Yubin Breaks the Internet with First Photos of Her 9 years Younger Boyfriend

Love is in the air, and K-pop fans are buzzing with excitement as Yubin, the talented artist and former member of Wonder Girls, finally shares glimpses of her younger boyfriend for the first time! On July 20, Yubin took to social media to reveal some adorable snapshots of her and her tennis player beau, Kwon Soon Woo.

The photos, accompanied by a cryptic message, have set the internet on fire with curiosity. Yubin’s fellow Wonder Girls member, Sunye, couldn’t resist leaving a comment on the post, playfully calling it a “Lovestagram.” Model Lee Hyun Yi sweetly remarked that “Honey’s dripping,” and singer Lee Ji Hoon showed his support with an enthusiastic response.

This exciting revelation comes after Yubin officially confirmed her romantic relationship with Kwon Soon Woo back in May. The age gap of 9 years between the couple has been the talk of the town, but Yubin has shown that love knows no boundaries.

As fans shower the couple with love and well-wishes, the K-pop community eagerly awaits more heartwarming moments and updates from this charming duo. Yubin and Kwon Soon Woo’s love story has captivated hearts, proving that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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