LOONAs Yves Plans on Going Solo

In an electrifying interview on July 6, the enchanting Yves from LOONA dropped a meteoric announcement, revealing her grand plans to embark on a solo journey. While her fellow LOONA members have recently found new homes in different labels following their triumphant legal battles against BlockBerry Creative, Yves has taken a daring detour, blazing her own trail.

During the interview, Yves disclosed that she is currently cohabiting with her sister and a lively bunch of feline companions. In addition to that, she is tirelessly pouring her heart and soul into her blog. When asked why she hasn’t signed with an agency yet, she quipped, “I don’t have an agency yet, but I’m meeting with many labels and searching for a place that could start a new beginning with me.

Yves also shared her ambition to pursue solo activities and create music that radiates with her unique cosmic colors. She even named luminaries like Avril Lavigne and BoA as her solo artist role models, signaling a celestial musical metamorphosis.

But amidst her astronomical aspirations, Yves made sure to send a heartfelt message to her LOONA sisters, illuminating the deep bond they share. She confessed, “This feels cringy after all these years, but I love you. I think I’m who I am today because of the members, so I’m grateful to you.” 

Yves thanked her fans as well, she expressed, “We had a lot of happy moments, but also difficult circumstances. They could’ve just left me, but the fans supported me quietly. I want to tell them thank you so much, and I want to make sure to repay them.

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With Yves’ stardust-laden plans taking shape, the LOONA universe is brimming with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the birth of a new star on the celestial stage. So, prepare your telescopes and fasten your seatbelts, for Yves is about to launch a solo odyssey that will leave the cosmos spellbound.

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