Pokemon Concierge

Pokémon and Netflix have announced their first collaboration to produce a brand-new stop-motion animation series titled “Pokémon Concierge.” The series is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix starting December 2023. The voice of the protagonist, Haru, will be portrayed by actor Non.

Accompanying the announcement is a heartwarming teaser art that instantly brings joy. The story is set in the Pokémon Resort on a tropical island, where Haru, a rookie concierge, grows and develops by interacting with the visiting Pokémon as guests.

In the unveiled footage, Non expressed her awe at the production process, where only four seconds of footage can be captured in a day, showcasing the meticulousness of stop-motion animation. She fondly reminisced about her experience visiting the production site and interacting with Pokémon such as Eevee and Bulbasaur.

Non also shared her first-time experience of recording the voice before the shooting, known as “pressco.” She mentioned how the animators brought the characters to life based on the recorded voices, allowing viewers to enjoy the realistic movements and expressions. She described the series as one where Haru faces setbacks and failures but learns and moves forward while spending time with Pokémon. Non conveyed that it’s a world where Pokémon stands by one’s side when feeling down.

The anime series will be entirely crafted in stop-motion animation, combining a new story expanding the Pokémon universe with groundbreaking stop-motion techniques. It is a collaboration between Dwarf Studios’ production team and Pokémon. Set in the city of “Pokémon Resort,” the story revolves around Haru, the concierge, and the Pokémon who visit as guests.

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