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In a grand celebration called the “FUN SLEEP SUMMIT Enjoy More Sleep,” held in Tokyo, the highly anticipated smartphone application game, “Pokémon Sleep,” was officially announced. The CEO of Pokémon Co., Ltd., Mr. Takahito Utsunomiya, took the stage and revealed that the app would be available for distribution in Japan starting tomorrow, the 20th.

After four long years since its initial announcement, fans can finally rejoice as “Pokémon Sleep” aims to complete the ultimate “Pokémon Sleeping Encyclopedia.” The app evaluates the length of your sleep and assigns a “sleep score,” with 8 hours and 30 minutes or more of slumber earning a perfect 100 points. The game encourages players to prioritize quality sleep and indulge in a good night’s rest.

Using your smartphone or the special device called “Pokémon GO Plus +,” place it on your pillow before dozing off to measure and record your sleep. When you wake up, dive into the exciting world of “sleep research” and explore the sleeping faces of various Pokémon that have gathered around the beloved Snorlax. As you continue your journey, you’ll witness Snorlax growing throughout the day, leading to fascinating discoveries.

The game’s storyline unfolds on a tranquil island, home to a massive Snorlax and Dr. Neroli, a dedicated Pokémon sleep researcher. Together, you’ll delve into the sleep ecology of Pokémon and work towards completing the illustrious “Pokémon Sleeping Face Encyclopedia.”

“Pokémon Sleep” classifies sleep into three types: “drowsy type,” “sleeping type,” and “deep sleeping type.” Players’ sleep patterns determine their sleep type, attracting Pokémon with similar sleeping habits. The longer you sleep, the more powerful Snorlax becomes, resulting in a greater number of Pokémon gathering around.

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But that’s not all! “Pokémon Sleep” offers a unique feature called the “Sleeping Promise” to support regular sleep habits. By setting a target bedtime, you can improve the consistency of your sleep routine. Renowned sleep expert Masashi Yanagisawa, President and CEO of S’UIMIN Co., Ltd., has provided his expertise in developing the sleep-related information for “Pokémon Sleep.”

To add even more excitement to the occasion, the “FUN SLEEP SUMMIT” welcomed special guests such as Nishikigoi (Masaki Hasegawa and Takashi Watanabe), Karina Maruyama, and HIKAKIN. With these intriguing elements, “Pokémon Sleep” is set to revolutionize the way we incorporate our favorite pocket monsters into our sleeping routines. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through dreams and Pokémon companionship like never before!

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