ZOM 100

In the world of anime, a new series is breaking the mold of traditional zombie stories. ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead injects humor and a unique perspective into the zombie apocalypse setting, offering viewers a refreshing and entertaining experience. With its vibrant visuals, relatable protagonist, and clever social commentary, this anime breathes new life into the undead genre and stands out amidst the current anime season.

A New Spin on the Apocalypse: ZOM 100 revolves around the life of Akira Tendo, an aspiring anime artist trapped in the suffocating cycle of a demanding job. As luck would have it, a zombie outbreak suddenly engulfs Tokyo, providing Akira with an unexpected escape from his mundane existence. Contrary to the usual doom and gloom associated with zombie apocalypses, Akira sees the chaos as liberating and embraces the opportunity to pursue his dreams and desires. This unique perspective sets the stage for an adventure that is both hilarious and heartwarming.

Top 3 Reasons to Watch ZOM 100:

  1. Visually Captivating Art and Animation: One of the standout aspects of ZOM 100 is its stunning art and animation. The series skillfully employs different color palettes and art styles to convey Akira’s evolving emotions. The contrasting dullness of his office life is juxtaposed with the vibrant and action-packed world of the zombies. The animators expertly utilize bright neon colors to create visually striking scenes of zombie swarms, transforming what could be grotesque into something creatively captivating.
  2. Satirical Critique of Overwork Culture: ZOM 100 cleverly satirizes Japan’s notorious overwork culture, a subject that hits close to home for the show’s creators. The anime studio Bug Films, responsible for ZOM 100, consists of animators who previously worked under OLM Studios, which faced criticism for its demanding work environment and employee burnout. Through Akira’s high-stress office job, the series subtly references this culture, offering a critique wrapped in humor and relatability.
  3. A Protagonist You Can Root For: Akira Tendo, despite his desire for a zombie invasion, is a character that resonates with viewers. Many people have experienced the feeling of being trapped and uninspired in a soul-crushing job. Akira’s escape from the mundanity of office life into an adrenaline-fueled zombie adventure provides satisfying wish fulfillment. His optimism in the face of the apocalypse transforms the terrifying undead into sources of amusement. Akira’s buoyant attitude infuses the show with an uplifting spirit that adds an extra layer of enjoyment.
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While ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead has only just begun, it showcases immense promise and creativity. This anime challenges the conventions of the zombie genre, offering a fresh and comedic take on the apocalypse. With its captivating visuals, social commentary, and relatable protagonist, ZOM 100 has the potential to become something truly special. As the season progresses, viewers eagerly await to see if the series can maintain its initial high standard and deliver a consistently entertaining and thought-provoking experience. In the world of ZOM 100, the zombie apocalypse becomes an opportunity for growth, laughter, and unexpected triumphs.

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