ITZY Fans Voice Concerns Over Alleged Unequal Treatment of Ryujin by JYP Entertainment

The passionate fanbase of ITZY, known as MIDZY, has been expressing their discontent with JYP Entertainment in the years following the girl group’s debut. Fans have been voicing disappointment, claiming that ITZY is not receiving adequate promotion and frequent comebacks. Recently, a protest organized by the fandom demanded improved treatment for the talented group.

Amidst the outcry, a particular fan drew attention to what they perceive as unequal treatment towards one member of ITZY – Ryujin. In a popular online community, a netizen shared a schedule chart of each member’s activities, raising concerns about the apparent disparity in Ryujin’s treatment within the company.

ryujin schedule

The netizen also pointed out a video from the past, where ITZY members played a quiz with J.Y. Park, the founder of JYP Entertainment. Despite Ryujin’s explanations that all three photos were of her, J.Y. Park struggled to recognize her, sparking further speculation about the company’s involvement in the promotion and support of its artists.

Fellow netizens joined the discussion, expressing their views on J.Y. Park’s role in managing artists and the handling of ITZY’s promotion. Some commented on the alleged incident involving Ryujin’s visit to a guy’s house, while others questioned the level of attention given to other members like Yuna. The incident left fans puzzled and disappointed, as they believe such treatment risks wasting the talent and potential of the group’s members.

ITZY’s fans express concern, not only as dedicated supporters but as advocates for fair and equal treatment of all members in the group. The issue has ignited discussions about the role of management in the success and development of K-pop idols, shedding light on the responsibility to foster a nurturing environment for talent to thrive. As fans continue to rally behind ITZY, they hope that their voices will be heard and that the members, including Ryujin, will receive the recognition and support they deserve from their agency.

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