VANNERs Ahxian Embraces New Chapter with Name Change

In an exciting update, VANNER member Ahxian has bid farewell to his old stage name and embraced a fresh start. KLAP Entertainment, VANNER’s new agency, revealed on July 1 that Ahxian will now promote under his given name, Sunggook.

Expressing their gratitude towards devoted fans, KLAP Entertainment shared a heartfelt statement announcing the change. The decision to adopt his real name was made in accordance with Ahxian’s personal desires, highlighting the agency’s support for his individuality. As Sunggook embarks on this new journey, both he and VANNER would greatly appreciate your continued love and encouragement.

This significant development follows VANNER’s triumph on the JTBC survival show “Peak Time,” where they participated as Team 11:00 before securing a contract with KLAP Entertainment in May. Stay tuned for more exciting endeavors from VANNER and Sunggook as they captivate audiences with their talent and creativity.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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