Queendom Puzzle Episode 7 Eliminations and Final Group Name Reveal Spark Intense Reactions

Queendom Puzzle Episode 7, the latest installment of the highly popular Korean music show, has once again set Twitter ablaze with reactions. This reality survival show, which is a spin-off of the original Queendom, brings together former and current girl group members for collaborative comebacks, adding a unique twist to the K-pop scene. As the contestants showcase their solo performances, the stakes are high, with eliminations and selections happening every week.

A Star-Studded Lineup and a Special Stage Performance

Hosted by the talented Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, Queendom Puzzle Episode 7 featured captivating performances from members of Lovelyz, AOA, WJSN, Weki Meki, H1-KEY, and other talented artists. A special stage titled “Rise Up” united all the girls in a mesmerizing performance that left fans in awe. To add to the excitement, the renowned i DGA composer, Bobby, made a special appearance, adding a touch of star power to the episode.

The Unveiling of the Final Group Name

During the episode, fans eagerly awaited the reveal of the final group name. The super girl group is now known as “EL7Z U+P,” which cleverly reads “PUZZLE” backward. Although some netizens pointed out the wordplay, the overall response was positive, with many praising the Top 7 contestants.

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The Journey to the Semi Finale

As the show approaches its finale, Episode 7 disclosed the names of the Queendom Puzzle Top 7 artists who secured their spot in the Semi Finale. Leading the pack were H1KEY Hwiseo, WJSN Yeoreum, wooah Nana, Weeekly Jihan, PURPLE KISS Yuki, CLC Yeeun, and Lovelyz Kei. The announcement also brought news of the eliminations, with the Bottom 5 contestants being bid farewell, while the remaining 14 moved on to the Semi Final round alongside the Top 7.

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Heartfelt Reactions and Twitter Outcry

The eliminations stirred strong emotions among viewers, with tripleS Seoyeon from the I Do team, Cherry Bullet Chaerin, and (former) Momoland JooE from the PUZZLIN team, as well as LIGHTSUM Sangah and Weeekly Soeun from the i DGA team facing the cut. Fans expressed their heartbreak over the separation of group members and voiced their opinions on which artists they believed deserved to stay longer in the competition.

The Road to the Final Face-Off

As the competition intensifies, the upcoming semi-final episode will see an additional round of eliminations, leaving only 14 contestants for the final face-off. The journey has been a roller-coaster of emotions, with moments of celebration and moments of disappointment.

Where to Watch and What’s Next

For those eager to catch up on the action, the new episode will be available to stream on Viki soon. All performances from the show have been uploaded to YouTube, and the songs are now available on Spotify for fans to enjoy. As the competition heats up, tune in every Tuesday at 10 PM KST on Mnet’s YouTube channel for the live streams of the Queendom Puzzle spin-off.

With intense performances, emotional eliminations, and passionate fan reactions, Queendom Puzzle Episode 7 keeps the excitement at its peak. As the competition narrows down to the final contestants, the anticipation for the Semi Finale builds, promising even more electrifying moments as the aspiring stars vie for their chance to shine.

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