Ranger Reject Chapter 111

Ranger Reject commences with a colossal fortress appearing mysteriously in the sky, over 10,000 meters above ground. This marks the onset of an epic battle between humanity and a mysterious group of villains.

The narrative, which began thirteen years ago, continues to captivate fans, with the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, and the Villainous Army of Evil at the heart of the conflict.

A Glimpse into the Past: Chapter 110 Recap

Ranger Reject Chapter 110

Chapter 110 brought readers into the heart of the fortress, where Hibiki wishes for nothing more than a safe escape. Negi Haruba, however, has other plans, urging Hibiki to face reality.

Their interactions are interrupted by a confrontation on the fortress’s terrace between Hekiru, a third-class ranger, and Negi Haruba. While Negi Haruba proposes a united front, Hekiru’s intentions remain enigmatic.

Speculations and Spoilers: What Awaits in Chapter 111?

The forthcoming Chapter 111 is shrouded in mystery. Will Negi Haruba and Hibiki find a way out of the fortress? Or will they face even greater challenges? While official spoilers remain elusive, fan theories suggest a potential replacement for Hibiki by a character named D, a move that has garnered mixed reactions.

Release Schedule: Ranger Reject Chapter 111

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
IndiaSeptember 20, 202306:00 PM
Central EuropeSeptember 20, 202303:30 PM
New YorkSeptember 20, 202308:30 AM
AustraliaSeptember 20, 202310:30 PM
SingaporeSeptember 20, 202308:30 PM
PhilippinesSeptember 20, 202308:30 PM
Los AngelesSeptember 20, 202305:30 AM
LondonSeptember 20, 202302:30 PM
DubaiSeptember 20, 202306:30 PM
MoscowSeptember 20, 202304:30 PM
TokyoSeptember 20, 202309:30 PM

Where to Read Chapter 111?

For those fluent in Japanese, the official site of Pocket Shonen Magazine is the destination for Ranger Reject Chapter 111 in its raw form. English readers can turn to Kodansha for the translated version. As of now, seven volumes of the manga are available for purchase.

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Concluding Thoughts:

Ranger Reject seamlessly blends action, mystery, and drama, drawing readers into a world where heroism, intrigue, and personal dilemmas intertwine. As Chapter 111 approaches, fans eagerly await the next twist in this riveting tale.

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