The First Order Episode 4

In the previous episode of The First Order, we saw Lao Wang introducing Chen Haidong, affectionately known as Oguri, to the skilled healer named Oguri. Impressed by Oguri’s reputed ability to cure illnesses, Chen Haidong extended an offer for Oguri to join their market town’s clinic as a doctor, leading to an intriguing twist in the plot.

The Village Welcomes Oguri Back

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Upon his return to the village, Oguri was greeted by Lao Wang, who was eager to know if he had brought back any successful hunts. However, Oguri confessed that he had not caught anything. Instead, Lao Wang informed him about the miraculous effects of the medicine he had provided, which had caught the interest of noble individuals residing within a barrier.

A Lucrative Offer and Hesitations

Despite the tempting offer from the nobles, Oguri seemed indifferent and uninterested in the deal. Pahraoh, a fellow acquaintance, tried to explain that the nobles seldom engaged with refugees, making the chances of selling the medicine slim. However, thanks to the longstanding business relationship between Oguri, Lao Wang, and his brother with Bi Ganli, there was still a stable channel available for Oguri to pursue this opportunity.

A Deal Struck

After some consideration, Oguri agreed to accept the offer and proposed his acquaintance’s price: six hundred and one bottles. Lao Wang, realizing the potential value of Oguri’s medicine, accepted the offer and purchased the medicines from him.

A Medical Emergency

Amidst the business dealings, a calamity struck when a boiler collapsed in the factory, causing severe injuries to the workers. Oguri, ever the skilled healer, immediately sprang into action, attending to the wounded. He encountered a guy with an injured arm, whom he urged to have his injury cleaned if he wanted to avoid fatal consequences.

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The Doctor’s Dedication

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Undeterred by the injured man’s reluctance, Oguri was determined to save him and took him to his hut for treatment. He reassured the patient that the doctor at the other clinic was a fraud, emphasizing his genuine desire to help those in need. As more injured individuals were brought to him, Oguri demonstrated his medical expertise, sterilizing needles, and tending to the wounded.

Upcoming Episode: A Glimpse

The excitement builds as viewers eagerly await The First Order Episode 4, where they will witness how Oguri handles his new role in the market town’s clinic and what medical challenges await him.

Save the Date: The First Order Episode 4 Release

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 09:00 AM EST, as The First Order Episode 4 is set to be released. Fans around the globe can tune in at the specified times according to their time zones.

Where to Watch the Action

For those eager to follow Oguri’s medical journey, The First Order Episode 4 will be available on Bilibili, offering a captivating and heartwarming narrative about healing, resilience, and unexpected alliances.

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