Mashle Magic and Muscles

Get ready to flex your excitement, folks, because Mashle: Magic and Muscles is pumping its way back for a mind-blowing second season in January! The 12th episode of the anime had fans jumping for joy as it wrapped up with the announcement of the highly anticipated Season 2.

Ever since its grand premiere on April 7, this captivating anime has cast its magic over audiences in Japan and beyond. Thanks to the streaming prowess of Crunchyroll, fans around the globe have had the privilege of tuning in to each episode as it aired. And for those craving some linguistic flair, an English dub is also available to savor.

Taking the helm of this muscle-bound extravaganza is director Tomonari Tanaka, known for his work on Engage Kiss and Visual Prison, steering the ship at A-1 Pictures. Yousuke Kuroda, the mastermind behind the likes of My Hero Academia and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, is the series scriptwriter, ensuring that each episode packs a punch. Hisashi Higashijima, with key animation credits on Tada Never Falls in Love, takes charge of character design, ensuring that every flex and ripple is captured in glorious detail. Composer extraordinaire Masaru Yokoyama, celebrated for his work on 2019’s Fruits Basket and Astra Lost in Space, will be conjuring up a score to mesmerize the senses. And get ready for a knockout combo of theme songs as Taiiku Okazaki unleashes the energetic opening track, “Knock Out,” while the musical group Philosophy no Dance serves up the groovy ending tune, “Shū Cream Funk” (Cream Puff Funk). The fusion of muscles and melodies is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat!

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For avid followers of the manga, fear not, for the anime promises to deliver a faithful and complete adaptation of the source material. With the manga recently entering its final arc, marked by the release of the 12th compiled volume in July 2022 and the subsequent arrival of Volume 16 on April 4, there’s plenty of muscle-fueled excitement awaiting dedicated readers.

International fans can also rejoice, as Viz Media’s Shonen Jump service and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform are serving up digital delights, ensuring that the magic of Mashle transcends borders. And for those who appreciate the tactile pleasure of a printed page, Viz Media has got you covered with physical releases. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where magic reigns supreme, and where one young man, tucked away in the depths of the forest, defies convention by dedicating his days to rigorous training and bulking up. Devoid of magical abilities, he embraces a peaceful existence alongside his father, finding solace in the strength of his own muscles. But when danger looms and his life is put on the line, will his imposing physique be enough to shield him from the clutches of jealous magic users? Brace yourselves for an extraordinary and explosive magical fantasy that defies all expectations!

The enchanting world of Mashle: Magic and Muscles doesn’t stop at the anime and manga realms. This powerhouse franchise has expanded its dominion to include two captivating novels and an upcoming stage play adaptation. It’s clear that this muscular universe knows no bounds and is set to captivate audiences across multiple platforms.

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So, mark your calendars, pump up your excitement, and get ready to be spellbound once again as Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 bursts onto the scene in January

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