s real name is Kazuko Hashima. She is an isolated personality who uses novels as a way to escape from her cold, miserable life.

Nayuta is obsessed with Itsuki Hashima and is desperate to marry him. She is quite possessive about the ones. Quite often she can be observed either fantasizing about her lovers or trying to get into an intimate situation with them. 

She wears her bangs swept to one side with two strands jutting up on both sides framing her round face. Her attire consists of a baggy black hoodie and undersized shorts. 

22. Mexiah Flan

Anime: Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Mexiah FLAN

A teacher by profession, Mexiah Flan is a quirky character who likes to hook up with her students. By students, I don’t refer to just boys. She is also spotted having a good time with her female students. 

Unlike most lewd characters in this list, she is pretty average in her appearance. She has pink hair that she curls above her left shoulder. Her normal attire consists of a teacher’s uniform which is more like a suit-up dress. 

21. Makoto Ashirai

Anime: Chokotto Sister


Makoto might just be a supporting character but she still grabs most of the attention. She enjoys living in the company of three other girls who are almost as pretty as her.

Her naughty sense of behavior is quite evident from her facial trait. Pointed orange hairs and edgy eyes give her a sharp look. 

She masters the art of teasing boys with her quirks. Haruma, one of her targets had a hard time ignoring her dirty comments. 

20. Yuka Nakamura

Anime: 1+2=Paradise


All Men of culture, Ignore the list for a second and take a moment to appreciate the excellence this anime had introduced to the ecchi harem genre. 

Yuka Nakamura is one of the main reasons why this anime is so popular among fanservice lovers

Yuka is a childhood friend of our main protagonists who happens to have a phobia for women. Who would have guessed that Yuka’s assets would be a key to treating his fear of women? 

19. Momo Belia Deviluke

Anime: Motto To Love Ru


Momo is the youngest of the Deviluke sisters. She is not only skilled in martial arts and singing but also has a witty sense of humor. She has a pretty face, big eyes, and an attractive figure. 

She is one of the cutest anime girls I have ever come across. Momo is a shy, polite, and kind-hearted person who often worries about others. 

Momo loves expensive things and cute clothes to show off her alluring beauty, but she doesn’t want anyone to know this because it makes her feel guilty.

18. Chizuru Minamoto

Anime: Kanokon


Chizuru Minamoto is the protagonist of the manga and anime Kanokon. She is depicted as an easy-going, perverted, yet sincere young teenager. She attends Shika High School with her only male friend Kouta Oyamada. 

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Her powerful Kitsune bloodline allows her to change forms between a human and a fox. It’s quite difficult to control her powers when they are released.

Despite her supernatural abilities, she exhibits a yandere personality with a layer of perv. 

17. Kiriha Obina


Kiriha OBINA

The anime talks about Japanese folklore where nonliving things gain consciousness. These objects are called Tsugumomo. 

Kiriha Obina is one such Tsugumomo who is actually an article of living clothing who has the power to transform into a beautiful girl of any age depending on the power she uses. 

Kiriha is represented as a shameless, eccentric personality who wants everyone to take care of her. She fantasizes a lot about intimacies and likes to hear other people talk about theirs. She believes it’s quite natural to see someone naked and doesn’t refrain from showing off herself when needed. 

16. Momoka Momozona

Anime: SuperhxEros


Momoka Momozana is a cheerful young girl who pretends to act childish and innocent in public but has a dark perverted side attached to her. There is not much information available about her age or backstory. 

For an anime that works as a borderline hent*i, her part in the story is pretty decent. Many a time, she hints at being interested in girls but her love for the MC always overpowered this thought. 

15. Penguin

Anime: Penguin Musume Heart


Penguin is a high-rated otaku girl that loves doing cosplay. When she is in her cosplay mode, she completely embraces the identity of the person she’s imitating. She is very perverted and is frequently naked. 

Penguin comes from a very wealthy family and her family’s always worried about their reputation because of Penguin’s shamelessness.

Penguin is a funny lewd anime girl that has so many variations that her every new avatar will pleasantly surprise you.

14. Miyako Shiina 

Anime: Majikoi: Oh! Samurai Girls

Miyako Shiina

Miyako is our typical Yandere character on steroids. When she was a child, she was bullied a lot and the only guy who stood up for her was Yamato. From that day forward Miyako has been in love with Yamato. The problem is, he considers Miyako as just friends. 

But this doesn’t stop her from showing her affection for him. Miyako likes to tease him and even exposes herself before him to catch his attention. 

Leaving our her obsession with Yamato, she is an introverted girl who is great at archery. She also cares deeply for her family and friends and will do anything for Yamato.

13. Maria Naruse

Anime: The Testament of Sister New Devil 

Maria Naruse

Maria is a young succubus that feeds on lewd thoughts and acts. She is a cute-looking girl wearing black clothes and she has long silver hair. Her succubus is just a pure blessing to the eyes.

She also has masochistic tendencies. She also enjoys watching ecchi acts being performed before. Maria is a highly skilled succubus but lacks self-worth. 

She had a rough upbringing that made her think less of herself and throughout this anime, she gets more open and proud of herself. 

12. Rias Gremory

Anime: High School DxD


Rias is a goddess of lewd anime girls and ironically she’s from the demon species. But like many of the perverted anime girls on this list, Rias shows her quirky nature only in front of one lucky guy and his name is Issei. 

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She is well proportioned and her long crimson hair can have a magical impact on anyone who sees her. Issei is also a perverted guy, so Rias tries her best to keep his eyes on her. 

There are many scenes of Rias without clothes or in highly perverse situations. On top of that, the character of Rias is well written and surely leaves a mark on you.

11. Esdeath

Anime: Akame ga Kill!


Esdeath has a very dominating personality and that might be just the one lewd anime girl you were looking for. She likes to wear revealing clothing that shows off her curves. 

She doesn’t give too much thought to her looks but even then her natural beauty is enough to distract a guy. She likes to tease guys, especially the ones she likes. Her assets sometimes bounce when she walks in her tight leather boots. 

She’s one of the most popular girls in the show for being so rude and alluring because she will do anything to kill her opponents, including torture them.

10. Neko

Anime: K


Neko is a one-of-a-kind magical girl. She has the ability to turn into a cat. She is very self-conscious and fears getting abandoned. As a result, she’s always hanging around one guy that is very dear to her.

He is also the one guy that is victim to all of Neko’s lewdness. Neko has a very cheerful personality. She is also quite open and doesn’t shy away from stripping in front of others.

Neko is a beautifully drawn anime character with a perfect figure that can make jaws drop on every sensual scene.

9. Doppel

Anime: Monster Musume: Hobo


Doppel is a shapeshifting sadistic anime girl. She has the ability to change into any persona and then uses her powers to tease and punish people. She feels embarrassed to wears clothes and feels most comfortable when she is naked. 

Doppel often uses her beauty, and her charm to lull her victims into a false sense of security before striking when you least expect it. 

Doppel’s original form is of the petite young girl might not be so much alluring for everybody. But her ability to turn into a pretty person, plus her lewd tendencies make a deadly combo.

8. Miyako Hase

Anime: Homeroom Affairs

Miyako HASE

Miyako is the queen of perversion. She is a teenager studying in an all-girls school and lives alone. Miyako maintains an ideal personality in school and everyone thinks very highly of her. 

But behind all this facade, lies her real identity and that is of a girl who loves to be naughty. She doesn’t leave a chance to use her womanly charms to woo guys she wants to have fun with. 

Miyako is that lewd anime girl that deserves to be on this list and this list would be incomplete without her presence.

7. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anime: Shimoneta

Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna has always been the responsible and morally upstanding Student Council President. She was naive and clueless about any kind of lewdness, until one day when she accidentally kissed a guy. 

That one kiss brought out all the suppressed emotions. She mistakes her lust for love and that day forwards she practically starts forcing herself onto that guy and never leaves an opportunity to try to violate the guy.

Anna’s appetizing body and her perverse obsession make her a prime lewd anime girl and really enjoyable to watch if you are into that type of stuff.

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6. Blair

Anime: Soul Eater


Blair is a character from the anime Soul Eater. She is one of the best female fighters in the anime, and she is also a Death Scythe. Blair’s weapon of choice is a large titanium broad sword. Her abilities include Fencing, Boxing, Pencak Silat, and Low-Kick Boxing. 

Blair has an attractive figure with oversized curves. She is one of the boldest lewd characters as she is often seen in short dank tops and bikinis that usually reveal her beauty. 

She has a strong sense of justice and will often get frustrated when her opponents lack the same drive to fight on. 

5. Yamada

Anime: B Gata H Kei

Yamada 1

Yamada is a crazy character in itself. She is the lustful virgin girl who is dying to lose it at any cost. She has plans to sleep with hundred guys.

She finds a target for herself and puts her entire focus on getting him in her trap of seduction. Despite being so adamant to sleep with someone, Yamada is a sensitive girl and often gets shy before any sensual act.

She is lewd but also really good at heart. Yamada is in a true sense a sweet combination of a good girl filled with a dirty mind.

4. Rika

Anime: Haganai


Rika is a super-smart scientist girl whose whole existence is based around ecchiness. She is straightforward when it comes to talking about lewd stuff. 

Rika can turn even the most innocent conversation into something obscene. She loves BL animes and manga and often fantasizes about her male friend in awkward BL situations. 

She feels that it is her perverted nature that makes her an interesting character rather than a boring scientist. Rika takes pride in her naughty side and it makes her a must-have character in any lewd list.

3. Shirai Kuroko

Anime: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Shirai Kuroko

Shirai is a young energetic girl with a straightforward personality. She is brave in her action and thoughts

Shirai is also quite vocal in expressing her thoughts whether it’s good or lewd. Shirai has a petite figure that she flaunts whenever she gets the chance. 

She is also quite flirtatious and loves to tease people close to her. Other than that she’s a good girl that needs to be preserved at all costs.

2. Nobara Yukinokouji

Anime: Inu x Boku SS

Nobara Yukinokouji

Nobara is an ice queen, both literally and figuratively. She is a supernatural power to produce ice magic and her personality is cold as ice. 

She is disgusted by men but her obsession with women is threatening. She has a very blossomed body that can entice anyone. Her attraction for girls and all the lewd thought and acts makes her a perfect addition to this list. 

Nobara is a perfect lewd anime girl that every man desires but sadly her eyes are only on beautiful girls. 

1. Darkness

Anime: Konosuba


If there’s any list made on anime’s most masochistic characters, Darkness would be in there for sure. Her mind is always looking for ways to get trampled on by someone or something. 

Darkness is lewd to her very core. Her fantasies include getting tortured by a group of Ogre Males. She loves pain and finds the utmost joy in it. 

The anime gods have blessed her with desirable assets but her personality is what makes her a fascinating character to watch.

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