Spy x family Street Fighter 6

The highly anticipated anime film, “SPY×FAMILY CODE: White,” scheduled to release on December 22nd, is set to collaborate with the immensely popular game, “Street Fighter 6.”

Ahead of the collaboration, Capcom’s talented illustrator, Chisato Minamida, unveiled a stunning dream match visual. The visual features the dynamic clash between Chun-Li, the graceful former ICPO investigator known for her elegant kicking techniques, and Yoru Forger, the skilled assassin with the code name “Thorn Princess,” honed in the art of murder from a young age. The visual captures the intense energy of their showdown.

Breaking the barriers of their respective worlds, the dream match is witnessed by the main characters from both franchises, including Ryu, Li-Fen, Lloyd, Anya, and Bond. This miraculous collaboration between two beloved global franchises has captivated fans worldwide.


“SPY×FAMILY” follows the story of Lloyd, a highly skilled spy dedicated to creating a better world, as he receives a special mission to “create a family and infiltrate a prestigious elementary school.” To accomplish this, he takes in a child, Anya, who possesses extraordinary powers, and proposes a contract marriage to Yoru, a professional assassin. Together, they form a “temporary family” and embark on a spy action comedy mission.

The original manga, serialized on the manga app “Shonen Jump+” since March 2019, has surpassed a total circulation of 30 million copies, making it a popular work. The first season of the TV anime aired from April to June 2022, followed by the second season from October to December 2022. The third season is set to air in October 2023.

For the movie, Kihara Kohei, who directed the first season of the TV anime, serves as an animation advisor, while Katagiri Takashi, who worked as an assistant director during the first season, takes on the role of director. Additionally, the screenplay will feature a completely new original story by Okouchi Ichiro.

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