Best INTP Anime Characters

If INTP were to be a city, impassiveness would have been the capital. These are my thoughts over the emotionless appearance of INTP Anime Characters.

INTP stands for (introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving). From the least to the most INTP, individuals with differences yet similarities, you will start to think just like an INTP! 

This article will bewilder you with its varied male and female Anime Characters. 

21. Tsuyu Asui

Anime: My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui

Upright people do scare off many. Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia is one such character. She is a plain-speaking girl. Asui is completely honest about her opinion. She loves to be called Tsu by her friends.

Being the elder sibling, Tsuyu was left to look after her younger two siblings. Such a situation allowed her to mature earlier than usual. She learnt to be ‘the wiser one.’ Her personality is everything an INTP has.

Asui was a bold entity. She firmly believed in her moral code. This is why she stood in the way of anyone whose decision seemed wrong to her. 

Otherwise, calm Tsuyu also has a meltdown at times. She utters the most bitter truths in these moments. Despite all of this, her composure is praiseworthy! 

20. Yuki Nagato

Anime: Haruhi

Yuki Nagato

This INTP character is the one we have always wanted to message. Yes, you guessed it right- ALIENS! Yuki Nagato is a Data Alien.

Yuki is designed with constrained social skills. She speaks very little and usually gestures. Gradually, she has started to interact more with her acquaintances. 

Nagato’s tone is dull just like her expressions. She is that ‘antisocial mate‘ in her SOS Brigade. Her conversations do not even involve proper eye contact. 

INTPs are blessed with the gift of thinking and so is Yuki. She fairly understands human emotions. Her non-human form disallows expressing it. Thus, making Yuki a developed thinker within the body of a humanoid. 

19. Mai Minakami

Anime: Nichijou

Mai Minakami

A placid person by nature, Mai is inexpressive of her feelings. Her poker-faced humor befogs her friends. Nobody can guess what’s going on in her mind. 

She loves playing pranks on her friends and even on dogs. Although she is a bad expresser she does care for her friends. Being away from her friends for doing other things is one of her offbeat traits.

Minakami is brilliant at carving wood and fishing. She knows how to use projectiles. Her arm-wrestling skills amaze everyone.

Her INTP personality makes her dive into the realm of psychology. She is extremely intelligent and blessed with the gift of mind. This might be the very reason she easily tricks people.

18. Naofumi Iwatani

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumi Iwatani

Adversities change our perception of life. Naofumi went through the same when Malty S Melromarc deceived him. An over optimist turned into a skeptical individual.

He had a great love for life. Now, he started doubting every single person. His behavior led him to alienate from genuine people. His life played in a loop of hostility from the trauma.

Iwatani masked these feelings behind a collected personality. He never expressed his hatred for women, which arose because of Malty.

With Raphtalia’s influence, his hostility is lowered. He begins to care for her like his own daughter. This change blended with his logical reasoning makes him an effective hero! 

17. Kisuke Urahara

Anime: Bleach

Kisuke Urahara

Urahara is usually a lively and cheerful person. He can change into a deceiving and sly person if the situation demands it. Playing with words is his side role when he needs to distract people. 

The otherwise jovial Urahara can sometimes be sarcastic too. His desire to pursue his passion is undiminishing. He was not this same person 110 years ago. 

Earlier, Kisuke used to be a captain who lacked confidence. He would be unsure of his moves and his position. Gradually, he polished his skills to become a better captain. 

Urahara knows everything going around him. He uses this information to get his tasks done. His mind is sharper than anything.


16. Lain Iwakura

Anime: Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura

Who can think amidst a crowd of people chattering? Of course, I cannot! Lain was kinda the same. She was an introvert and didn’t get along with many. Her dewy-eyed appearance added to her shy personality.

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She found it uncomfortable to talk in person. And, she could easily converse on the Internet. She visibly lacked self-confidence. Her fright of being rejected by everyone was the very evidence of this. 

Her low self-esteem caused her to form unhealthy attachments. She was scared of losing the people in her life. This made her extremely servile to her acquaintances. 

Lain often had experiences of delusions. One such experience was of seeing vapor rising from her hands. This was depicted to show her mental instability.

15. Franken Stein

Anime: Soul Eater

Franken Stein

Franken Stein has a weird personality. He was interested in human anatomy. He was keen on dissecting people around. This doctoral aspect of him scared everyone. It seemed that he had even cut his face to analyze it. 

Stein was an insane person to some extent. It was his weak point. He lacked emotions and empathy for anyone. The only thing which concerned him was the need to cut people for experiments.

Franken’s personality had a deeply caring side too. He was worried about the safety of his friends and students. The need to protect them showed us the tender side of the cruel doctor. 

14. Hohenheim

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist


Hohenheim might come out as a cold personality. This is not the truth. He is a kind and soft-hearted person. He finds goodness in everyone and compliments them too. 

However good he is, he seems to be less positive about himself. He has a hard time accepting praise for himself. Rather he considers himself a monster and adds humor to the series.  

An aspect is quite strikingly present in him. It is his immensely romantic nature. He loves Trisha and respects women in general.

Hohenheim doesn’t like to argue or fight. He has the attribute of a peace-maker. He will sit down to resolve arguments while being prone to danger. He took his own sweet time to do his tasks. This composure often annoyed people in his youth.

13. Senkuu

Anime: Dr Stone


This male INTP character is as clear as mineral water. Yes, he is direct and frank to others as well as in his mind. His strong set of reasoning makes him assertive. 

His first-rate rationality overpowers his confidence. Yet this doesn’t make him undermine the less capable. Instead, he firmly supports others to better themselves.

This amiable nature of Senkuu resulted in everyone admiring him. People appreciated and supported him. He would at times overact his emotions due to such popularity. 

Senkuu’s regard doesn’t deter him from looking at his flaws. He was very aware of his mistakes. As an INTP, he would be indulged in his thinking process. He craftily uses the details to trick people for the well-being of his allies.

His charitable nature is unhidden in every incident that occurs. Senkuu believes that a person in love is the most illogical. Hence, he guards himself against the theory of love. 

12. Kenma Kozume

Anime: Haikyuu

Kenma Kozume

‘Empty vessels make the most noise.’ This idiom suits the situation very well. Yes, keep reading, you’ll understand it eventually!

Kenma is an absolute INTP. Being quiet, evaluating and relaxed, are his ultimate favorites. He, just like other INTP and INFJ Anime characters, is reticent.

Kenma doesn’t make friends easily. He is more bothered about how people perceive him. Showing an absence of self-esteem, he can’t absorb his juniors’ respect for him. People take him as stony and distant. He on the other hand notices small changes in his friends’ behavior.

Being skilled in volleyball, he even helped one of his friends to improvise after losing a match.

His rationale and devising techniques win over his lack of stamina and power. 

11. Toge Inumaki

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Toge Inumaki

This unique male INTP Anime character is a softie inside too! Toge seems a recluse but beneath this lies a warm person. He avoids people so that he doesn’t curse them mistakenly. 

Yuta felt scared of Toge because of his protective nature. When Toge learned about Yuta, he soon bonded with him. He made Yuta realize that he wishes well for his companions.

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Inumaki’s athletic abilities are laudable. He has high stamina and is quickly mobile. His cursing ability causes a lot of throat ache but he endures it efficiently. 

When Toge was cursed by himself, he realized that he had immunity. However tough the situation gets, he knows how and when to use his intellect.

10. Aika Fuwa

Anime: Zetsuen no Tempest

Aika Fuwa

INTPs are so busy thinking that they find no time for making friends. Aika Fuwa was so into analyzing that her personality seemed impolite. Her presence terrified her classmates. The reason is her extensive knowledge.

As we all know INTPs are not bad. They just act in an unapproachable way. Similarly was Fuwa’s case. She loved Yoshino and Mahiro a lot. Her love was such that she reached the point of killing her parents. 

Aika wanted to protect her close ones from the life planned for them. She was a visionary, a thinker and an ingenious, all in one!

9. Shikamaru

Anime: Naruto


Okay, this Anime character is as lazy as me. Shikamaru wanted to do the least physical activities. A completely lazy lad, he was

He spent his days idly watching the clouds or sleeping instead. 

Unlike the Millennials of the day, he wanted to just exist and then die one fine day. Whenever a task or any situation would crop up, he would just excuse himself from it. 

Regardless of his weakling nature, he genuinely cared for his friends. He valued people above superficial things. This virtue of him turns away laziness a bit. He gears up for opportunities to help his peers. 

The death of his teacher gave him the growth he needed. He understood the reality of the world. Shikamaru wanted to make it a better place for the generations to come. 

8. Yuu Koito

Anime: Yagate kimi ni naru

Yuu Koito

Our female INTP Anime character seems to be a fantasy fanatic. Her views of love are impractical and lovey-dovey. Little does she know love and life aren’t a bed of roses!

When her unreal expectations of love were not fulfilled, she began to doubt her capability of loving anyone. So, when things were going well with Touko she just lacked the confidence to proceed with it. 

Her sister believes Yuu doesn’t know how to make decisions for herself. If she does make one somehow, she gives her best. Due to her absence of self-belief, she doesn’t do it with her heart.

She is a self-sacrificing person. This leads her to walk on paths not chosen by her. However, at times she voices her opinion when needed. Gradually, with the help of Maki, she realizes her love for Touko and her mentality of love changes. 

7. Gowther

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins


Gowther is no less in his expressionless face when compared to other INTP Anime characters. What I would say is behind these emotionless guises lies the real warm-heart. Gowther didn’t know the concept of sugarcoating. He was blunt and honest which upset his friends. A logical thinker he was seriously into understanding what friendship is.

He observed the other set of friends.

He isn’t the one with a thirst for lust but rather for knowledge. To quench it he convinced Guila. The viewers witness his dark side when he uses his Night Teller Technique.

The thought of living alone distressed Gowther. Eventually, he polished his social skills. The King even invited him to lighten situations. With the aloofness remaining, he learned to be a better human. 

6. Shiro

Anime: No Game No Life


Phew! Again an Anime character with the disability to express emotions. Yes, Shiro is amazing at the mind grind but poor at heart. Why is it so difficult for her to sense her feelings?!  

Her sarcasm is warped. She doesn’t like sharing Sora and teases him for his silliness. Her brother is her support system. In his absence, she acts restless

Shiro is a champion in chess. She had mastered speaking several languages. Both she and her brother are experts at nearly 280 games. Shiro is slightly ambitious and combative when involved in games and tends to brag about it.

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Overall, she is a brainbox packed with superhuman abilities. 

5. Nico Robin

Anime: One Piece

Nico Robin

Robin is the calmest of the Straw Hat Pirates. She values Luffy a lot as compared to the rest. His antics amuse her. Alongside Zoro, she always has Luffy’s back.

Nico is an analytical member. She keeps researching and inquiring into the details of the places. She invests more time in knowing about the questionable things of the world.

Robin has a restful quality and stays resilient in all situations. This is why she is considered a motherly figure by many.

She is psychic. Before anything bad happens, she can sense it. She’ll tell that something is going to occur to the crew members. Her grim details do scare everyone. 

4. C.C

Anime: Code Geass


C.C was a confident girl who knew how she was to be treated. Her standards were high or maybe others were incompetent for her. She had a strong sense of self. 

A funny trait of her was the fact that she hated obstinate people. Although she was one herself! Despite her unfriendly nature, she conversed about humans and life with Lelouch. 

She was completely sensible and hard-nosed. C.C’ self-dependency was a good thing about her. She solved her issues on her own. Her view of life had changed. She now believed that everyone needs to have a purpose in life.

C.C’s Geass Power has been developed because of her desire. Her search for real love and kindness. Although her experiences haven’t been that good, she still views life positively. 

3. Kusuo Saiki

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki

Kusuo Saiki

Kusuo is an antisocial male INTP Anime character. He tries his level best to not connect with anyone. The very reason is that he doesn’t want his powers to be unveiled. To protect his powers, he didn’t speak through his voice. Instead, he expressed himself through telepathy.

With time, his friends somehow managed to change his mindset.

Saiki was a genius in understanding people’s wants. He would make plans based on these and would enact them. He always prevented the opportunity to get favors. Instead, he made it to anyone and everyone.

Kusuo had a heart of gold but not everyone is worth it, right?! He lacked the basic understanding to protect himself from an internet scam. He loves spending time alone, still, he hangs out with his friends. Transitioned from being a loner to a true friend, Kusuo displays a dynamic role.

2. Killua Zoldyck

Anime: Hunter X Hunter

Killua Zoldyck

INTPs astound everyone with their thinking abilities. So why should this Anime character be left behind?! Killua Zoldyck is a mouthy and often offhand person. He can be quite brash to strangers and aged people.

He has instinctive analyzing and thinking abilities. These abilities are far beyond his age. It gives him the image of an adult. Initially, he bragged about his talents. He even underestimates Gon with his abilities. Gradually, he grew into a modest person.

Killua is not very talkative with people. He doesn’t like being called Gon’s best friend. His difficult childhood didn’t affect his fortitude. This fact stands evident while he showcases his skills.

His abrasive side is revealed in the killing. This side comes to a slow one after spending time with Gon. Although he is rude, he is selfless. He keeps people before himself. This behavior costs him real bad.

1. L

Anime: Death Note


More of a private person, L doesn’t present himself before the world. The Detective also likes to keep his name a secret. Maybe, some logic is involved that only INTPs can understand. 

His messy and feeble appearance conceal his abilities. L is purely mind-boggling at analyzing and deducing. His dire moves outstand everyone.

L’s abilities are not confined to reasoning itself. He is an expert athlete. He has a flair for martial arts and was a tennis champion too.

He is polite and known for his deadpan humor. Yet people mistake him for a snobbish person. He has weird habits and postures. These ways of L do offend people around but can’t change the fact that he is a mastermind.

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