Yubisaki to KoiKoi

It has been announced that the manga series “Yubisaki to KoiKoi,” currently serialized in Kodansha’s “Monthly Dessert” magazine, will be adapted into a TV anime series set to air from January 2024. Alongside this announcement, a teaser visual, teaser PV, and cast information have been revealed, with Sumire Moroboshi voicing the character Yuki Itose and Yu Miyazaki taking on the role of Itsuki Hagi.

Story Synopsis

The story of “Yubisaki to KoiKoi” follows the protagonist, Yuki, a college student who receives help from her fellow upperclassman, Itsuki, when she finds herself in a difficult situation one day. Itsuki treats Yuki naturally, without being fazed by her hearing impairment, and gradually, Yuki starts to become conscious of Itsuki, who opens up a new world for her. It’s a pure love story that unfolds between Yuki, a girl with hearing impairment, and Itsuki, a senior at university who embarks on a journey with her.

The manga has achieved cumulative sales of over 3.4 million copies (including digital sales) and has ranked in various awards, garnering significant attention on social media and other platforms.

First Look of Teaser

The revealed teaser visual depicts a scene from the original manga where Yuki and Itsuki gaze at each other amidst falling snow. However, for this visual, an arrangement was made using pressed flowers also featured on the colored page of the first chapter of the original manga, representing the evolving relationship between the two characters. The warm color scheme creates a gentle atmosphere.

The PV starts with a scene where Yuki and Itsuki meet on a snowy day. It portrays the subtle emotions of Yuki, who is instantly moved and enveloped by feelings for Itsuki, someone who approaches her without any hesitation or confusion.

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