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What’s more beautiful and badass at the same time other than an Anime Girl with gun. I’ve always been a fan of strong female characters and gun animes. So was really excited to write this post and share some of the best anime female characters with you.

So, here’s the list of 20 Best Anime Girls with Guns that are unique, powerful, and classy. Hope you enjoy the list and do mention if I missed any good character in the comments below.

20. Karen

Anime: SAO: Guns Gale Online


Infamous as Llenn, Karen is a shy girl conscious of her tall height. She is beautiful but being taller than most people around her makes her feel awkward in public. 

To overcome her low spirits, she shared playing virtual multiplayer games. She switched from one game to another until one day till she found Gun Gale Online. 

She was fascinated by her short avatar in the game, which was opposite to her real life. To enjoy this avatar, she began playing it more frequently and consequently became so good at the game that she got famous as the pink devil because of her pink attire and pink gun. 

19. Yura Yamato

Anime: Stella Women’s Academy

Najica Hiiragi 2

Yura used to be a timid high school girl with low self-confidence. But after joining the shooting club of her school, she begins to gather more confidence and open up to others.

She also has this tendency to take the blame for any problem caused around her even though everyone says it’s not her fault.

Yura likes shooting and participates in many competitions with her clubmates. As the anime progress, the character of Yura also goes through nice change which is enjoyable to watch.

18. Hikari Kokura

Anime: Chidori RSC

Hikari Kokura

Hikari is a carefree and lively school girl who loves shooting and the main reason for joining Chidori High was that it had a shooting club.

Her passion for shooting is so much that, she is always trying to improve her skills.

Despite being a happy-go-lucky girl, when it is time to get serious, Hikari leaves no stone unturned to get things done and achieve her goals. Hikari is a cute anime girl with a gun and can steal your heart with a cheerful personality. 

17. Nadie

Anime: El Cazador de la Bruja


Nadie is a bounty hunter from Mexico. Nadie’s hometown was attacked by bandits, killing everyone except Nadie. Since then, Nadie has lived on her own and found her ways to live life and become a bounty hunter.

She is smart, sassy, and confident about her combat skills. Her main weaponry includes a Clot .45 pistol. Every time this anime girl with gun points it on her opponent, she says, “If you have any last words, say them now.”

16. Angelica

Anime: Gunslinger Girl


Angelica was a sweet-looking destructive cyborg. She was the first cyborg of the Social Welfare Agency that had gone through mental conditioning. 

Her body was chosen for a cyborg after her pitiful father tried killing her for insurance money. She was revived as a cyborg but couldn’t recall her memories. Subsequently, her brain was conditioned to become a humanoid weapon and her memory was formatted.

Unfortunately, Angelica’s miserable fate continued to follow her and she suffered deleterious effects of brain reconditioning. She usually equipped herself with two guns, AUG and Steyr M9A1.

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15. Akari Mamiya

Anime: Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA

Lucia Nahashi 2

Akari is a young enthusiastic anime girl with gun. She is a first-year student in the Assault Dept. Akari grew up training with her family and is quite good with guns. She admires her senior Aria and wants to be just like her.

Akari always hesitated from any serious confrontation and avoids going all out during a battle. She acts like a fool to hide her insecurities and past complexes.

She admits her shortcomings as a gunner and tries to improve. Overall, Akari is a unique character and is fun to watch.

14. Hotaru Tachibana

Anime: Aoharu x Machinegun

Hotaru Tachibana

Hotaru Tachibana is an upright person and cannot tolerate injustice. She is fair-skinned and has short blonde hair. She is quite tall and has no bust which is why the majority of the characters mistake her for a boy.

Fascinated by a survival battle game, she decides to join the team named Toy Gun Gun, but the problem is Toy Gun Gun follows a strict rule that no girls are allowed.

Hotaru disguises herself as a boy and starts participating in games and plays an instrumental role with her shooting ability. This anime girl with gun is very different from the rest and might confuse you with her boyish looks.

13. Glass Heart

Anime: Angel Heart

Glass Heart

Glass Heart is the codename of a Taiwanese Mafia’s killing machine. Her real name is Xiang Ying and she is ruthless with a gun in hand. Ying grew up training to be an assassin and never hand fun or joy in her life.

Tired of killing innocent people, she decides to suicide but is saved after heart transplantation. Soon after she started having visions of a woman which the heart belonged.

The visions lead Ying to Japan to finds answers and there she meets new people who help her create a new life that is more normal and joyful. This anime girl with gun is not to be messed with which adds to her allure.

12. Najica Hiiragi

Anime: Najica Blitz Tactics

Najica Hiiragi

Najica is not your ordinary anime girl with a gun. She is a spy that’ll apply any tactic in her arsenal to accomplish her mission. She is beautiful and uses her charms to get things done.

Najica works as a perfumer for CRI Cosmetics as a cover. However, her real job is actually a field agent for CRI’s Intelligence Bureau. She loves both her job and is committed to her profession.

Najica is an expert marksman and her favorite weapon is a Russian revolver that she uses with perfection.

11. Ein

Anime: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom


Ein is good at two things. Keeping her life to herself and blasting off people’s heads with her pistol. She is an invincible human weapon, a highly-skilled assassin who gets her job done at any cost. 

Her mastery over the weapon has given her a codename “Phantom”, a name designated only to the best warrior in the agency. She is emotionless and her big grey eyes reflect the gloominess of her unknown past. 

She doesn’t remember anything before she met Psyche Master, a sadistic scientist who trains Ein to become a disastrous weapon.  

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10. Kirika Yumura

Anime: Noir


Kirika Yumura shares a similar, unfortunate fate as Ein. Like Ein, she suffers from amnesia, works as an assassin, and has striking abilities with guns. Although she can kill with or without any weapon, she prefers to use her Beretta M1934 pistol to finish her targets. 

Unaware of her true identity, Kirika never gets to learn her real name and domicile. At an early age, she is bought into a secret society called the Les Soldats. There, she is selected to become a member of Noir, a female duo who represents the most elite class of assassins. 

She never questions the decisions of her superiors. Kirika enjoys solitary and is mostly seen alone. She exhibits every trait of a skilled assassin.

9. Madlax

Anime: Madlax

Charizma meets action. Madlax is a highly attractive woman who works as a mercenary agent with the Kingdom of Gazth-Sonika. She mastered the art of combat with firearms at a very young age. 

Madlax likes long-range sniper rifles over assault rifles and pistols. Her fanatic behavior makes her a ferocious driver. She loves speed but drives with extreme precision. 

Personality-wise, she is cheerful, confident, and exhibits a good sense of humor. She is highly optimistic and protective about the people she loves.

8. Wendy Garret

Anime: Gun x Sword

Najic Wendy Garret

As you can guess from the anime’s title, this show is about the partnership between a guy with a sword and an anime girl with gun. 

Wendy is a clumsy girl but is also smart. Her aim is to find is to her brother who was kidnapped by bad people.

She partners up with Van and together they search for her brother. Wendy is caring, empathetic, and very courageous. Despite not being a fighter, she tries her best to support Van in any way possible.

 Wendy is also very curious and likes to learn new things. She also has a tendency to always get in trouble.

7. Canaan

Anime: Canaan


Canaan is a dark-skinned, slim, white-haired girl with a muscular figure. She works as a mercenary in the city of Shanghai. Her age is unknown but considering her built she is well above 18. 

She was trained by her master, Siam. Siam is the only one she trusts and has respect for. The continuous practice and hard work have made her a tough opponent. She usually carries around with her a Beretta Px4 semi-automatic pistol. 

6. Rosette Christopher

Anime: Chrono Crusade

Rosette Christopher

Rosette is undoubtedly the cutest anime girl with gun on his list. She was not destined to be a fighter but consequences left her with no other choice but to fight. She works as an exorcist in New York. 

She is famous and receives exorcism assignments all over the country. However, exorcising demons isn’t the goal of her life. Her younger brother Joshua Christopher was abducted by demons when he was four, since then, Rosette travels on missions with the primary objective of finding her brother. 

To overpower herself, she signs a deal with a demon. This deal takes away more than half of her life, leaving her with just 30 years to live. 

5. Revy

Anime: Black Lagoon

Revy Black Lagoon

Revy is the best trump card of the Lagoon Company. There is no information about her past except her being a Chinese American. 

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Revy isn’t someone you would want to joke around. She is moody and gets easily annoyed. There is no specific thing that can make her happy except completing an assignment. 

Revy hates losing, even if the competition is for a joke. Her abilities to shoot and dodge are almost superhuman. She is lethal in every sense. During one of her flashback scenes, it is revealed that she practiced guns by shooting at empty cans. She uses a Beretta 92FS’sv with modified barrels.

4. Motoko Kusanagi

Anime: Ghost in a shell

Motoko Kusanagi

When human sharpshooters fail, you look for humanoid cyborg women like Motoko Kusanagi. Over time, Motoko’s avatar has been portrayed in so many different ways that it is almost impossible to explain her character.

Broadly, she is a cyborg who has managed to retain a sense of humanity inside her. She works for the laws and uses her cymatic body to catch or kill criminals. 

She was cyborged at a young age and since then her body has undergone serious modifications that have added to her ability to kill.

Although she herself is no less than a weapon, her weapon of choice is an M-23 machine gun.  

3. Lucia Nahashi

Anime: Venus Versus Virus

Lucia Nahashi

Lucia is a badass-looking anime girl with gun. She is a young girl with blue hair tied in pigtails. Her one eye is covered with an eyepatch that makes her look intimidating. 

She is a pro with guns and uses her powers to hunt down malicious beasts called Viruses. She runs a Clothing and Jewelry shop as a cover for her real profession.

Lucia acts tough most of the time but deep down she is scared and lonely. But she hides it very well and fights with all her might, even if it hurts her badly.

2. Yoko Littner

Anime: Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner

Lusting over this anime girl with gun can get you in trouble. Yoko’s a 14-year-old girl with large amber eyes, a curvaceous yet slim body. On top of that, her personality makes her even more attractive.

She is a very skillful sniper and quite knowledgeable. She likes to plan before charging into a battle. She is very protective of people close to her and will do anything to protect them.

She is kind and mature. Among all her teammates, she is the most level-headed. All in all, she is a beauty with brains and worthy of every praise.

1. Rushuna Tendou

Anime: Grenadier

Rushuna Tendou

Rushuna is the main protagonist of her anime. She is one of the most beautiful anime girl with gun. Rushuna is a 16-year-old girl but is quite busty for her age. She is a master when it comes to guns and prefers to hit her target in such a way that they don’t die.

She is smart and calculative and comes up with great plans in the middle of a battle. She is also very kind-hearted and resolute in her ambitions. She loves to bathe in hot springs and never leaves a chance to get a dip in hot waters.

Overall, Rushuna is a well mature character who is powerful yet vulnerable in moments. She is a badass with guns and blessed with godly beauty.

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