LOONAs Yeojin Go Won and Olivia Hye Take a Leap of Faith with CTD ENM

LOONA’s Yeojin, Go Won, and Olivia Hye have reportedly hopped on board the CTD ENM train.

Rumors are buzzing in the industry, suggesting that these three talented ladies have recently inked exclusive contracts with the up-and-coming agency, CTD ENM. Led by the visionary CEO Yoon Do Yeon, who boasts a resume that includes stints at SM Entertainment and BlockBerry Creative, this new venture is set to make waves in the industry.

With Hyunjin and ViVi already on the CTD ENM roster, it seems like a match made in K-pop heaven. Heejin, HaSeul, Choerry, Kim Lip, and Jinsoul have found their new homes at MODHAUS, while Chuu has embraced the ATRP family. As for Yves, she’s currently riding solo without a label.

It’s exciting to see where these LOONA members will find their creative footing. We’ll be here, eagerly awaiting updates and dancing to the beats of LOONA’s musical journey. Stay tuned for more celestial melodies!

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Rajat Mehta

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