18 Best Yandere Manga

Japan is known for its anime and manga comics popularly. The Manga is popular for showing a variety of love for all the audiences of any and every orientation. Yandere Manga is one of them which is romance mixed with obsession which could get violent or even borderline harmful and criminal.

In this specific genre, you will see soft and naïve female counterparts using weapons to finish off their competition or removing anybody that comes in between their love and them. It could be confused with Tsundere, which is a genre in which the character is known to show a cold side with a warm and caring inside in only certain situations.

If this is something that interests you, then you should see the list of all the yandere manga to read for your pleasure. Keep on reading below to know more about it.

18. An Easy Target

  • Logline: A story of a guy who lives under the fear of past trauma. 
  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Psychological
  • Year: 2016-2017
An Easy Target

This is a sensitive read, and readers should stay wary of the plot. It is very sensitive, and a lot of the plot is based on psychological issues. However, if you do like such kinds of plots, you can go for it. It has teenage-angst as well as yandere scenes as well. It shows obsession and violence as well.

Kyung- soo has spent three years forgetting about this one trauma of a night. He then meets Dong-hyuk, who is influential to Kyung-soo, and for the first time he sleeps a full night without the  nightmares stemming from his trauma.

17. Jinrou Game: Crazy Fox

  • Logline: A girl gets picked by a fox and must survive till the end.
  • Genre: Mystery, horror
  • Year: 2017-2019
Jinrou Game Crazy Fox

A girl gets picked by a fox in a survival game. She must survive and save her life till the end. She finds that she is safe when she is with foxes.

She also finds love along the way.  It is not your typical yandere manga, so give it a small read and see if it’s good for you.

16. Onii-chan Control

  • Logline: A story of two siblings with weird complexes.
  • Genre: Adult comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Year: 2016-17
Onii chan Control

Goushi is a boy with a sister complex. What he does not know is that his sister Noa has a brother complex as well. 

This contains Yandere scenes as her little sister has a crazy little obsession with him. She will do anything and everything to keep the competition at bay and keep her love to herself.

15. Head over Heels

  • Logline: Woohyun is a popular bully who likes to disturb Ha Yan, and Ha Yan seems to like it. What ensues is a path to obsession and a tangled love story.
  • Genre: Romance, Psychological, Obsession love.
  • Year: 2018-2020
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Head Over Heels

Woohyun is a rich guy who is also a bully and likes to keep Ha Yan as his punching bag.

What he does not know is that Ha Yan likes it and craves his attention. The story takes a serious turn when there is an obsession that does not seem to end.

14. Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizonshou Kougon

  • Logline: Airi is hit by somebody in front of her house, and later she wakes up in front of garbage. She is confused when she is proposed to by his kidnapper in the garbage room itself.
  • Genre: Horror, Drama, Psychological, romance
  • Year: 2019- present
Kedamono tachi no Jikan

Airi Hirakawa is a model for a popular magazine that gets hit by somebody in front of her house. Later, she gets up in front of a garbage-filled room. 

She gets confused as to where she is and then suddenly Hirokazu Imai, her captor, proposes to her there. He is her stalker. What follows is a story of crazy obsession that leads to sexual violence and emotional abuse.

13. Dear Myself

  • Logline: A guy loses his memory and the only thing he knows is that he’s madly in love with a handsome boy.
  • Genre: Boys Love, Romance
  • Year: 1998
Dear Myself

Hirofumi lost his memory in an accident. He finds a self written letter where he confesses that he is romantically involved with a handsome boy in his school.

Hirofumi is shocked after knowing this and is confused how to deal with this guy that he is clueless about after the accident.

12. Kimi wa Mada Torikago no Naka

  • Logline: Amane and Madoka have been friends since middle school, but Amane has feelings for Madoka; something happens that changes their lives forever.
  • Genre: Yandere, Feminism Drama
  • Year: 2017
Kimi wa Mada Torikago no

The lives of Amane and Madoka are changed completely even though Amane has feelings for Madoke.

The story shows a mix of bullying, feminism, and Yandere, which is a craze obsession for one’s partner. 

11. Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta

  • Logline: A girl struggles to fit in a popular group at school. She begins an unhealthy relationship with a boy who can do anything for her, even kill.
  • Genre: Drama, psychological
  • Year: 2017
Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta

Kanae is a girl that struggles to fit with her group at school. She comes across Hiroshi, who is as crazy as her and would do anything to be with her till death.

It makes for the best yandere manga recommendations as the story follows the love story of Kanae and Hiroshi.

10. Bone and Flesh

  • Logline: Jaeha comes across Dami when she works as a nude model. The story then takes an obsessive turn.
  • Genre: psychological, romance, tragedy
  • Year: 2019
Bone and Flesh

Jaeha comes across Dami as she works as a nude model. He gets obsessed with her and starts to manifest dark things within him.

The story is filled with an obsessive tone that will surely creep you out. 

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9. Siscon Onee-chan to Kinishinai Imouto

  • Logline: It is the story of an elder sister who has a crush on her little sister.
  • Genre: Comedy, romance
  • Year: 2000
Siscon Onee chan to Kinishinai Imouto

This shows the story of Yuri, who has a crush on her younger sister Sakura. What entails is a story of comical nuance and romance as well.

If you can digest the fact that the two main girls are sisters, then this yandere manga is worth your time.

8. Anata to Kanojo wa watashi dake

  • Logline: The title translates to “I’m your only girlfriend.”
  • Genre: Romance, Yandere
  • Year: 2021
Anata to Kanojo wa Watashi Dake.

It contains gory violence, blood, and gore scenes with sexual content as well.

It is a present-day love story of homosexual couples and how they are obsessed with each other.

7. Lover’s Vain

  • Logline: Daniel likes Alan and wonders if they are more than just friends or will his efforts still go in vain.
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Year: 2018
Lovers Vain

Daniel likes to take care of Alan like when he gets sick, Daniel shows up to take care of him.

He even cleans his filthy house, and he just can’t understand if they both have something going on or not. 

6. Killer in Love

  • Logline: Suzuki comes across a beautiful girl and pretends to be her boyfriend in front of a stalker who has been harassing her.
  • Genre: Romance, suspense, drama
  • Year: 2020 – present
Killer in Love

Suzuki Ryoto is an introverted student who tries to put on a fake smile every day to blend with the extroverts. 

He comes across Kokoa at a party and pretends to be her boyfriend to protect her from a stalker who has been trying to harass her. And thus begins a beautiful yet tragic relationship.

5. Happy Sugar Life

  • Logline: A girl’s obsession for a guy reaches psychotic levels.
  • Genre: Animation, crime, drama
  • Year: 2018 – present
Happy Sugar Life

It is a horror-comedy anime that comes under the horror thrillers. It is Yandere, too, as it has a lot of scenes that suggest Yandere.

But what is different about it is that we also see the background of the characters and how they came to be in such a way. They show what kind of traumas influenced their characters to be the way they are. 

It is the story of Satou Matsuzaka, who likes someone and then sleeps with her. What follows is how she is obsessed with her and would trick, steal, or worse, kill for him.

4. Warehouse

  • Logline: Dohyun’s memory is foggy even when a stranger tries to force him into remembering his past.
  • Genre: BL, Drama, Thriller, Psychological
  • Year: 2016-19

Dohyun tries to blur the harsh and corrupt world and tries to grow a thick skin towards it. One day, he wakes up in a dark warehouse that can be found nowhere as it is in the middle of nowhere.

He is stunned to be in the presence of a kidnapper who has a scar on his face and is touching his face and telling him to remember about his past. 

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The kidnapper is your perfect yandere hero as he is obsessed with Dohyun and tries to revive his memory. Dohyun, however, is scared for his life and doesn’t know if he is going to be saved or, worse, remember the past.

3. Her lies

  • Logline: Zhao fugui can see everybody’s life score and tries to find a boyfriend for herself..
  • Genre: Manhwa
  • Year: 2021 – 22
Her Lies

Zhao Fugui is a girl who can see the life core of everybody she meets and wants to meet a boy who has a perfect life score.

She puts herself out there for every guy that holds the perfect score even though she is not successful at all. However, she finds that somebody was always by her side who held a perfect score and that she is madly in love with her.

2. The palace of Bardo

  • Logline: Gwang-in finds himself stuck between him and the emperor who would do anything to get what he wants. They are reborn at the same time, but only Gwang-in can only remember everything about the past.
  • Genre: BL, Historical drama, romance, webtoon.
  • Year: 2019- 2020
The Palace of Bardo

This story dates back a hundred years ago about the emperor who does anything to get what he wants. He becomes obsessed with a guy known as Gwang-in and would kill to get him.

Gwang-in is stuck and thinking that he could escape only by dying and thus dies an unnatural death. However, he is not able to run away from his karma, and he finds himself with the emperor reborn in the same era. However, only Gwang-in can remember his past.

1. Future Diary

  • Logline: It is the story of a young man who hopes to become a successor to God with the help of a diary that can tell the future.
  • Genre: Animation, action, drama
  • Year: 2006-10
Future Diary 1

The Manga follows the protagonist Yuk Amano who is a middle-schooler that likes to keep to himself. However, he keeps a diary on his phone.

One day he gets invited by an imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina, to participate in a survival game where his phone becomes the diary from the future or Future Diary. It helps him in knowing about the future of the fight. 

Yuno gasai is the heroine who is shown to be a Yandere as she’s super-protective of Yuki, meaning she would do anything to protect him, like killing too.

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