T.O.P Shocks Fans by Blocking G Dragon on Instagram

When it comes to K-pop drama, the Big Bang saga takes the spotlight once again. T.O.P, the former member of the iconic group, has left fans in disbelief after reportedly cutting ties with his fellow bandmate, G-Dragon. Netizens were quick to notice that T.O.P has gone a step further by blocking G-Dragon on Instagram, leaving many to wonder what led to this unexpected rift.

As the dust settles on T.O.P’s departure from YG Entertainment last year, questions arose about his future with Big Bang. The label initially assured fans that he would remain part of the group, but in May, T.O.P disclosed to a fan that he had withdrawn from the iconic K-pop ensemble.

Now, the evidence seems undeniable, as a vigilant netizen discovered the apparent social media rift between T.O.P and G-Dragon. The Instagram block and G-Dragon’s conspicuous removal of all posts about T.O.P have only fueled the fire of speculation.

The online community was quick to share their opinions, with mixed reactions pouring in. While some criticized T.O.P for his actions, others urged caution, understanding that we might not fully comprehend the complexities of his situation. G-Dragon’s actions also spoke volumes, with likes on T.O.P’s posts vanishing into thin air, serving as a digital testament to the alleged block.

As fans try to come to terms with this surprising turn of events, the drama surrounding Big Bang’s dynamics continues to captivate K-pop enthusiasts worldwide. What caused this apparent fallout? Will the former friends reconcile, or is this the end of their once inseparable bond? Only time will tell as the K-pop world braces for more twists and turns in this gripping tale of friendship and fame.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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