Brand Reputation Rankings

Korean Business Research Institute has released the brand reputation rankings for the month of June, and the competition is fiercer than ever! Let’s dive into the whirlwind of stardom and see who comes out on top!

In a move that surprises no one, BTS continues to dominate the charts, claiming the throne with a brand reputation index of 10,973,349. These unstoppable music maestros have soared 51.55 percent since May, leaving us all in awe of their ever-growing fanbase.

Not far behind, our beloved crooner Lim Young Woong holds onto his second-place crown, flaunting a brand reputation index of 7,652,341. With a 6.82 percent increase from last month, it’s clear that his enchanting vocals have captured hearts far and wide.

The legendary PSY slides into the third spot with a jaw-dropping 125.72 percent surge in his brand reputation index, reaching a total score of 5,735,248. It seems like “Gangnam Style” is here to stay, folks!

Soccer sensation Son Heung Min kicks his way into the game, securing a close fourth place. With a brand reputation index of 5,646,156 and a whopping 53.30 percent rise in his score since last month, he’s proving that scoring goals isn’t the only thing he excels at.

And rounding out our fabulous top five is none other than Kang Daniel, who catapulted himself into stardom with a mind-boggling 206.91 percent surge in his brand reputation index. With a score of 4,767,981, he’s riding high on the waves of success.

The top 30 is filled with an incredible lineup of talent, including fan favorites like aespa, BLACKPINK, IU, and many more. These celeb titans are leaving no stone unturned as they navigate the treacherous sea of fame.

  1. BTS
  2. Lim Young Woong
  3. PSY
  4. Son Heung Min
  5. Kang Daniel
  6. aespa
  8. IU
  9. (G)I-DLE
  11. IVE
  12. Yoo Jae Suk
  13. Uhm Jung Hwa
  14. Ma Dong Seok
  15. Lee Chan Won
  16. Baek Jong Won
  17. NewJeans
  18. Stray Kids
  19. Park Seo Joon
  20. MONSTA X
  21. Song Joong Ki
  22. TWICE
  23. SHINee
  25. NCT
  26. Tak Jae Hoon
  27. Lee Joon Hyuk
  28. Oh My Girl
  29. Lee Byung Hun
  30. Ryu Hyun Jin

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