BLACKPINKs Love Life 3 Dating Rumors in 1 Year

BLACKPINK’s love lives are under the spotlight once again as not one, not two, but three dating rumors have emerged within just a year. Fans and media alike can’t help but speculate as dating rumors continue to swirl around the talented members of the global sensation.

First up is Lisa, whose rumored romance with Frédéric Arnault, the CEO of luxury watch brand Tag Heuer and son of the chairman of LVMH Group, has captured attention worldwide. Reports claim the two were spotted dining together in Paris, and their friendship was previously evident when Frédéric attended BLACKPINK’s concert in LA and shared backstage photos with the members. Despite the buzz, BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Lisa rumored romance with Frederic Arnault

Next on the rumor mill were BTS V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, whose alleged Parisian date video posted by a French reporter sparked dating speculations. While previous leaked private photos fueled rumors, YG Entertainment had previously addressed the issue by taking legal action against those spreading the images, without clarifying the dating rumors. Jennie’s recent Instagram photos have reignited the chatter as fans find similarities with the woman in the “Paris date” video and V’s friends.

BTS V and BLACKPINKs Jennie dating rumor

And last but not least, Rosé’s dating rumors with actor Kang Dong Won created quite a stir back in April. The speculations arose due to their alleged joint attendance at an event and participation in an art fair in Seoul. YG Entertainment initially avoided commenting on the matter, citing privacy concerns. However, they later released a statement dismissing the rumors as “baseless speculations.”

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Roses dating rumors with actor Kang Dong Won

As BLACKPINK continues to conquer the world with their music and undeniable charm, fans can’t help but wonder about their favorite idols’ love lives. With each new rumor, the excitement and curiosity grow, but for now, we’ll have to wait for any official updates from BLACKPINK’s agency or the stars themselves. Until then, the dating rumor mill keeps spinning as fans eagerly anticipate further developments.

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