Best Recent tvN Drama

Are you yet to catch up on the Kdrama craze? Everybody is obsessed and binge-watching their way through the most amazing and well-scripted Korean dramas.

Among some popular broadcasters, tvN is known to host some of the best entertainment shows and produce high-quality, fantastic dramas with a bonafide cast and amazing soundtracks. Let us see some of the latest tvN dramas that have people on their hook right after their release.

What are tvN Dramas?

TvN is a South Korean television network that is further exported to countries in Asia and America. It has broadcasted variety shows, sports shows, news and Kdramas. Now, let us see a tvN drama list 2022 that you can binge on.

12. Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Doberman

An ongoing kdrama, military prosecutor Doberman revolves around the story of Do Bae-man, the main protagonist of the show, as a military prosecutor who just took on this job because he wanted to become rich and famous.

At the same time, he wants to retire soon; meanwhile, Cha woo-in only became a prosecutor because she wanted to have her revenge on those that did her harm.

The show is still going on, so you can either wait every week for an episode or binge it when the whole series comes.

11. Yumi’s cells

Yumis cells

One of the cutest yet deep–meaning shows you will ever see, Yumi’s cell, is a story narrated by the cells inside Yumi that guide her through the day while she works in a normal office.

The everyday life and Yumi’s romantic life are unraveled as the show goes further by none other than the cells present inside her head.

The show is a psychological-themed drama that talks about our brain’s various workings that make sense of the things happening around us. The characterization of cells is adorable, and this show is derived from a webtoon of the same name.

10. Bad and Crazy

Bad and Crazy

A multi-starrer show revolves around the main protagonist, Su-yeol, who discovers that he has split personality disorder while working on a case as a detective.

The only catch is that his split personality only seems to reflect itself when Su-yeol does something ethically-questionable. His split personality calls himself K and helps him go against some of the most brutal and scary villains of his life.

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The show is an amazing tvN drama that has been recently released as the storyline is crazy good. The character arcs were great, and the storyline will keep you hooked till the end. Its main theme song is adrenaline-filled and will have you up and out. 

9. Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor

The series depicts the lives of two doctors who are different from each other in terms of their skills and backgrounds but are, unfortunately, the same person.

The twist in this story is that Young Min faces a difficult case that leads him to possess Seung tak’s body, and a clash of personalities is seen further in the show.

The characters are interesting along with the whole story. The medical aspect of the show is accurate to the bone, and you will find it quite interesting to watch.

8. Mouse


If you’re a psychological thriller fan, you should watch this kdrama. Mouse talks about a make-believe scenario where they ask, “What if psychopaths feel guilt and remorse for their actions?”

The story starts with Jeong Ba-reum, who is a police officer and meets a psychopath killer. He embarks on a quest to find out the reasons behind the behaviors he just witnessed along with his partner Go Moo-chi.

However, both of them feel stuck when they realize that a child is born with a psychopath, which further raises the question of whether one should raise such a child?

7. The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge

A dystopian world set in South Korea where the citizens hate their leads and create unnecessary chaos publicly.

The most bizarre fact about this world is that their trials are conducted through live television, where only three judges can bring peace and justice to the criminals.

The show has garnered great traction globally, and there is a multi-starrer cast that delivers amazing acting throughout the show. You can give this show a chance, and you will not be disappointed.

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6. Hometown Cha-cha-cha

Hometown Cha cha cha

If the peace has a representation, this show will be it! Hometown cha-cha-cha chronicles people’s lives in a small town Gongjin where everybody is too involved in each other’s lives. The story starts with Yoon Hye-jin shifting to Gongjin after she faces difficulties at her previous dentistry job in Seoul.

She decides to open her clinic and meets Hong Du-sik, known popularly all over town as Hong bajang. Du-sik is the most interesting character as you will see him work different jobs throughout the town with legit certifications.

Watch this show and fall in love with everything about this tvN kdrama. The soundtrack is some of the best music pieces that will have you smoothly move throughout the show.

5. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty Five Twenty One

If you miss your youth and school days, this drama will give you major nostalgia. The story revolves around Naa hee do, and Baek Yijin and how they find their first beautiful love story in each other, as narrated by Naa Hee do’s daughter, who happens to be reading her diary.

 However, you will also fall in love with the friendships you will see between the main friends’ group in the show, along with the beautiful storyline and a bittersweet ending. Trust me, my heart broke in the end, but it was worthwhile.

Watch this one hell of a show and fall in love with the nostalgia presented in the whole show, as you will not stop relating to it.

4. Happiness


Watching this show right after the corona pandemic was the wisest choice. It is the story of a police detective and the military personnel in lockdown due to the zombie virus spreading around in their society.

However, this virus was initially corona virus’s treatment drug that failed to do so. It is super interesting and gripping till the end with some amazing soundtrack by Joe Layne. The main leads of the show have some of the most compelling chemistry.

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The show creates a fantastic atmosphere as every resident starts doubting each other. With a multi-starrer cast and a gripping story, the main leads have some of the most compelling chemistry

3. Vincenzo


Vincenzo is the story of a boy who was taken into an Italian household and further became part of a mafia gang. Finally, however, he runs off to Seoul to discover gold but is stopped by the daughter of a law firm, the mafia.

With Song Joon-ki in the show playing the Italian mafia, the show has gained love and popularity worldwide. Also, the storyline is excellent, with sizzling chemistry between the main leads. Their love story is a classic “hate turned to love” arc. You will binge this show in one sitting.

2. Navillera


A 70-year old retired mailman wishes to become a ballerina but his family objects. However, he starts working at a ballet studio, where he meets a 23-year old dancer trying to give up ballet because of financial problems. The story revolves around how both the leads become supportive back for each other.

Even though this show did not attract so much popularity, the story is very different than your usual dramas. Navillera is one of those tvN TV shows that you should not miss because they are amazing.

1. Hospital Playlist 2

Hospital playlist 2

In the second season of Hospital playlist, the show revolves around five doctors in their 40s who have been best friends since medical school. The show depicts their life story and friendships as they go through various adventures involving medicine, love, and music together.

The storytelling of this drama and the five friends’ chemistry are terrific. However, the medical aspect of the show can still be ignored. You will laugh, love, and cry as the story progresses. People have thoroughly loved this show, and the second season stood better than the first one.

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