TWICEs Sana Collapses On Stage Concerning Fans and Netizens Alike

Amidst their electrifying Ready To Be world tour in North America, Sana left fans and netizens alike in a state of shock when she collapsed during a performance. Speculations are running rampant as to what led to it, with some pointing fingers at the stress of touring.

The hardworking members of TWICE have been lighting up stages across the continent, captivating audiences with their enchanting performances. However, fans couldn’t help but express concern for Sana’s well-being as they noticed her visibly slimmer figure compared to previous appearances.

Witnesses of this mesmerizing incident reported that Sana, positioned at the center of the group during the concert in Chicago, took a tumble as the stage lights dimmed.

But fear not, devoted fans! Sana proved her resilience by making a triumphant return to the stage during the encore, assuring everyone that she was fine. It’s worth noting that during the encore, fellow member Dahyun was spotted providing a comforting embrace to Sana.

Netizens, both captivated and concerned, took to social media to express their worries for Sana’s well-being. They fervently hoped for her to get some much-needed rest before the next show.

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Rajat Mehta

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