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Who thought ghosts would be cute and loveable, but anime made that possible. I’ll share a list of the 17 Most Beautiful Ghost Anime Girls that will scare you with their cuteness in this post.

I have worked hard on this post and tried to present to you all the essential characteristics of ghost anime girls and what makes them unique. I hope you find this list to your liking. So without further ado, let’s get started.

17. Perona

Series: One Piece

Cause of Death: Not known


This ghost anime girl is one of the antagonists in the mega-series, One Piece. During her childhood, she met the pirate Gecko Moria, who took her and raised her.

Perona hates when people disobey and tells her what to do and what not to. She works for people who she finds are cute. Antagonists can also be immature, and Perona proves this statement to be true.

Her eyes are big and round. Whereas her body is small. Her hair is long and pink, which are tied up into pigtails.

She has culinary skills and knows a thing or two about medicines. Plenty of zombies work under her command as she is a former member of the Mysterious Four.

16. Nora

Series: Noragami

Cause of Death: Stillbirth 

Serialbinger2 1

Nora is the antagonist in the series Noragami. As a Shinigami ( powerful ghost spirits), she has served many gods as their weapon. One of her Gods, Yato, gives her the name “Hiiro”.

She is a beautiful girl with short hair and burgundy eyes. She dresses in a white kimono with a red underlayer and a striped red and black sash.

Initially watching the series, Nora would come across as a kind ghost. Later on, it is revealed that she is manipulative and greedy.

As a weapon of God, she has various abilities like water-transforming, shape-shifting, restraint, controlling, etc. Nora is definitely an oddball in this list of ghost anime girls, but that’s what makes her special.

15. Youmu Konpaku

Series:Touhou Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm

Cause of Death: Half Alive- Half Dead

Youmu Konpaku

Youmu Konpaku from the series Touhou Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm was born half-human and half-phantom.

She is a gardener and swordplay instructor.

Her personality is pretty straightforward, and she is manipulated by others around her. Unlike her species, Youmu is afraid of ghost stories, dares and darkness.

Youmu is a badass ghost anime girl who carries a katana with a cherry blossom insignia and flower. The katana that Youmu carries has the power to kill 10 phantoms at one go.

14. Sayo Aisaka

Series:Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final

Cause of Death: Succumbed to pneumonia

Sayo Aisaka

This ghost girl anime character passed away protecting flowers from heavy rain. She caught pneumonia and died. Although in the series Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final, Sayo has been portrayed as a weak spirit. For me, she is the bravest ghost anime girl on the whole list.

Her white hair and red eyes are similar to albino. She wears a “sailor-fuku” style uniform to school. An interesting fact about her appearance is that she doesn’t have feet.

She is counted as a meek and hapless ghost amongst others. Due to low-self esteem, she has not developed skills that are important for the spirit.

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Sayo cannot leave the premises of the grounds of Mahora Academy.

13. Eliza 

Series: Shaman King

Cause of Death: Shot Dead

Eliza Faust

After suffering from a long-term illness, Eliza was finally cured by Faust VIII. They got married and lived happily. Until the fateful day, when a burglar broke into their house and shot Eliza.

She had blonde hair and was beautiful. Her tall and lean body made her stand out from all other characters.

Eliza loved Faust with all her heart that even after death, she became her guardian angel. In her ghost version, Faust transfers Eliza’s soul into different forms giving her the power to fight. Eliza is a strong ghost anime girl not just in ability but with morals also.

12. Fuyumi Yanagi

Series: Blood Lad

Cause of Death: Eaten by a monster

Fuyumi Yanagi

A high-spirited school girl, Fuyumi reaches into the demon world through a black curtain in her room. But upon reaching the demon realm, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant monster, becoming a ghost.

Fuyumi has shoulder-length black hair. She has dark blue eyes and a curvy body. Throughout the series, you will see her changing many outfits.

She is a kind and sensitive girl. Her only wish is to turn back to a human again. Fuyumi sweet and kind nature make her one of the sweetest ghost anime girls on this list.

11. Mavis Vermillion

Series: Fairy Tale

Cause of Death: A Kiss of death

Mavis Vermillion

Mavis is the first guild master and founder of the fairy tail guild. She believes in fairies after her parents mentioned their existence.

She has long, wavy blonde hair that reaches down her feet. She wears wing-like ornaments around her ears and small hoop earrings.

Mavis is kind and protective towards everyone. Her cheerful personality is enchanting. 

A very unusual fact about Mavis is that she loves being barefoot all the time. She does that out of comfort and loves it that way. Despite her looking like a small young girl, Mavis is one of the strongest ghost anime girls on this list.

10. Reimi Sugimoto

Series:  JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

Cause of Death: Murdered

Reimi Sugimoto

Reimi Sugimoto was a young high school girl whose whole family, along with her, became the first victims of serial killer Yoshikage Kira. She was killed while protecting an infant named Rohan Kishibe. Her main motive is to bring Yoshikage to Justice along with her dog Arnold.

She is a kind and generous girl. But she has hatred in her heart for her killer Yoshikage and has been waiting 15 years to take revenge.

Reimi is a gorgeous-looking girl with jaw-dropping features. She has chin-length light-coloured hair, which is kept back with the help of a band.

Her spirit is restricted to Ghost Girl’s Alley in Morioh and the surrounding area. Despite having a sad life story, this ghost anime girl is cheerful and kind, making her very special.

9. Yuuko Kanoe

Series:  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Cause of Death: Killed by villagers as human sacrifice

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Yuuko Kanoe

Betrayed by her sister and now wandering as a spirit in Seikyou Academy, Yuuko Kanoe is the bravest ghost anime girl on this list. She had lost all her memories until she met Teiichi Niiya. He helped her search her memories and solve the mysteries of Seikyou Academy.

Yuuko is a beautiful girl with long purple and black. Usually, you will see her wearing the Seikyou Academy’s school uniform.

Her looks seem terrifying but her personality is cheerful. She irritates Teiichi and has developed feelings for him.

Unlike all other ghost anime girls, Yuuko lives like any other human being. She falls ill, gets hungry and has to walk through the school to reach her desired location.

8. Dee Ensy Stratmitos

Series: Sunday Without God

Cause of Death: Unknown

Dee Ensy Stratmitos

Dee Ensy Stratmitos is a ghost that possesses Alis. This ghost has no form and can control people’s hearts at any time.

Her appearance is delicate, and she has purple hair. The color of her eyes is pinkish-magenta. 

Dee’s personality is cheerful. After possessing Alis for a while, she starts to develop romantic feelings for him. Together they face many different challenges, which makes their bond stronger.

7. Sanae Higashihongan

Series: Invaders of the Rokujyoma!? PV

Cause of Death: Leaking spiritual energy

Sanae Higashihongan

Sanae, after she died, started living in Corona House, room 106. Her soul is waiting there to meet with her parents. She belonged to a long line of shrine keepers and priests, thus making her possess immense powers.

She is a happy-go-lucky ghost anime girl and is clingy towards things she likes. Her soul is pure and innocent, and she is in love with the other character named Koutarou.

She has short purple hair with a ribbon on her right side. Her eyes are blue like the sea, and her cheeks are red like a rose.

6. Elaine

Series: Seven Deadly Sins

Cause of Death: Killed by a demon


Beautiful Elaine was born into a fairy clan. She and her brother were late bloomers and hadn’t had their wings grown at an early stage. She is also the Fountain of Youth’s Holy maiden.

Her body is slender, and her skin is pale. At first, she resembled more like a human until her wings grew.

Elaine puts everybody else’s feelings and needs before her. In every sense, she is the purest ghost anime girl.

The incredible power that Elaine has is that she can manipulate nature. Like she can control the branches of trees, change the weather, etc.

5. Nanana Ryuugajou

Series:  Nanana’s Buried Treasure

Cause of Death: Stabbed to death

Nanana Ryuugajou

Our next ghost anime girl character is the part of GREAT7 who founded Nanae Island. She is the one who funded the construction of the Island and has a treasure worth trillions.

When she died, she had long lavender hair. Her eyes were bright periwinkle. She wears a white halter dress edged with lilac lace mostly.

Nanana was an adventurer and loved to follow her dreams. She was a bright girl but lonely.

Unfortunately, Nanana was bound to Room 202 because she was killed with a particular object. Thus, her soul will remain immortal and she will never attain nirvana. 

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4. Kanata Izumi

Series: Lucky Star

Cause of Death: Unknown

Kanata Izumi

Kanata appears in a few episodes in the series Lucky Star, and she’s not technically a ghost anime girl but a woman. She is Sōjirō Izumi’s wife and Konata’s mother. The real reason for her death is unknown. According to the manga series, she died shortly after giving birth to Konata.

She has blue hair and a petite body, just like her daughter. Her skin is tanned and she also has a beauty mark right under her left eye.

She deeply loves her family. Kanata is also described as a guardian angel to Sōjirō Izumi and Konata.

When Sōjirō Izumi and Konata were taking a family picture, Kanata’s spirit also posed with them. After seeing a distorted figure in the picture, Sōjirō wanted to destroy it. But Konata asks him not to do so.

3. Meiko Honma

Series: Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Cause of Death: Accidental drowning

Meiko Honma

Meiko Honma is the lead character in the series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. She is a ghost character who died due to accidental drowning while chasing one of her friends’.

When Meiko was young, she had long, straight, silver hair. She had bangs and the length of her hair was past her shoulder. After she becomes a spirit, her looks remain somewhat the same. Although, the color of her skin becomes pale. 

Even after her death, Meiko still is kind-hearted and selfless. She is a childish, energetic, and vibrant spirit. Her heart constantly aches whenever she visits her family.

She is one of the youngest characters to die in the series. Her nickname is Menma, and the cutest ghost anime girl on this list.

2. Yuuna Yunohana

Series: Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Cause of Death: Dies of unexplained causes

Yuuna Yunohana

Yuuna is a hot and busty ghost anime girl. She is friendly and modest but also very clumsy and gets easily embarrassed. Because she knows how to do magic, she sometimes acts arrogantly but is good at heart. 

Her appearance is somewhat haunting as she’s mostly floating in the air. She has long white hair and red eyes that sometimes look scary, but it is mostly cute. When she was alive, she had long black hair. Yuuna had lost most of her memories due to amnesia, and she doesn’t know how she died.

1. Oshizu Murasame

Series:  Motto To Love Ru

Cause of Death: Used as human sacrifice

Oshizu Murasame

Oshizu’s soul is resurrected after 400 years in an era where everybody is dying due to starvation. She’s given a prosthetic body to inhibit. She looks and feels like a human in the prosthetic body.

She has a caring heart and is curious about the outside world. Oshizu also experiences cynophobia(fear of dogs).

Her hair color is blue-violet, and so are her eyes. In her ghost form, she usually wears a white kimono with a purple slash around it.

She is around 400 years old, making her the most aged ghost anime girl character.

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