Best INFJ Anime Characters

INFJs are known for their Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgement. To tell you, these are not added adjectives. They totally match the Dos and Hows of this rare-found personality.

Anime is A1 merely not because of its super animation or rip-roaring action. It is said to have a tight influence on its viewers (positively of course)! Although complex at times, the characters display strong instincts and rational mindsets. Let’s take tips from these INFJ Anime characters because they are real geniuses.

20. Levy McGarden

Anime: Fairy Tail

Levy McGarden

Levy has an extremely bubbly disposition. Being zestful, she would easily befriend people. Like any other INFJ, Levy conciliated too. She intervened in every dispute of the guild to make peace.

A sensitive yet forgiving trait is so golden. Levy was magnanimous to Gajeel and let him become her partner too.

Levy is set apart by her love for books. This distinctive trait matches that of Lucy. They became such close friends. Levy gets to read Lucy’s novel with her approval.

At times, she is guided merely by her own interest and benefits. We get to see this when she rewrites Freed Justine’s runes for herself and Gajeel.

Levy is insightful enough to understand the dividing nature of the exam. As a leader, she takes up the charge of uniting the group. 

19. Chise Hatori

Anime: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise Hatori

Not all children are lucky enough to have sweet memories. Chise was left to live by herself. She had no one to look after her. A long-suffering girl, she sold herself on the advice of a man.

This wasn’t her end to hardship. The traumatic childhood reflected in her personality clearly. She grew unhealthy attachments towards people. The only stone to step now was depression, which she did.

A miserable and gloomy Chise, found it hard to interact with people. Her heart was pure but the world was not. She needed to learn to be sturdy.

With the help of Nevin and Lindel, she started a buoyant life. Bit by bit, she became hopeful and cheerful. Progress hit her as an apprentice and in her studies. She began a new chapter of her life with its key in her own hands. 

18. Tsukumo

Anime: Karneval


Tsukumo is a pragmatic and responsible INFJ character in Karneval. With her utmost devotion to the Circus, she sets an example for others to follow. She senses her duties and tries to be a solace for everyone. As an INFJ, at times it does drain her.

She is a prescient girl. No matter how strong her feelings are for Hirato, she shuts it down. She considers herself unwise as compared to him.

This maturity she holds is from quite a tender age. She is a self-aware and quiet girl in terms of her own feelings. It goes without saying that poor Tsukomo was abused too. She had a hard time as a child being blamed for something she shouldn’t be.

17. Jeanne D’arc

Anime: Fate/Apocrypha

Jeanne Darc

Jeanne is a tight-lipped and aloof girl of sixteen years old. She keeps the command and instructions before anything. Jeannie and Laeticia have merged personalities in one body. This has surely opened the door of more abilities for Jeanne. 

Jeanne intends to have the Greater Grail War take place effectively. She has no desires and regrets in her life. As a young child, her only wish was to view the ocean.

Despite the hardships she and her comrades have to go through, her faith remains steady. She is indulged in serving The Divine. 

If she were not a heroic spirit, she would have loved to draw for Manga. Her service to society is what brings ultimate joy to her life.

16. Youko Nakajima

Anime: The Twelve Kingdoms

Youko Nakajima

Youko is a daring sixteen-year-old female INFJ Anime character. She lived a simple life until the attack on her school. This attack landed her in the Kingdom of Kou. This new position comes with a set of responsibilities.

Initially weak and betrayed, she did struggle. It was very difficult for her to have faith in anyone. Now, she has grown into a level headed woman.

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Is the self-sacrificing nature of INFJ Anime characters a new thing? Needless to say, Youko is super public-spirited. She has always been someone who doesn’t want any kind of attention. Gradually, she learns to manage her admiration with in-built modesty.

Youko became more concerned about how she performed as a Queen. She served the kingdom with an unselfish motive till the end.

15. Kaname Shigeyoshi

Anime: Ahiru no Sora

Kaname Shigeyoshi

INFJs are private and so is Kaname. He doesn’t talk much. Even if he does, he speaks very softly. 

Shigeyoshi has a sharp wit and mind. He replies satirically to anyone who insults him. Scoring perfect marks was a cakewalk for him.

I guess INFJs are blessed with minds but bodies. He has a weak robust. This is why he is not leading the team. His height puts unwanted expectations on him. INFJs like to be on their own. Such exertions led him to quit the team although for a while.

Later, he refines himself to grasp a vital role. His strategies and ways are progressive. Yes, you are not wrong to think that his analytical skills must be ace. He synchronizes well with his visuals to bring out the best hook shot.

14. Ashitaka

Anime: Princess Mononoke


This male Anime character is a strong INFJ. He is resolved and ambitious. Haku is bent on dusting and picking himself up after each downfall. Nothing can stop him from becoming better! 

Tough on the outside, he is a soft-hearted individual. He strongly believes in establishing peace everywhere. I wonder how and why INFJs are so good-hearted. Altruism is an eminent trait in Ashitaka. 

Good hearts have keen minds too. He doesn’t let his emotions block his coherence. The curse that prevails over him takes over his tenderness when challenged. 

A young age maturity is evident in him too. He has a balanced personality. He is adaptable to situations and acts according to how he should. The aim for harmony fits the trademark of this perfect INFJ. 

13. Mary

Anime: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


This female INFJ Anime character is a priest. In her first group, she was a nonchalant girl. The mishaps of this group have traumatised her.

Mary feels powerless. She considers herself to lack the potency of a priest. Now, she is extra careful in her decisions.

She has a complex personality. Thus, many of her groups disliked her until Haruhiro. In this group, she is an epitome of a leader. She is soulfully dedicated to pillar its growth.

Mary, like a sister, wants to polish their skills. She has developed harmony and selflessness. This is shown in her behaviour towards Forgan and Setora. The female INFJ Anime character is collected and resilient.

12. Shinya Hiragi

Anime: Seraph of the End

Shinya Hiragi

Calm and composed, Shinya is unaffected. He is a jovial guy even during his errands. The ill words of anyone do not unease him.

He is devoted to his friends. The ever found selfless INFJ exists in him too. This trust is shaken by Guren’s act.

No other INFJ Anime character possesses this trait. A natural psychic ability to sense something fishy is evident in him. He could easily observe and perceive Guren without words being uttered.

Hiragi will unfold his mysterious side. His positive nature is a disguise. Underneath this lies his fragility. Also, a tool to trick his opponents. To end with, he is honed at both words and swords. 

11. Kenshin Himura

Anime: Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin Himura

Kenshin is extremely composed and low-pitched. A humane person, he aids everyone in need. He cherishes the true spirit of selflessness and keeps self aside. He is no different from Izuku in playing with fire. 

Himura has this unique ability to lighten situations and people unknown to him misunderstand this. They consider him easy to trick, which he ain’t.

INFJs have the snag of burning out easily. The need to be organized wears them out when unfulfilled. Kenshin faced the same issue. Thus, he was easily agitated.

The guilt of the past flushed an undeserving state of heart in him. He didn’t acknowledge himself the way he was. Considering this as his fate, he would never lift his sword for his own safety. 

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10. Soo-Won

Anime: Yona of the Dawn

Soo Won

Soo-Won has a baffling personality. He would be very friendly with people. Yet judging them deeply on his inside. He used it as a way to define if anyone is trustworthy or not. 

Soo-Won was outgoing and chirpy but maintained his rationale. He loved to listen but tell. He is confident about his present and past. Escapism is his nature if his actions are questioned.

A pro at socialising, he is a noob in romantic love. He fails to recognize Yona’s feelings for him. The absence of a romantic relationship didn’t affect him in any way.

Soo-Woo was considered incompatible for combat due to his fragile physique. However, his level was unmatchable if he picked a sword. He was an absolute King with brilliant tactics.

9. Akane Tsunemori

Anime: Psycho-Pass

Akane Tsunemori

Not all male Anime characters are portrayed as INFJs. Tsunemori is a female INFJ Anime character. Initially, she is reserved and inexperienced. A major INFJ trait that she possesses is perfectionism. 

With time, she transforms into a shrewd personality. Just like the other INFJ Anime characters, she is pure at heart too. This purity doesn’t make her a piece of cake to the wrong-doers.

An accurate peace-monger, she bears the justice providing nature. She is wise enough to keep a balanced life. Thus, she refrained from mingling with the Sibyl system. She used her own ways to deal with the criminals. Akane is a hard-headed girl. Despite the ups and downs, she has an unshaken personality.

8. Izuku Midoriya

Anime: My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya

Our first INFJ is a male Anime Character, Izuku. He lacks superhuman powers by birth. Katsuki, his companion, despised him for this. This bullying and dejection have resulted in his introversion.

Izuku is a reticent individual who communicates with selective people. He is focused on self-improvement and heroism. His dedication towards heroism is such that he jots down every bit of Quirk information.

Continuous revision of these notes has polished his planning skills. A brained Izuku has a heart of gold. He is always ready to help people even at the cost of his life. Empathy is the core of his heroism. 

Mind, soul, and what else does Izuku possess? A toned and strong body. His stamina and durability are exceptional. The best trait of an INFJ that he possesses is his sheer will. His gradual badass nature takes him to heights of success!

7. Itachi Uchiha

Anime: Naruto

Itachi Uchiha

The most talked-about Anime, Naruto, has an INFJ character too! Itachi Uchiha has a visionary personality. He was unusually mature for his age.

The male INFJ had a sharply perceptive mind. His tranquility was a cherry on top and skills known far and wide. None of his or someone else’s feats affected him in any way. Itachi fits The Advocate Personality absolutely. A 7-year-old boy had the cogency of a Hokage.

He observed and learned. His wisdom earned him many organic followers. Peacemakers as INFJs are, Itachi was a pacifist too. Never influenced and always self-less, he thought for the welfare of the villagers.

6. Tetsuya Kuroko

Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball

Tetsuya Kuroko

Some people seem to be enjoying life while it still doesn’t display on their faces. Tetsuya is one of them. He is upfront and expressionless. Happy in his own space, he exists unnoticeable in the team. 

Ethics are the nucleus of his character. He gives respect to receive it. His kindness changes to anger if his teammates are hurt.

Kuroko compares himself to a shadow. He believes that when the light strengthens, he becomes energetic too. This light is the player he supports. Right now, it is Kagami. 

He is a humble and relaxed person. His absenting and delaying habits are driven by his mysterious personality. Gradually, he becomes more friendly and social with his mates. Eventually, his ardent personality is revealed.

5. Armin Arlelt

Anime: Attack on Titan

Armin Arlelt

Confined within the walls, Armin always dreamt of life beyond the walls. His opinions were based on his readings from his Grandfather’s book. Due to his curiosity, he was looked down upon as a weird child. He was even bullied. This lowered his self-esteem.

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During his training, Armin was incapable of physical skills. He considered himself a failure. Soon, he realised that his mind was his prized possession. This paved his way towards self-confidence.

Armin is more selfless compared to any other INFJ Anime character. Be it his close ones or his acquaintances, he lent both of his hands and himself to anyone in need.

Embedded with a mediating nature, he was the thread that held the trio together. His deep intellect quarreled with the empathetic Armin. However, he followed his logic rather than emotions. A real human and INFJ, he was a selfless being!

4. Haku

Anime: Spirited Away

Haku 1

Haku is a flexible individual. He easily adjusts according to the demands of his present. His warmth is quickly replaceable by vexation if needed! 

INFJs are surely such a career. Haku, like any other INFJ, is hell-bent on caring. He can do anything for anyone he is concerned about. 

Haku was persistent in taking care of her. He earned Chihiro’s trust. This resolve eventually turned into love.

Regardless of his fortitude, Haku was completely weak in one thing. He was a slave of Yubaba and could not leave the spirit world. In order to do that, he must remember his name.

A pure soul Haku told Chihiro to never forget her name as he did. She leaves to find her parents. With a heavy heart, Haku vows to meet her someday.

3. Yuki Sohma

Anime: Fruits Basket

Yuki Sohma

The splendid personalities of INFJs amaze everyone. Hence was Sohma’s. Yuki, himself, was cold and unfriendly. Despite this, he had many people who admired him. 

Yuki had an abusive and traumatic childhood. His low self-esteem issues emanate from here. As a result, socialising makes him anxious.

The idealist image he had, suffocated him. He felt that nobody would like the raw Yuki he was. This inferiority complex is solved under Tohru’s comfort.

Yuki heals from his wounds. He becomes the person he truly is at heart. Not only this, he turns into a self-aware individual. From a self-doubting person, he has evolved into a frank and lively person. Understanding how skeptical he was, he upswings himself for the better.

2. Ikki Kurogane

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Ikki Kurogane

Letting go is a basic trait of Ikki. A way of how he overcame his abusive childhood. Not to forget, he detaches himself from the ill behaviour of his classmates too. 

Despite the cruelty Ikki has faced, he is a determined and virtuous man. He helps his classmates upskill themselves. His gentle behaviour disposes of their typical mindset about Ikki. 

A mixture of both sweet and sour is Kurogane. He can be really dangerous if anything immoral happens. Although this stands false at times. Like the one where he chose to be calm even after being hit and spat. 

He is wet behind the ears in terms of women. He doesn’t know how to interact with them. Ikki ends up being awkward with women of any age. He is a courteous man and respects women even if they cross their boundaries. 

1. Emilia

Anime: Re: Zero


A controlled childhood is why Emilia behaves the way she is. She is doubtful of her actions. Unsure of her selflessness, she still continues to help people before herself. 

The trauma of her childhood still reflects on her. She was extremely reserved and untrusting of others. Emilia was strong on the outside. This strength was a facade on the inside. 

Emilia’s illusioned life was soon to hit reality. Her trials unintentionally renewed her into a gutsy girl. Self-reliance was her new normal. An initially naive girl has learnt to live with the terms of the world. 

No one could change her mind if Emilia has decided it. Be it running away from home or taking care of elves. Finally, she did what she wanted to do!

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