Duo Xuan Shi

In the last episode of Duo Xuan Shi, the tension reached its peak as Chu Ye, still in the early stages of training, boldly challenged the formidable Master Shen, who had already stepped into the powerful Tongxuan realm. Viewers were left on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the epic battle between the two.

Introducing Yier’s Woolen

Tsujiko, always a delightful presence, joined in on the excitement by congratulating the host on hatching a mysterious beast successfully. She even suggested a name for the creature, which Chu Ye lovingly christened as Yier’s Woolen. From that moment on, the host was fondly addressed as Wool, thanks to Tsujiko’s playful intervention.

Mysterious Beast Connection Unveiled

Tsujiko didn’t just stop at giving Yier’s Woolen a name; she also shared crucial knowledge about strengthening Chu Ye’s bond with these enigmatic creatures. She revealed that, after forming a contract with a mysterious beast, a distinctive animal mark would appear on the palm of his right hand. A fascinating detail that sparked curiosity among viewers.

The Enigmatic Tsujiko

While Chu Ye eagerly sought answers about the mysterious beast, he found himself facing Tsujiko’s teleportation act, leaving him with unanswered questions. His playful banter with her, as he humorously referred to her as an “emotionless power machine,” only added to the quirky charm of the show.

An Urgent Meeting and a Challenge

As much as Chu Ye wanted to continue his discussion with Tsujiko, a pressing matter called him to the Juyi hall for an important meeting. The subject of the gathering was the third monthly salary increase since Lord Shen’s tenure began. The members felt that monopolizing the entire branch for training was unjust, and a debate ensued.

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A Battle of Words

Master Wang raised concerns about infighting within the sect and challenged Lord Shen’s decision. In a flashback to a past confrontation, Master Shen’s incredible skills were demonstrated when she defeated Master Wang with one swift move, despite the difference in their realms. Lord Shen emphasized that the gate rule was meant for practice, inviting anyone to challenge her if they disagreed.

Chu Ye Steps Up

Amidst the tension, Chu Ye, showing great courage and respect, expressed his willingness to serve the sect master. However, he humbly acknowledged his limitations and uncertain success. Master Shen appreciated his honesty and urged others to follow suit, allowing them to challenge her without the book.

Mark Your Calendars: Duo Xuan Shi Episode 7 Release Date

Excitement is building for the next episode, and fans won’t have to wait much longer. Duo Xuan Shi Episode 7 is set to premiere on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 07:00 AM EST. Fans from different parts of the world can catch the episode at the scheduled times in their respective time zones.

Where to Catch the Action

For those wondering where to catch the thrilling showdown, Duo Xuan Shi Episode 7 will be exclusively available on Iole Tv. So, make sure to tune in and witness the epic confrontation between Chu Ye and Master Shen, along with the mysteries of the enchanting world of mysterious beasts.

Disclaimer: All release dates and timings are subject to change based on the production schedule.

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