Best Anime Symbols

The popularity of anime is no joke. Most of the Gen Z kids are obsessed with it and it’s not just the story or characters. Anime symbols are used in the anime community to represent an anime.

They can come in many shapes and sizes, but this article will focus on their most popular ones. These symbols are not just for anime! You can use them in your own life too.

There’s no need to feel sad or stressed when you’re feeling happy or excited because these symbols will communicate exactly how you’re feeling. Anime symbols are awesome!

Here’s the list of 20 Most influential Anime symbols with deep meaning and significance within the anime community.

1. The Scouts “Wings of Freedom”

Anime: Attack on Titans

The Scouts Wings of Freedom

Attack on Titans is considered the best anime of the decade and everything about this anime is famous. The symbol of the Scouts Military Unit called ‘Wings of Freedom’ is a much-loved symbol within the anime community. The symbol stands for freedom and holds a deep meaning.


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion


SEELE is a mysterious secret society with great influence and power. They work behind the shadows and manipulate others to do their bidding. They work with an agenda and it is to bring humanity together and end conflicts. Their symbol i.e. an inverted triangle with seven eyes is equally mysterious and has ancient roots.

3. Brand of Sacrifice

Anime: Berserk

Brand of Sacrifice

Berserk is a gruesome anime with lots of bloodshed and misery. It has a great reputation within the anime community. The symbol of Brand of Sacrifice is a very dangerous mark that brings misfortunes to the life of the bearer and also to the people around them.

4. Hime’s Mask

Anime: Princess Mononoke

Himes mask

Princess Mononoke is a very famous anime movie with an exceptional storyline. But one thing that captured the eyes of most of the audiences was the mask worn by the protagonist, Hime. It added an extra layer of character to Hime’s persona and made her stand out. The popularity of the movie turned this mask into a symbol. 

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5. Pokéball

Anime: Pokémon


The symbol Pokeball is probably the most widely known anime symbol around the world. It captures the soul of the Pokemon show that centers around catching and training supernatural creatures called Pokemons, and Pokeball is the spherical dives that store a pokemon in it.

6. Geass 

Anime: Code Geass

Geass Symbol

Geass is a super powerful ability that gives its wielder very unique superpowers. Though the powers may differ from user to user, the symbol of Geass on the body of the wielder remains the same. The symbol is somewhat similar to a bird in flight.

7. Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull

Anime: Gurren Lagann

Kaminas Great Flaming Skull

It is one of the coolest anime symbols on this list. The symbol is inspired by Kamina, the leader of Team Gurren Lagan. The design is of a skull on fire wearing very unique glasses which is similar to those worn by Kamina. The symbol matches the vibe of the character which is bold and brave.

8. L

Anime: Death Note


This particular symbol represents the initials of the main character of the Death Note series named L. He is a very loved character in the anime community and thus his symbol is widely known. The symbol L is written in a unique font style which is really beautiful and artistic.

9. The Hidden Leaf Village

Anime: Naruto

The Hidden Leaf Village Symbol

The hidden leaf village symbol is one of the most recognizable anime symbols out there. It’s also one of the oldest, dating back to the first anime series. The symbol represents the hidden leaf village, which is home to the anime’s protagonists. The Hidden leaf village is a peaceful place, and the symbol reflects that. It’s simple and elegant, and it shows that the Hidden leaf village is a place where people can live in harmony. The hidden leaf village symbol is a reminder that anime can be more than just entertainment; it can be a force for good in the world.

10. Laughing Man 

Anime: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

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Laughing Man

The Laughing Man is the symbol of an anti-corporate uprising. The man behind the Laughing man is the ultimate hacker, capable of doing incredible cyber damage to its foes. Laughing Man symbol is a smiling face wearing a cap. The symbol has some text which reads, “I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.”

11. Night Raid Symbol

Anime: Akame ga Kill

Night Raid Symbol

Night Raid is one of the fiercest units in the Rebel Army. Its job is to perform undercover operations and assassinations. The symbol of the Night Raid is an owl because just like an owl is silent and sharp, Night Raid is very mysterious and precise when it works.

12. Ouroboros

Anime: Full Metal Alchemist

Ouroboros symbol

Any symbol from one of the highest-rated anime is bound to be famous. Many anime lovers have tattooed themselves with this symbol. As much as it looks cool, Ouroboros holds deep meaning too. It signifies immortality and also represents the seven sins of humanity.

13. Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger

Anime: One Piece

Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger

Jolly Rogers is the symbol of every pirate crew that features a skull and specific traits of that particular crew. But the one anime symbol from One Piece that is widely famous is the Jolly Rogers of the protagonists of the story, the Straw Hat Pirates. It has a straw hat on top of a human skull and crossed bones.

14. Goku’s Kai symbol

Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Gokus Kai symbol

Dragon Ball has been running forever and in that time many symbols have become popular from the anime. But Goku’s Kai symbol is known to every anime fan. It’s a word written in Japanese which means “The World King Sama”. It signifies the time when Goku was training under King Kai. 

15. The Crescent Moon

Anime: Sailor Moon

The Crescent Moon

Sailor Moon is a famous anime that has a Disney Princess vibe to it. The one symbol that has been extensively used in the show is the Crescent Moon. It has been featured in a lot of places like it has been used as a mark on the protagonist’s forehead and a few magical items.

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16. Soul Eater’s Logo

Anime: Soul Eater

Soul Eaters Logo

Soul Eater is a supernatural action-comedy that revolves around fighting evil and sending it back to the afterlife. The symbol of the anime is present in the main poster and people automatically associate the two together. It looks cute and scary at the same time and also matches the vibe of the anime.

17. Fairy Tail Guild Mark

Anime: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Guild Mark

Fairy Tail is a well-renowned Adventure Guild. Each member of the guide is mandated to put a mark of the Guild on their bodies. The shape of the symbol resembles a bird with its claws open. The popularity of the anime has also highly popularised this symbol and is known to every anime fan.

18. Future Gadget Lab Badge

Anime: Steins Gate

Future Gadget Lab Badge

Future Gadget Lab is founded by Rintaro and this badge is custom-made by him for the members of the Lab. Since all the members of the Lab are also the protagonists of the story, the value of the Symbol of the badge also increases. The badge has “OSHMKUFA 2010” written on it which is actually the initials of the lab members’ last names.

19. SOS Brigade Logo

Anime: Haruhi

SOS Brigade Logo

SOS Brigade is an unofficial o school club with a single of spreading happiness to the world and especially to its members. The club’s logo is as weird as the club. It consists of five members, each having its own quirky style and powers. 

20. Dango

Anime: Clannad


Clannad is a beautiful slice-of-life anime that focuses on the teenage years of a youngster and the challenges one faces before becoming an adult. In the end credits of the anime is a song called ‘Dango Daikazoku’ which is about Dangos (a Japanese dumpling). In the song, a lot of Dangos with faces sing together. It somehow became an integral part of the anime and became a symbol of Clannad.

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