Get ready to buckle up for a thrilling ride as the iconic anime film ‘AKIRA’ celebrates its 35th anniversary since its theatrical release in 1988. On July 16th, the TOHO Cinemas in Hibiya, Tokyo, will screen a remastered 4K version of the film, which left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Clocking in at 124 minutes, this screening is part of the “EMOTION 40th Anniversary Program,” a commemorative project by the visual label “EMOTION” from Bandai Namco Filmworks.

Hold on tight because ‘AKIRA’ is about to take us on a nostalgia-fueled journey through Neo-Tokyo once again. And no, it’s not just any regular screening. This special event comes with a fantastic treat for moviegoers in the form of an exclusive “EMOTION Ticket Holder” (not for sale, dimensions: 100mm × 215mm). And here’s the best part: the admission fee remains the same as usual. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to grab your tickets when they go on sale starting July 14th at midnight.

Now, let’s rewind the clock and delve into the fascinating backstory of ‘AKIRA.’ Imagine a time when the mastermind behind the original manga, Katsuhiro Otomo, took the helm as the film’s director. It was a mammoth undertaking that consumed three years of production time and a staggering budget of 1 billion yen. Talk about dedication! The result? An animation masterpiece that pushed the boundaries of the medium, combining flawless animation techniques and an engaging storyline.

Both the manga and the animated film found their way beyond Japanese borders, captivating audiences worldwide. ‘AKIRA’ became a catalyst, birthing the first wave of otaku culture in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. It left an indelible mark on the global creative community, shocking and garnering high praise from creators around the world.

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So, grab your futuristic motorcycles, charge up your psychic powers, and join us on July 16th for a jaw-dropping screening that will transport you back to the awe-inspiring world of ‘AKIRA.’ Don’t miss this chance to witness a groundbreaking film that has influenced and captivated fans for over three decades. It’s time to celebrate the 35th anniversary of a true legend in the realm of anime.

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