Best Anime Animals

Anime is not just about robots and swords. It can be about animals too! Anime animal characters are often extremely adorable. They’re also creative, imaginative, and often have an interesting backstory that is explored throughout the show. 

Anime has given us some of the most iconic animal characters in cartoon history. From adorable pandas to boisterous bears, anime has brought us some of the cutest animals on the planet. Here are some of the top 30 most adorable anime animal characters in anime history!

30. Nezu

Anime: My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia, as a series, follows Izuku Midoriya as he struggles to become a hero. In order to do this, he must train and use his Quirk, One For All. However, some characters have manifested their level of quirk to an extreme.

Nezu, being one of them plays a major role in the series and is seen as both an antagonist and morally ambiguous character.

He is the head of U.A. High School’s Board of Directors and the teacher of the school’s 1-A class. Nezu is one person who believes in Izuku’s potentials and often mentors him with regards to becoming a hero despite not.

29. Baron Humbert

Anime: The Cat Returns

Baron Humbert
Baron Humbert

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, better known as the Baron (voiced by Shunsuke Kazama in the original Japanese version and Patrick Stewart in the English version), is a character from The Cat Returns.

He is depicted as an eccentric, elderly cat with light blue eyes and a long mustache that droops over his mouth. The Baron lives in a large estate, said to stretch for miles, which is guarded by twelve white mice wearing red vests.

He has great knowledge of the world outside his home’s walls, but he does not believe anything he hears about it.

28. Shirokuma-kun

Anime: Polar Bear Cafe

Shirokuma kun
Shirokuma kun

“Shirokuma Cafe,” tells the story of a cute, cuddly animal that runs a cafe in which both humans and animals come as customers. Shirokuma is an adorable polar bear, who is always friendly and polite towards his customers.

He often engages them in conversation to make the time pass by even quicker. The other animals at the cafe also have their own personalities and quirks, but they all work together to help each other out.

Shirokuma will do anything for a laugh, and always provides a witty remark to make his customers smile. He’s also a little bit lazy and does what he wants, even if it goes against what is expected of him. 

27. Chi

Anime: Chi the cat


The anime Chi the Cat is a heartwarming story about a cat who gets missing and is brought in by the Yamada family. Chi is one of the prettiest anime cats you’ll get to know. She is an adorable cat with a round face and big black eyes.

At times, Chi is loud and stubborn, which is a cause of concern for the Yamada family as animals are forbidden in the apartment they live in. As the story unfolds it is revealed that her real name is Sarah. 

26. Makkachin

Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice


For all of you Yuri!!! on Ice fans, Makkachin is the most adorable character in the show. Makkachin is a large dog with curly silver fur. 

Makkachin has been seen in almost every episode so far and always brings joy to viewers with his charming antics.

Makkachin is owned by Victor. As Victor’s pet, he helped Yuri find his passion again and reminded him that no matter how many times you fall down, you can always get back up again. It seems that Makkachin might be the most important character in this show. 

25. Poyo

Anime: Poyopoyo


Poyopoyo is a light-hearted anime about the daily life of a cat named Poyo who lives in a small apartment in Japan.

Poyo’s story and physical characteristics are very much similar to Chi the cat we discussed earlier. Like Chi, Poyo also has a round face and short legs. He was found as a stray cat by the Sato family. 

24. Wanta

Anime: Elfen Lied


Wanta is a cute white dog of Mayu. The two met when Mayu was at her lowest and Wanta gave her the strength to live on. Wanta is a normal dog and doesn’t exhibit any extraordinary qualities. 

He is very protective of Mayu and attacks anyone who tries to her but because of his small size he hardly makes any difference but it shows his courage and bravery.   

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Wanta’s name is made up of two Japanese words Wan and Ta, Wan means ‘bark’ and Ta means ‘male’ which is a perfect name for this cute anime animal.

23. Totoro

Anime: My Neighbor Totoro


Totoro is one of the most iconic characters in anime. He’s a large, furry creature who is so loved by his friends that his name is used as an expression of happiness. He is a mysterious creature who meets two sisters while they were playing outside.

The two girls are delighted and excited to find out that this magical creature wants to help them with all their problems. Totoro spends his days sleeping, eating acorns, playing games with the girls, and taking care of all the other forest creatures.

22. Tetsuya Number 2

Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball

Tetsuya Number 2
Tetsuya Number 2

Tetsuya #2 is the pet dog of Tetsuya Kuroko. Kuroko is a member of a high school basketball club and he takes #2 with him to his practice and matches.

#2 has become a mascot for Kuroko’s team and everyone treats him as a member of the team. #2 is a normal dog with normal dog habits. He is quite smart and plays an active role in boosting the morale of the team. 

21. Boota

Anime: Gurren Lagan


Boota is a cute Pig Mole. Despite being a small, furry animal, Boota has a big personality. He is often seen singing and dancing throughout the series. His personality is shown to be carefree and he loves getting attention from everyone.

Boota can also be serious when he needs to be and will stand up to anyone who tries to hurt his friends. As the story progress, this chubby anime animal gets many cool upgrades which makes him even more interesting to watch.

20. Hiroshi Odokawa

Anime: Odd Taxi

Hiroshi Odokawa
Hiroshi Odokawa

Hiroshi Odokawa is a walrus and the protagonist of the anime. Hiroshi Odokawa is a taxi driver and he is very serious about his job and never takes any breaks. 

Hiroshi Odokawa is an easygoing and kind anime animal. He lives by this motto: “If you can’t find happiness in yourself, how can you find it in others?”

This character’s popularity stems from his calm demeanor and kind nature despite the events happening around him. He always has a smile on his face and manages to remain optimistic even during difficult times.

19. Retsuko

Anime: Aggretsuko


Retsuko is a red panda who works in the accounting department of a trading company. Retsuko’s personality is that of someone who’s struggling with depression but trying their hardest to keep going.

She struggles at work with long hours, low pay, and her boss is always telling her what to do. Retsuko’s only outlet in her life is venting her frustration through singing Death Metal. She releases all the anger by singing and that too in private, away from everybody’s eyes.

18. Hamtarou

Anime: Hamtaro


Hamtaro is a lighthearted anime animal with an adventurous spirit. He loves to explore and often gets into mischief. He’s not the smartest animal around, but he’s always willing to help others when they’re in need.

Hamtarou is always accompanied by his hamster friends as he is their leader and together with them Hamtarou lives his life to the fullest. He’s also got a bit of a temper and sometimes gets angry when people don’t take care of him or his friends properly. 

17. Black Hayate

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Hayate
Black Hayate

The anime series Fullmetal Alchemist features a wide range of characters. One of the most popular characters in the series is Black Hayate, who is also one of the cutest anime animal characters.

Black Hayate is an adorable puppy with a deep love for his master. He has a sweet, innocent personality that goes well with his fluffy tail and big ears, his cuteness is unmatched. His life is also very interesting as he is a military dog surrounded by crazy badasses.

16. Botan

Anime: Clannad


Botan is the pet boar of Kyou. She is a cute little anime animal who loves her owner a lot. But she hates her twin sister Ryou because she thinks that Ryou wants to eat her. Botan always tries to get close to her owner, even at her school.

Most of the characters in Clannad jokes about eating Botan which makes her very uncomfortable. Even though she looks weak and cute, Botan is quite strong and has helped her owner a lot of time.

15. Gin

Anime: Silver Fang

Gin 1

Gin is a wolf and the protagonist of the show. He is a courageous dog who saw his father getting killed by a vicious bear and decided to take revenge. He is very brave when it comes to fighting.

Gin was raised by his mother, but when he was young he had to flee from humans when they wanted to put him in a zoo. He grew up preparing for revenge but never let go of his kind and helpful nature. Gin’s story is full of adventure and has many great themes like family and loyalty. 

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14. Appa

Anime: Avatar: The Last Airbender


Appa is a mythical flying bison and partner of Aang, the protagonist of the series. He’s not just a flying bison, he’s also one of the four main characters in the show. Appa is a major part of Aang’s life throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender. He tries to keep Aang safe by acting as his companion and protector, but Appa doesn’t always get things right.

Appa is one of the most popular anime animal characters ever created, and for good reason. He’s an incredibly loveable character who has had a significant impact on the show and its viewers.

13. Pack

Anime: Re:Zero


One of the most popular anime animal characters is Pack from Re:Zero. This cute little magical creature is a loyal companion to Emilia, one of the main characters in this story. Pack wears a green collar and has green eyes and silver fur.

His motivations stem from selflessness and loyalty to Emilia, even when the odds are not in favor. It’s fair to say that Pack would do anything for Emilia, even if it meant sacrificing his own life!

12. Akamaru

Anime: Naruto


Akamaru is a very loyal and protective ninja dog who is owned by Kiba Inuzuka. When Akamaru was just a small puppy, he partnered with Kiba and acted as his partner.

Akamaru is a spunky and friendly pup who is always willing to help out Kiba. He has perfect timing for interfering whenever Kiba is about to get into trouble. His ability to sense chakra also makes him useful when it comes to reconnaissance. He’s also very cute and fluffy!

11. Jiji

Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service


This feline character from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of the most beloved anime animal characters of all time. This cat is a little grumpy at first, but eventually warms up to the main character, Kiki and becomes her mentor in magic.

He goes with Kiki on her delivery journeys to help protect her and keep her safe. Jiji is a loyal friend who would do anything for his friend and that’s what makes him such a memorable anime animal character!

10. Inko

Anime: Toradora


Inko is the pet parrot of Ami, one of the main characters in Toradora!. Inko is a yellow-headed amazon and often finds herself in trouble.

She seems mentally inept. Inko understands human speech and often interacts with her owner and others. Her appearance makes her look sickly however she is completely fine. One funny thing about her is that she can’t pronounce her name, even though she can spell tougher words than that.

9. Luna

Anime: Sailor Moon


Luna is a black cat with a crescent moon on his forehead. She’s from the moon kingdom, which makes her very powerful, but also very lonely. Luna helps Sailor Moon and her friends find their inner strengths to defeat the dark forces of the enemy.

Although she appears to be cold on the outside, she cares deeply for her friends and family even if they don’t show it as often as they should (in her opinion). She also has extensive knowledge of many different types of magic and mystical beings that can help the group when needed.

8. Legoshi

Anime: Beasters


Legoshi is an anthropomorphic grey male wolf. His appearance makes him very intimidating and feared but in reality, he is a highly well-mannered and docile being.

He lives in a world without humans and there is a rift between carnivores and herbivores. He studies in a school filled with all kinds of animals and he is fascinated by a cute bunny girl. Legoshi always tries to keep a low profile and tries his best to level let his predator emotions take control of him.

7. Hawk

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins


Hawk is one of the goofiest anime animals on our list. He is a pink pig and the partner of Meliodas, the protagonist of the anime. Hawk runs a bar with Meliodas.

He is very prideful and boasts about his power which in reality is not that much. He compares himself to the strongest characters in the story but when faced with a real challenge, he gets highly frightened. Hawk is for comic relief in the anime and he does his job perfectly.

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6. Mao

Anime: Darker than Black


Mao is a major character in Darker than Black. He lost his body in Heaven’s Gate and now lives as a black cat. Not only he can take full control of his animal form he can also leverage the natural instincts of the animal he possesses. 

Mao is a contractor with the ability to manipulate shadows, Mao has an agenda of his own. He has no qualms about sacrificing allies and is extremely manipulative.

Mao also often uses people close to him as pawns, including his girlfriend Ai Kuruma. His motives are not clear, but it’s easy to see that he is determined to make progress with his mission at all costs. 

5. Ein

Anime: Cowboy Bebop


Ein is a data dog that was made by the company Gate Corporation. He was designed to be an intelligent, loyal, and obedient companion to anyone who bought him. As seen in Cowboy Bebop, Ein is aggressive towards strangers and has a built-in defense mechanism which can cause great harm if people try to hurt him.

Ein’s role in Cowboy Bebop is not very big but it’s pretty significant. Initially designed to serve as comic relief, Ein eventually became more than just a cute sidekick through his intelligence and loyalty.

His relationship with Spike Spiegel remains one of the most interesting parts of this show because they go through so much together.

4. Kirara

Anime: InuYasha


The supporting character of Kirara, a large, talking cat with the power to transform into a big-saber-toothed tiger, is a pivotal character in InuYasha. 

Kirara’s introduction to the series is when she saves InuYasha from Naraku’s demons and helps him track down the shards of the shattered Shikon Jewel.

With her ability to fly and purify demon blood and bones, she becomes an essential character for InuYasha and his group. Along with other notable characters such as Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kikyo, Kirara helps save the world from Naraku’s evil schemes.

3. Meruem

Anime: Hunter X Hunter


Meruem is the series’ antagonist, being the only character to have the title of “villain” in Hunter X Hunter. He is a Chimera Ant King, who has only one goal—to become the strongest Nen user in the world.

However, he had never experienced death or pain before being born into his new form. As a result, he believes that his own existence is proof that he cannot fail and was terrified when Gon said otherwise. 

Meruem’s character development throughout the series is not unlike that of many protagonists found in shounen manga with an emphasis on battles and fierce competition.

Meruem’s defining traits are his extreme arrogance and his determination to maintain absolute control over everything he sees; this stems from having been denied any real opposition in life before meeting Gon and Killua.

2. Tony Tony Chopper

Anime: One Piece

Tony Tony
Tony Tony

Tony Tony Chopper is a fictional character in the anime and manga series One Piece. He is the ship doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, and it’s his dream to find a cure for his distinctive disease. 

Despite his appearance, he has an innocent personality and is easily frightened when in dangerous situations. He can transform into different animals by eating the devil fruit.

He also has a strong sense of justice which fuels him throughout his adventures. Chopper does have one goal in life and that is to be recognized as a great doctor by the rest of the world, and

1. Happy

Anime: Fairy Tail


Happy is a talking blue cat, who is usually seen alongside his partner, Natsu Dragneel. Happy and Natsu met each other and became friends while looking for an employment agency.

Natsu found the employment agency and then quickly started a fight with the receptionist. This resulted in them getting their jobs as wizards of Fairy Tail. 

Happy’s most notable features are his fluffy appearance and large teeth, which were never seen until Episode 108 when he encounters Yukino Agria. 

He’s always there to make sure that Natsu doesn’t go off on one of his tangents by yelling at him to snap out of it. 

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