The Magicians by Lev Grossman

“The Magicians” series, penned by Lev Grossman, is a contemporary fantasy trilogy that delves into the life of Quentin Coldwater, a high school senior who discovers that the magical world he read about in childhood books is real.

The series, published between 2009 and 2014, explores the challenges and complexities of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, all set against a backdrop of magical education, otherworldly adventures, and the stark realities of life and love.

As Quentin and his friends navigate the magical school Brakebills and the Narnia-esque land of Fillory, they grapple with issues of identity, purpose, love, and the often-blurred line between good and evil.

AuthorLev Grossman
Number of Books3
Publication Years2009 – 2014

Main Characters

  • Quentin Coldwater: The protagonist, a brilliant but disenchanted young man who discovers the reality of magic and the world of Fillory.
  • Alice Quinn: A talented magician and Quentin’s love interest, known for her intelligence and determination.
  • Eliot Waugh: Quentin’s close friend from Brakebills, known for his wit and charisma.
  • Julia Wicker: Quentin’s childhood friend who follows a darker path in the world of magic.
  • Janet/Margo: Another of Quentin’s friends from Brakebills, she’s fierce, loyal, and often brutally honest.

Themes and Motif

  • Reality vs. Fantasy: The series delves into the disillusionment that can come when dreams are realized and fantasy worlds prove as flawed as the real one.
  • Coming of Age: Characters grapple with the challenges of growing up, facing responsibilities, and confronting personal demons.
  • Power and Consequence: The series showcases the allure of magical power and the often dire consequences of its misuse.
  • Search for Purpose: Characters search for meaning and purpose in a world where their childhood fantasies have come to life.
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The Magicians Series in Order

S No.Book’s Name (Year)Book’s Price
1The Magicians (2009)Check Price
2The Magician King (2011)Check Price
3The Magician’s Land (2014)Check Price


  • Critical Reception: “The Magicians” series has been praised for its mature take on the fantasy genre, blending elements of classic children’s literature with darker, adult themes.
  • Reader Reception: The series has a dedicated fanbase and has sparked discussions about its portrayal of magic, morality, and maturity.


  • Television Series
    • Release Dates: 2015 – 2020
    • Network: Syfy
    • Cast: Jason Ralph (Quentin Coldwater), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice Quinn), Hale Appleman (Eliot Waugh), Stella Maeve (Julia Wicker), and Summer Bishil (Margo Hanson).
    • Reception: The TV adaptation has been praised for its character development, unique take on the source material, and its exploration of deeper themes.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Grossman has mentioned in interviews that “The Magicians” was influenced by his love for fantasy literature, especially “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis and “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling.
  • The series often delves into meta-commentary, with characters being aware of fantasy tropes and their own roles within them.
  • Lev Grossman, before becoming a novelist, was a well-known book critic and journalist, which influenced his analytical approach to the fantasy genre.

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