I.O.Is Lim Na Young and Actor Choi Woong

Former I.O.I member Lim Na Young and actor Choi Woong have found love while treading the boards of a theatre production.

According to reports by SBS News on June 29, Lim Na Young and Choi Woong have embarked on a romantic journey, thanks to their shared acting endeavors. The duo first crossed paths while working on the theatre play “Hello, The Hell: Othello.” Lim Na Young gracefully portrayed the character of Desdemona, while Choi Woong took on the challenging role of Othello.

But their connection didn’t stop at the final curtain call. The pair continued their theatrical adventure together, even venturing overseas for the esteemed Adelaide Fringe festival in Australia. Talk about taking their show on the road!

Lim Na Young, known for her idol days as part of I.O.I, has gracefully transitioned into the world of acting, capturing hearts both on and off the stage. Meanwhile, Choi Woong, a talented model and actor, has made his mark in popular K-Dramas like “My Unfamiliar Family,” “No Matter What,” and “Descendants Of The Sun.”

While their relationship may have started amidst the scripted lines and dramatic moments, it seems that Lim Na Young and Choi Woong have found genuine chemistry that extends beyond the spotlight. Will their love story have a happy ending worthy of a Shakespearean play? Only time will tell.

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Rajat Mehta

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