NCTs Epic Reality Show NCT Universe LASTART Set to Launch To Create a Spectacular New Team

Brace yourselves as NCT unveils their latest project, “NCT Universe: LASTART,” a pre-debut show that promises to give us a sneak peek into the awe-inspiring journey of creating NCT’s Next Big Thing (still working on the name, folks).

In a stroke of genius wordplay, “LASTART” marks both the culmination of NCT’s infinite expansion and the exhilarating beginning of a fresh chapter. This groundbreaking endeavor is not just any ordinary reality show; it’s a mesmerizing project designed to introduce a brand-new NCT team, one that has been eagerly anticipated since the announcement of “SM 3.0: NEW IP 2023.” Think of it as the grand finale of NCT’s expansion extravaganza!

But wait, there’s more! The male trainees vying for a coveted spot in the limelight will face thrilling missions, with none other than the legendary BoA and the ever-charismatic Eunhyuk taking on the roles of “artist directors.”

Their expertise and discerning eyes will be instrumental in shaping the destiny of these aspiring idols. And that’s not all— as various artists from SM Entertainment join in the fun, making cameo appearances to lend their support and spice up the competition.

Mark your calendars, dear fans, for the television event of the year! “NCT Universe: LASTART” is set to captivate audiences worldwide on July 27, simultaneously premiering in Korea, Japan, and the United States. Stay tuned for the electrifying updates that lie ahead!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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