Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury

The final episode (Episode 24) of the TV anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury” aired last week. However, even after the conclusion of the final episode, the influence of “Witch of Mercury” withdrawal seems to have sparked a peculiar trend on Twitter. A nonexistent “Episode 25” of “Witch of Mercury” has become a hot topic.

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury,” which premiered in October 2022, is set in an era where numerous corporations have expanded into space and formed a vast economic zone. The story revolves around a young girl named Sretta Mercury, who transferred from the remote planet of Mercury to the prestigious Asticaia Advanced Academy, operated by the leading mobile suit manufacturer, the Venelith Group. With a pure heart and a crimson light burning within her, Sretta embarks on a journey to explore a new world. The series concluded in July 2023.

Despite the story reaching its conclusion, the lingering effects of “Witch of Mercury” withdrawal can still be felt. Today, a week after the final episode aired, “Witch of Mercury Episode 25” trended on Twitter after 5 PM.

With a nonexistent Episode 25 trending, the online community has been engaging in collective hallucinations, discussions, and wild speculation. Some comments include: “It’s the collective illusion of Episode 25 of Witch of Mercury!,” “Listen, please remain calm. There is no Episode 25 of Witch of Mercury. Last week was the final episode,” “Episode 25 of Witch of Mercury was the best wedding episode, rivaling all the previous Gundam series,” and “Gwael-senpai! It’s a big problem! Despite reaching the finale last week, Witch of Mercury Episode 25 is trending!” It seems fans are eagerly imagining the continuation of the story beyond the final episode.

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While the nonexistent Episode 25 has caused quite a stir on social media, fans will have to content themselves with the memories of the completed series and the exciting moments it brought them.

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