The highly anticipated Korean drama ‘Moving’ is set to stream exclusively on Disney+, starting August 9th. Prior to its release, an exhilarating trailer has been unveiled, capturing the attention of fans.

Based on Kang Full’s popular webtoon comic ‘Moving,’ the series brings to life the story of Bonsook, a high school student with the ability to float in the air while hiding his supernatural powers, and His, a transfer student with healing abilities. As they become close while sharing their secrets, a series of mysterious killings of superhumans unfolds in Seoul, threatening their peaceful lives. Prepare for an action-packed superhero adventure!

Lee Jungha (‘Understanding You’) takes on the role of Bonsook, the airborne protagonist, while Han Hyoju (‘Dong Yi,’ ‘W-Two Worlds’) portrays his mother, Lee Mi Hyun, who possesses extraordinary senses. Cho Insung (‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’) makes his highly anticipated drama comeback as Bonsook’s father, Kim Doo Shik. Joining the cast is Ko Yoonjung (‘Save Me 2’) as Chang His, a high school girl who gained attention in ‘Resurrection 2,’ and Ryu Sunyoung (‘Extreme Job’) as Chang Juwon, His’s father with the remarkable ability to regenerate without feeling pain. Kim Dohoon (‘Today’s Webtoon’) completes the ensemble as Lee Ganhun, Bonsook and His’s classmate and the class president who conceals his own abilities.

The series is produced by STUDIO&NEW, known for Disney+ Original Korean drama ‘You and Me in the Police Academy,’ with Kang Full, the original comic’s author, handling the script. The directorial helm is in the hands of Park Inje, renowned for directing major works like ‘Kingdom 2.’

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In the recently released trailer, the calm image of Bonsook peacefully sleeping transitions into an unexpected twist as the camera slowly rotates, revealing that he is floating on the ceiling. Accompanied by a grand musical score, the trailer intensifies, showcasing a lineup of captivating characters. In the midst of the rain, His’s smiling face appears, delivering the line, “It’s not weird, just a little different, a special existence.” The cast members’ names flash on the screen, followed by the bold title logo, ‘Moving.’ The trailer features breathtaking cinematic scenes and exhilarating superhuman action, crafting a human drama that explores love and bonds spanning generations.

Stay tuned for the exciting premiere of ‘Moving’ on Disney+ this August 9th, exclusively on the ‘Star’ platform.

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